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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How a "Connected Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Arts Project" can get your Neighborhood Council put on Exhaustive Measures

What could of been a love story of a "Connected Boyfriend/Girlfriend Arts Project", is instead a teachable moment on how disclosing a secretive "line of credit" can get your Neighborhood Council placed on Exhaustive Measures. 
What CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar funds, via the CLARTS Fund in Boyle Heights ......
..... becomes a fail "Connected Boyfriend/Girlfriend Arts Project" along Alhambra Rd. in LA-32.
In our continuing series on our subjective Top Ten Reasons why "Disempowerment LA" took punitive, Exhaustive Measures against the LA-32 Neighborhood Council, we focus on item number 9, which will be a blogging novella on a secretive, Line of NC-funded Credit for a "Connected Boyfriend/Girlfriend Arts Project", disclosed. with the funds being refunded to the General Fund, not the NC account. Our blogging, political novella begins with ........
The Connected Girlfriend, Angelica de la Torre.
Ms. de la Torre once was part of a lovely duo (herself and Melissa) that ran a Farmer's Market on Fridays along Huntington Drive, in partnership with a "Connected, Non-Profit" and most important, the blessing of her local politico .......................
El Sereno Farmers’ Market got off to a great start recently when hundreds attended its inaugural event, which included an array of foods and services and even the famous Kogi Korean Taco Truck. Councilmember Huizar is co-sponsoring the Farmers’ Market, along with Barrio Action Youth and Family Center (their fiscal agent?) and the L.A.32 Neighborhood Council (** ?, not when it came to her request that the NC pay for banners that supported her business, but I digress). Council District 14 also helped Farmers’ Market organizers Angelica De La Torre and Melissa Chincilla get all the necessary permits to open on time. The market is a welcome addition to the El Sereno community and needs strong community support to succeed. The El Sereno Farmers’ Market is held every Friday, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is located on Huntington Drive North and Maycrest Avenue. Check out their Facebook page HERE (the Facebook Page, like the Farmers Market, no longer exists).
Cynthia Ruiz, El Sereno Resident (2 and 2). Rudy Torres, President of El Sereno Chamber of Commerce (3 and 2). Eddie Santillon, Honorary Mayor of El Sereno (3 and 2). LAPD Officer Steve Morales, Senior Lead Officer (3 and 4). Arturo Durado, Principal of El Sereno Middle School (2 and 4). Heidi Acosta, Principal of Sierra Vista Elementary (3 and 3). Anthony Manzano, LA 32 NC (3 and 1). LAPD Officer Oscar Cassini, Senior Lead Officer (2 and 3). Angie De La Torre, LA 32 NC/ El Sereno Farmers Market (3 and 2). Julio Torres, Our Town Magazine (** 3 and 5). ** Only perfect score from all the lists.
Her continuing loyalty to Councilman Huizar earned her (and Melissa) additional public funding ..........
The March 14, 2011 AB 1290 fund status report reported a $15,000 commitment and $15,000 expenditure for the Adelante Eastside RPA for the El Sereno Farmer’s Market.  Both transactions reference the same Council authorization (CF10-1881).  However, the Council only authorized $15,000 to be transferred to the City to help fund the El Sereno Farmer’s Market.  The transfer was made in February 2011 and is appropriately reported  as an expenditure for the RPA.  However, there is no other Council authorization to commit an additional $15,000 for the Farmer’s Market. While the commitment did not impact the cash transfer from the CRA to the City on March  15, 2011, the additional commitment overstates what the Council approved as a designated use of the AB 1290 funds.
The Connected Boyfriend, Michael Oropeza.
Mr. Oropeza joins the LA-32 Neighborhood Council and was soon bonding with his new fellow arts soulmate Angelica (while still eyeing his surroundings), in addition to growing his budding political ambitions by becoming a Field Deputy for LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria "Molina Boo Boo". He quickly learns the art of crafting memos which glorify the work of his boss (ie. taken credit for others endeavors). But that said, "Connected Boyfriend/Girlfriend" remain true to their joint love, the arts, through the LA-32 NC General board and its Arts & Culture Committee and thus, a "Connected Boyfriend/Girlfriend Arts Project" (funded with NC funds) is born (a song dedication is in order).

But the Connected Boyfriend/Girlfriend Arts Project hits a procedural snag (emails tell the story).
On Dec 10, 2013, at
10:25 AM, Lisette Covarrubias <lisette.covarrubias@lacity.org> wrote:
Good Morning Board Members,
I hope this email finds you well.
It has been brought to our attention that the LA32 NC appears to have a "line of credit" with a painting-supplies store, Nova Color.  After doing a bit of research, we found that the store received a call from the treasurer or another board member, presumably, to charge their PCard for $600 for painting supplies under a purchase order (#59204). Since that time, the store has been holding the $600 credit balance for someone in the NC to go pick up supplies totaling that amount. No supplies have been bought.
The credit is under the name "LA32/Angelica de la Torre". We were informed that the board did approve a $600 allocation to the beautification committee at that time for a community project, which is what this credit is supposed to be for.
Since then, we have followed up on this matter with our funding team.  The LA 32 NC must contact this store to request that they reimburse the $600 credit to the P-Card bank.  Given what's happened here, it is considered an advance payment, which is not allowed under Funding Program guidelines.Please note that the money will be reverted to the City General Fund as it is coming from last fiscal year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 213.978.1156

Lisette Covarrubias
Project Coordinator
Tragically, our Bloggin, Political Novella ends with the "Connected Boyfriend/Girlfriend" taking a final Resignation Plunge together (BTW, without accepting accountability for their fiscal misdeed).
On Fri, 12/20/13, Angelica De La Torre <reckoner73@gmail.com> wrote:
From: Angelica De La Torre <
Subject: Fwd: Resignation ltr.
To: "Castro Connie" <
castroconnie_90032@yahoo.com>, "ANTHONY MANZANO" <rosehillsreview@yahoo.com>, board@la32nc.org
Date: Friday, December 20, 2013, 7:11 PM
Hello Connie, Executive board and LA32-NC Board Members,
Due to workloads and recent stresses regarding funding and other issues, we are jointly
submitting our resignation from the LA32-Neighborhood Council and Arts & Culture
As you all know, it takes a tremendous effort to plan events/projects for our community, particularly as we invest the majority of our free time and energy to produce them successfully.  However, with current funds frozen, and at least one board member working to halt our current venture (Electric Box Project), it has become increasingly apparent that it is no longer worth our personal sacrifices to remain with the LA32-NC. 
To be clear why we have collectively made this decision, it is that EVERYTHING we have done
through the LA32-NC has been for the children and youth that the LA32-NC is supposed to be there for,THE FUTURE of OUR COMMUNITY (the same can be said for the CRA money granted to sustain the Farmers Market, but I digress).  To those that may question our intentions or involvement with this board, there has NEVER been ANY agenda for personal gain whatsoever, as none of us have any children of our own, which the projects we have been so dedicated to these past several years specifically benefits. Yet, it has come to our attention that we are suspected of misuse
or ill-intentions with the funding or materials granted by the LA32-NC, and we are insulted by this (** note, this is the same person who wanted the LA-32 NC to pay for her Farmer's Market Banners).  We have gone as far as to contribute money from our own personal finances and resources to ensure the success of the projects we have dedicate ourselves to, with no complaints or regrets.  Until now.
We will not stand for such disrespectful treatment, and therefore, please recognize this letter as our official resignation from the LA32-NC and the Arts & Culture Committee.
For the sake of our community, we hope the best for this board.  We also hopethat everything will be resolved and begin to move forwardagain soon.
Angelica De La Torre
Michael Oropeza
Tess Hernandez-Cano
** The Moral in keyboarding this bloggin, Political Novella, is that a group of board members can get you send to the "Disempowerment LA's Wood Shed", but one upstanding Board Member can act in the best interest of preserving the integrity of the Elected Body, and still, "Disempowerment LA" continues moving forward with Exhaustive Measures, especially if the perpetrators are politically connected and need covering up.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in "Disempowerment LA-occupied LA-32".

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Anonymous bhnative said:

The Boyle Heights NC is doing what?
Attending the BHNC Transportation and Environment Committee find a new way of meeting quorum. at the start of the meeting adjustment of membership is done: only 3 out of seven members show up, so the adjustment is announce, one person apparently resign, when and where who knows, the other has been terminated for too many obsenses. No early notification to the general board that the members have been decrease, however, on the agenda posting for the March 11, 2014 meeting show seven listed members. One creative way of meeting quorum, is this the new standing rule from Eddie Padilla the Vice President, or Carlos Montes figured out this on his own? oh! and where is the president Diana Del Pozo on this? New standing rules as needed for the moment.

March 13, 2014 8:13 AM  

Anonymous bhnataive said:

The Boyle Heights NC candidates deadline is March 19, so how many Huizars followers are left to sign up to the BHNC elections. How many candidates associated with Casa 0101 will run, and non profit organizations will run the BHNC if no discertified by June 2014, they are still trying to conclude the grievance filed by Manny in 2012, I guess there is no statue of limitatin, Manny continues to expose the violations of this NC, that continue in current days, no meeting notification to the stakeholders, no eblast since the new secretary took over last year, and lisset from DONE just announces that they maybe in violation, although the meeting goes on. The famous Parliamentarian, Ivan, continues to serve the BHNC with continue non compliances since 2012 when it was dicertified. So why is he still serving as pariamentarian? what a joke, oh! by the way Ivan also oversees LA32.

March 13, 2014 8:24 AM  

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