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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Curren Price: The Wal-Mart Candidate?

It used to be the way you slammed someone in politics was to call them a communist or perhaps, socialist.

Today, however, there's a new pejorative that's tossed around: Wal-Mart supporter.

That may be one that opponents of State Senator Curren Price are throwing at the elected official, the latest former elected official from another City, currently serving the in the California State Legislature, eyeing the big prize of California politics, a seat on the Los Angeles City Clowncil.

Price is one of several seeking to replace Jan Curry as she leaves the Council hoping to be elected Mayor.

Apparently someone connected to someone who doesn't want to see Price elected to the Council has begun a campaign to note that Price has received several thousand dollars in campaign contributions from the controversial Arkansas based retailer.

And I remember when it was bad if a politician went to a strip club.

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