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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Special Post-Election Edition of the Ass Clown Award given to Mario Beltran

Fresh, curvy and happy after months on bloggin furlough. 

Great Sunday afternoon to all in the political cybersphere. We  like to take time and reacquaint you with a cherish member of the Mayor Sam Family, the lovely unionize model for our dormant Ass Clown Award. We here at Mayor Sam had parted ways with our curvy friend and the award created by Mayor Frank, reasoning that our bloggin coverage merited moving beyond tabloid styled reporting . Thus, our award and its model were to enjoy an early retirement. 
But once in a blue moon ...... or Primary Election Cycle, comes a "perfect storm of bloggin news" that merited reuniting our former Ass Clown Award Team and all it took was this repugnant, asinine, and disparaging comment directed at a heroine of political reform in Southeast LA, City of Bell BASTA spokesperson and candidate for the 58th Assembly District Christina Garcia . Garcia pulled a major upset in the 58th AD by defeating City of Montebello's Tom Calderon which did not go over well with well known Bell Gardens ex Councilman,  Rin Calderon staffer and current Campaign Manager for 51st AD Candidate Arturo Chavez Mario Beltran, who penned this via the LA Weekly.
Garcia the 33 year old that for the first time in her life became a Democrat last year and lied to the democratic voteres that she's been a democrat all her life!!! The DUI convict that makes bad decissions and put other at risk. The Garcia that's a lesbian and "only needs the votes of the woman" the Garcia that devided a community (Bell) and took over a city because it's her way or the highway!

 ........ and who is Mario Beltran?  Well .............
** Is this the same Mario Beltran who was convicted of  the following?

A Bell Gardens Councilman accused of embezzling campaign funds pleaded guilty today to multiple counts, prosecutors announced.Mario Beltran, 31, pleaded to four misdemeanor counts, including failing to file campaign disclosure forms and failing to deposit cash contributions, all violations of the Political Reform Act., Deputy Dist. Atty. Max Hunstman said in a press release.The charges stem from the defendant’s failure to report to authorities how he was spending campaign funds entrusted to him and his failure to deposit and account for cash given to him, according to the press release.Los Angeles Superior Court Judge George G. Lomeli ordered Beltran back for sentencing on Feb. 12. The defendant must resign from office before sentencing. Beltran is expected to receive four years of probation during which time he may not hold elected or appointed office and may not seek elected office or lobby.

** Is this the same Mario Beltran who had this "night out in Downtown LA"

The boozy circumstances of his wild night at the seedy Huntington Hotel might be enough to derail the careers of lesser politicians. But Beltran has friends in high places, such as state Senator Ron Calderon, for whom he works as a field deputy, and state Senator Gil Cedillo, who mentored him early in his career. Several witnesses including Cedillo were listed as character references for Beltran, so last Wednesday, as his trial began, he was as cool as a cucumber.That was until 6-foot-tall, rail-thin Sherrilynn Ridgeway, an African-American woman with weathered skin and a criminal record of drug dealing and prostitution, took the stand and described Beltran, a 29-year-old, 5-foot-5-inch immigrant from El Salvador, staggering around the Huntington in the wee hours of June 28 hurling racial slurs and menacing threats and, in her words, “grabbing a handful of my ass.”At that point, Beltran’s expression suggested he knew he was in for a long ordeal.The jury had been warned things could get ugly. They were going to hear allegations that Beltran degraded Ridgeway with words like “nigger” and “bitch,” Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Maureen O’Brien said in her opening statement — words that O’Brien said she did not feel comfortable uttering. They also were going to hear from witnesses with questionable occupations and backgrounds. “There are no angels as witnesses,” O’Brien said.Beltran’s lawyer, Philip Cohen, was not nearly as delicate. He spat out the N-word in rapid-fire bursts while shredding the testimony of one prostitute. And he accused prosecutors of misconduct, saying they offered an implicit deal to one witness, a hotel desk clerk who placed Beltran inside the hotel but also faces an unrelated gun charge in a Pasadena courtroom.Cohen confirmed that his client was “drunk out of his mind” last June after visiting the nearby 740 Club, whose owner is a friend of Beltran’s. But he urged the jury: “You will not be asked to decide if [Beltran] is an ass, a racist, a sexual assaulter or a drunkard. This case is about whether he knowingly and falsely [accused] someone of a crime.”

Thus, Mario Beltran now join former Assemblyman Gil Cedillo staffer David Galaviz as winners of the Ass Clown Award. Assemblyman Cedillo is the first lawmaker to have multiple Ass Clown Awards given to members or formerr members of his staff. quite a distinction not loss on the voters of Northeast LA.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Why would Arturo Chavez place his political career in the hands of this bozo? That dumbass Ceja is no better. Can you say Councilman Gardea? Poor Gil, I hope Art Gastelum has a job opening as a bartendar for him at the Havana House come next March.

June 10, 2012 9:11 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wow Scott, you got Mario to take down his facebook page. I wonder if he is getting ready to hit you with another cease and desist letter. Like Churchill said, "if you got enemies you must be doing something right."

June 11, 2012 12:07 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Did'nt the family of Chacon gurus run this losers campaign?

can someone answer that?

June 11, 2012 11:45 AM  

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