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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's So Special, About Special Order 40?

Not a whole lot for American citizens!

After waiting over 6 months to hear from the Los Angeles City Council Public Safety Committee on Zine's Motion, nothing really happened! There was no vote moving Zine's Motion forward. There was no Modification of Special Order 40 and there was no Amendment to Special Order 40. Just people talkin'. Video of the hearing coming soon, if you're interested.

Basically, we have to wait another 3 months for LAPD to get back with the Public Safety Committee regarding the NEW, training on Special Order 40. It's not that the Officers don't understand what Special Order 40 says, because it really doesn't matter what it says. Police Officers already know that checking or questioning anyone about their immigration status will get you fired! Even after the Officers make the arrest.

I spoke with LAPD Officers and Deputy Sheriff's about illegal aliens and illegal alien criminals. I worked at LAPD and LASD for years. Police Officers are NOT allowed to check the immigration status on the criminals they arrest. They're not even allowed to call ICE. Maybe things changed recently.

The hearing was on the News, on the Radio and in the Newspapers. That's a good thing! The room was packed with people who support illegal alien gangbangers and people who don't. If you came out against illegal alien gangbangers, The Shaw Family thanks you!

Councilman Zine is trying to get every division at LAPD to follow the lead of San Fernando Valley Bureau and deport illegal alien criminals. However, Councilman Smith wants to take it to another level. He wants to eliminate Special Order 40 altogether! I ain't mad at him. Can you imagine if Councilman Smith was the Chair over the Public Safety Committee? It would be more then the illegal alien gangbangers on the way OUT!

One thing for sure, Jamiel's Law needs to be on the May, 2009 election!! If you live in the City of Los Angeles and you're a registered voter, why not join over 45,000 people and download the Petition at http://www.jamielslaw.com/, sign it and mail it in.


Blogger Nancy said:

This city council has been de-balled.
It is disgusting. It leaves one in tears
to see how cowardly our so-called reps
are. How can decent citizens continue to
live in Los Angeles? How can the police continue to show up for work each day knowing that the boss doesn't allow them to do their jobs? It's heartbreaking to see
what has happened to Los Angeles.

October 28, 2008 6:12 PM  

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