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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Sunday

The Pasadena Star News reports on one of the reasons why Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was snubbed at the recent Democratic National Convention in Denver: the Obama campaign viewed him as being in the same league of another politician and philanderer, John Edwards. The News also slams the Mayor for turning his back on San Gabriel Valley transportation needs and the transit tax scam he and Zev Yaroslavsky are pushing for which will benefit the Westside but be paid for by the entire County.

Liberal blowhard filmmaker Michael Moore suggested that the likely landfall of Hurricane Gustav just prior to the start of the Republican National Convention was a sign that God favored the Democrats. Yes, Mike is a deep thinker. In the meantime, Republican nominees John McCain and Sarah Palin will be joining Mississippi Governor Hayley Barbour for a briefing from the state's emergency officials. The latest word from the Obama bin Biden campagin was that the Democratic nominee has no plans to visit the region but will give a phone call.

The annoucement of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate has proven succesful at least financially for presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain. Friday, the day of the Palin selection, saw a one day total of nearly $7 million in contributions to the McCain campaign.

Michael Cohen writing at LA CityWatch disects the legal battle in last week's closing arguments in the case against Measure R, the shady term limits law in the City of Los Angeles. Cohen makes a good point that the court, should they hand a victory to the city and allow them to put measures on the ballot that cover multiple subjects, could be setting a bad precedent. Cohen rightly notes that the arrogance of City leaders in pushing this kind of fraud on the voters is what's helping to simmer a coming revolution against them such as Ron Kaye's Saving Los Angeles Project.

One of the best Britney Spears impersonators around is a man. Derrick Barry has been a professional Britney impersonator for five years and who was seeking to make the finals in the reality show America's Got Talent but was eliminated in the semi-finals when, according to Wikipedia, he failed to "wow" judge Piers Morgan.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Let me get this right: the gridlocked motorists on the westside, who've been pouring their gas tax dollars into the MTA coffers without complaint for more than 25 year and only gotten a couple of RapidBus lines for their trouble while train lines and bus service have been added in just about every other part of the county where the current whining is the loudest, are suddenly the villains stealing money from everyone to finish the first light rail line to the westside and extend the subway so that they can help solve some of the most problematic traffic congestion in the U.S.?

Gimme a damn break! The fact that MayorSam repeats this drivel without at least noting that much shows he's not qualified to run this blog!

August 31, 2008 7:29 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Council member Tony Cardenas is on the radio at 7 a.m. talking about the gang problem with another in-studio guest on Movin 93.9 f.m. with activist Wendy Carrillo speaking on his pet project, gang intervention.

$3.5 million for suppression is what he complains of being a small amount spent compared to incarceration. He defended intervention programs and said he saw a recent television program that concluded by saying all gang intervention workers were gang members. That might be one of the things he got right, as absolutes are rarely correct.

Cardenas was back to comparing white and brown people. A revealing commentary of his was this: He said that the children in Brentwood would not be expected to come back from a park and tell their parents that they were talking to a police officer who showed them how to do things, who was teaching them at the park. He said the parent would say, "What the heck is a police officer doing talking to my kids." But Latino children have that experience without anyone questioning it, he said.

The resentment he harbors against police is a part of his character that comes out in viewing police as confined to a niche as far as what they should be doing. I would not expect to hear him actually support any personal friends who may be want to be police officers.

Amazingly, he said that police should not be having contact with young persons unless there is some contact for crime. That is the only time they should be involved with young persons. Cardenas said that there is a perception in the city that families from the Westside have no problems, but noted that many still have children with drug problems, and no families are perfect.

Cardenas is quick to demonstrate his divisive attitudes with statements with reference to Brentwood, "... or whatever they do with their lives or what have you," in comparison with activities done by persons in his district and other heavily-Latino populated areas of Los Angeles.

Cardenas says that society assumes that because of their zip code that they are labeled a gang member.

Cardenas said, "Too easily we allow ourselves to label because of the community that they are from." That's the same thing he does himself while making comparisons and references. He is part of the problem and having a chip on his shoulder seems to be a real problem with him.

Cardenas recited many instances when he was young about teachers telling his friends and him that they would not amount to anything, yet they succeeded. More resentment apparent from this source. He ended by mentioning funding not to enlarge, with a description, "people with badges."

Cardenas responded to a caller asking about Special Order 40 and Jamiel's Law saying, that "no changes" should be made to it. Cardenas added, that police should not be doing work of ICE. And he said that police should not stop people for no reason and if they are here legally (an action that no one has proposed).

What exactly is Tony Cardenas' resentment towards police all about? The program by the way is obviously slanted to pro-Latino but from a separatist angle, and pro-illegal Latino points of view.

Latino in L.A.

August 31, 2008 8:16 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Although it may be right, the Pasadena Star News isn't "reporting" anything. That's an editorial. And no, I'm not a third-floor spinner. I'm just literate.

August 31, 2008 8:30 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It seems as if all is imploding at Antonio's bff Andy Stern's union, SEIU. The staff and members are starting to turn on each other. With former SEIU Local 99 President Humphreys in jail over the Martin Ludlow "incident" - everyone is starting to sing.

According to the Times :..."and her former boyfriend has been ordered to return tens of thousands of dollars he received from the state council and Los Angeles local that she heads.

Annelle Grajeda is the third major SEIU leader to step aside following reports in The Times about the union's financial practices..." - the Times has really opoened up a pandora's box to unethical union activity.

Grajeda's boyfriend is Alejandro Stephens - the former head of SEIU Local 660. Stephens ousted former President Gil Cedillo for supposedly using a union credit card at a brothel. Could this be payback?

And SEIU is not shy about their continued involvement in local politics - that was SEIU operative and Stern pimp Marco Palma standing proudly behind Mark Ridley Thomas at his press conference. Palma is Antonio's compadre whose son got paid illegally by Humphrey's Local 99 while he worked Antonio's political campaign.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Times should send an army of reporters to tomorrow's Labor Day events - there is much more out there and union folk aren't too bright - but they are terribly adept at taking poor people's money for their political machines.

August 31, 2008 8:35 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Here is a story for Mayor Sam's #1 Ass Clown - Don Quackers, who has taken his multiple personality show over to WitnessLA blog. Here is a story the politicans who pander to illegal aliens from mexico don't want you to read.


Homicides have surged as drug cartels battle each other for control of trafficking routes and stage vicious attacks against police nearly each day. In the gang-plagued border state of Chihuahua alone, there have been more than 800 killings this year, double the number during the same period last year.

This week, a dozen headless bodies were found in the Yucatan Peninsula, home to Mexico's most popular beach resort, Cancun.

While impoverished Mexicans stage almost daily strikes and protests, Saturday's marches brought out thousands of middle-class citizens who are often the targets of kidnappings. The protest was inspired by the abduction and murder of the 14-year-old son of a wealthy businessman — a case that provoked an outcry when prosecutors said a police detective was a key participant in the abduction for ransom.

August 31, 2008 8:53 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What's the point of reducing the type size on the comments to make them almost unreadable? And no, I'm not old.

August 31, 2008 11:28 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Surprise,surprise.... Socialist union SEIU
does have criminal capitalists running
the show per just the latest Los Angeles
corruption reports. Will the details
receive "The Spike" in the MSM ?

August 31, 2008 12:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Quoting that Pasadena Star article as gospel is typical Michael Higby -- he's resentful of of the westside since he can't afford to live there or buy a home even in NoHo, so hates homeowners in general. But especially on the westside -- one thing he and Cardenas and Chief Hater Reyes have in common. With Molina and Antonovich/Knabe. Yet they drive to and through the westside to work and play, like first poster 7:29 said, making it the most gridlocked region in the entire western U.S.

No other area is as overrun by those from other areas creating smog, congestion and ruining their quality of life. People in Beverly Hills feel the same way, even more strongly, some seriously floating putting up license readers to charge drive-throughs a congestion tax, since Beverly Hills is right next to/before the westside. This is what makes westsiders so angry, but unfortunately, they scotched the subway with Zev/Wasman's help back when it would have been easy to build, thinking if they did so, development would pass them by. Now, they've got development anyway but no transit -- development's been growing for decades, right under Zev's nose on.

With the state measures to push affordable housing into the westside, in dense developments, giving Cardenas and Reyes/Alarcon and the rest of the Latinos excuse to do what they've wanted all along -- give their illegals "lebensraum" -- it will only get worse. Those upscale developments they've gone to war over, are nothing compared to what will come, but now, they've made themselves personas non grata throughout the city and state, which is really a shame for all of us.

Read Mike Eveloff's (the combative head of Tract 7260 HOA) article blasting CD5 Candidate Robin Witter-Simon in CityWatch: clearly for him, NO development of any kind is the only acceptable future. Any candidate who says otherwise will earn his hatred just as much as the current and pass ones have. But does anyone think that any one Councilmember can put a barrier around the westside? Especially when Rosendahl WANTS affordable housing, as much as possible, though claiming not in single-family areas. With the Reyes/ Cardenas/ Alarcon/ Huizar/ Garcetti faction, pushing for "the right" of Latinos in crowded areas to "live where they should," claiming it's a "right" for anyone of any income or legal status to live where those who've worked their whole lives to buy do? After working hard to achieve educations and well-paying jobs?

The most westside and valley Councilmembers can do collectively is control and direct where this growth will happen, and push for mass transit to get as many of those commuters out of their cars as possible. On the development front, Eveloff and the handful of Always Angry at Anything HOA Board members have in fact precipitated these horrible state measures designed to just cut out local input altogether.

These measures are designed to give the Eastside Latinos the keys to destroy/ overrun the last livable areas -- with provincial fools from the SF and SG Valleys fighting the westside subway (with holdover westside NIMBYs who still think shunning mass transit will keep development away -- these are the westsiders in Ron Kaye's "army" of Don Quixotis.). The MTA MUST stand upto them -- they've done a great job in scoping options.

August 31, 2008 12:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Pasadena rag claims Obama snubbed Villar because of his affair, without giving any substantiation -- gossip and rumor posing as an article. Obama's camp has said something even snarkier: that with the Latino vote in Cal and elsewhere sewn up, they just don't need Antonio any more. They're not even campaigning here. What that says about Obama's using people says volumes about his lack of character, and what he's REALLY like behind that cool, wordy facade. Not that I like Villar, hate his pro-illegal immigration views and all those other Mexicans he's in bed with (not counting Mirthala), but this snub has nothing to do with her, just utility.

Now Obama's talking about sanctions on those who employ illegals because they drive down wages (doesn't even mention the huge social costs of themselves and their millions of anchor babies), and with Villar telling the feds NOT to crack down on these employers unless they just don't pay the illegals enough -- that's a message he wants to distance himself from. This, after snaring the Latino vote by promising to legalize them all without consequences or preconditions, and giving them all driver licenses, which Hillary saw from New York's failed attempt would be impossible.

Obama's promised to implement billions an billions of dollars worth of free programs while cutting taxes for 95% of the people, insane non-math on the face of it. The guy will say anything to get someone hooked, then dump them and renege.

August 31, 2008 2:15 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Cardenas = wannabe cholo. GEt a clue. He is so out of touch with this decade his thinking is behind the times. He needs to stop blaming police for people being leary of anyone who dresses in baging clothes. Most of the time when police stop these losers they are packing and all tatted out. Tony get out of the ghetto mentality.

August 31, 2008 6:52 PM  

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