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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bort Droppings: Emotional Democrats

Aside from just not agreeing with their policies, the problem I've found with the DNC is the emotionalism combined with the Doom and Gloom. And, a lot of Dems around the country can't take the ultra-liberal stance on things either. As for Left wing: BHO is ranked #1 liberal senator, Biden is #3 liberal senator.

So how does the DNC celebrate gloom? You can see it when they bring up their favorite issues: Katrina, abortion, global warming, the poor are getting poorer, it’s a lost war.

Bill C says "Katrina" and everyone cheers.

Come on, Katrina was a natural disaster that the Democrat mayor and Democrat governor couldn't handle and then the FIMA, who isn’t cut out for this kind of savior-thing, couldn't swoop in in- time. Since the storm, we've spent 200-300 billion on the people of New Orleans. What do they want? Democrats have run a city that's lost half its population between 1960 and 2000 and then half again in the last couple years. That's attracting the best of the best!?! Jindal will have to be a miracle worker to turn that state around.

"Reproductive rights" - woo hoo!!. Abortion, whether it's legal or not, is a national tragedy. Why are we cheering that 30 million babies are dead since RVW and BHO wont even provide for those that miraculously survive the partial birth abortion - he's defending infanticide. Why aren't they working to make abortion "legal, safe, and rare" like originally promised? It's a blessing when a family adopts a baby, and yet our Government agencies make couples jump thru 5 years of hoops to make it happen. Instead of wanting to make it easier, the DNC stance on marriage is making it worse. The Catholic Church is getting out of the adoption business because they wont be forced to give children to married gays. BHO can't seem to give a straight answer even on marriage. This is putting a lot of ordinary democrats off.

“Global warming” - what a scam. The DNC complains that America isn’t leading on the fight to end global warming. I say hurray. The dems want to just keep raising the cost of energy and preventing our own production so that America looses.

Nuclear energy is cheap and clean, (the French get 90% of their electricity from it) and yet the Dems think it's immoral.

Yucca mountain has been the most studied piece of dirt in the last 30 years and Obama doesn't believe it is stable. But, Al Gore says 500 "scientists" think global warming is because of us and that's immediately undeniable?!?

DNC plans to cut hydrocarbon use by 90% in a decade would put us back to a per capita use below what American's used in Pilgrim days when all we did was burn wood!! Get real, come up with an energy plan that keeps America strong. FYI to the enviromaniacs: increased CO2 in the air is a fertilizer for plants. Forests, wheatgrass and even corn grow 12% faster now than 100 years ago because of that rare atmospheric molecule is at a slightly higher percentage.

I love the idea that we're going to fill Montana, Idaho and Wyoming full of windmills. Do you know how much steel would be needed? Do you know how many birds that would kill? Do you know how many years that project would be tied up in court because people don't want to look at 1000 miles of windmills? Ed Kennedy didn't want to look at them off of Nantucket and got that stopped dead.

Biden's best line last night was borrowed from his mother - you've got to bloody the nose of the bully so that you can walk down the street the next day. The DNC is entirely inconsistent on the international scene. Send troops to Darfur, send troops to Afghanistan, oh, but we've lost in Iraq - pull out now.

Bush has freed 50 million people from tyranny since taking office, that's a great achievement. Iraq is showing real progress. The DNC does not talk of spreading democracy in the world, merely of talking to our enemies and somehow through the persuasion of our personalities convincing them to play nice. Grow up. Mama Biden was right, you've got to bloody some noses to be safe to walk down the street. Voters recognize that Obama bin Biden is no match for Putin as he marches through Georgia.

Taxes - It's class warfare all over again. BHO says somehow he will lower taxes for 90% of middle class workers?? By allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, most families will see taxes rise by $2000 in a year. Why don't they talk about how another American becomes a millionaire every 4 minutes because they've worked hard and focused on succeeding in this land that literally can fulfill everyone's dream? Instead it's the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer - what a stupid phrase. The poor are well off in this country- everyone's got access to healthcare, everyone's got a TV and a phone and most have a car!

I hear nothing uplifting in any of their speeches, nothing like JFK's great line "ask not what your county can do for you..." I hear nothing that challenges American's to be better. BHO tried to deliver the responsibility message to the black churches and Jessie Jackson wants to cut off his ****.

That's right; keep us all as victims of a vast right wing conspiracy. Oddly, the fact that we've got a black man as the DNC pick is proof that such a conspiracy can't be happening.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

this is hilarious! great job metroman, I love how you just showed how ridiculous the right wing talking points sound! Your satire is awesome...the poor here are well off, everyone has access to healthcare and a cell phone and even a car!

good stuff my man, take it to those right wing nuts!

August 28, 2008 10:19 PM  

Blogger haikula said:

Hello again from Bali, nearly 9,000miles and a laptop away!

The great Haikula was able to see the entire event, so it really is a very small world. (try getting that tune out of your head now!)

I stopped taking Obama seriously today when, while talking about energy, he said that McCain had been part of the problem "for 26 years."

He failed to mention that Biden has been in the Senate even longer than McCain, but glossed over that fact.

That's just part of the disingenuous Obama story. Blame McCain, while your hand-picked guy has been a bigger part of the problem.

This election is now set in stone.

Lastly, this is a great posting. The Dems are just an emotional, doom & gloom lot. I used to strongly lean in the Dem direction, but I grew up from those fatalistic views.

Hillary would have won the election and been a great president, all past concerns aside.

I would even have voted for her! But this coronation, with its massive staging is going to turn off most of America. Watch the polls and you'll see.

August 29, 2008 12:37 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Slogging through Bort's and Haikula's drivel, it appears that Republicans have become the "can't do mob"! Just solve the real problems by doing more of the same stuff Republicans have done to promote wealth amongst the few and the rest of us will "benefit" by picking fragments from their excrement.

The only doom-and-gloom in November will be that of the GOP Country Clubbers when they have to face the fact that their greed and insensitivity has finally been exposed.

The party's over. Grab what you can and head for the hills, because America's real people are about to chase you out of the penthouse suite where you've been gorging yourselves since January 2001.

August 29, 2008 5:38 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm with you and 10:19 and 5:38. I thought it was satire at first also, but then I realized it was drivel. The election is set in stone? That's pretty funny.

Emotional Democrats, huh? All right then. I'd rather be emotional than stubborn, greedy, living-in-the-past or a liar. I've watched the entire convention and doom & gloom wasn't what I was seeing at all.

August 29, 2008 1:32 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

When Bort learns to spell, maybe then he'll say something worth paying attention to.

Oh, sorry! After the conservatives he so religiously sucks up to are finished gutting the public school system, there'll be no one left to help him with his spelling lessons.

August 31, 2008 7:34 AM  

Anonymous u r ignorant said:

Re: "FIMA": what's that stand for, Federal "Immergency" Management Agency?

As for not swooping in in time, you need to be informed of the Stafford Act. Read it, then understand that Nagin, the Parish, and the State Governor all dropped the ball.

September 02, 2008 12:21 PM  

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