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Saturday, April 05, 2008

What's On Your Mind?

I took a select panel of totally random folks and threw various questions at them. Among the respondents:
  • Jon Regardie, Executive Editor, Los Angeles Downtown News, Resident of Los Angeles
  • Jennifer, 35, a research assistant at UCLA, Long Beach
  • David Markland, Blogger KNBC's "California Faultline"
  • Anonymous female, 33, a travel industry professional from Los Angeles
  • Wally "Rita from Sunland" Wharton, writer/minstrel/talkradio guest/gadfly, Sunland
  • Alvin Abris, 38, a bank manager from San Dimas
  • Jack Witt, 40, Lifestyle Fitness Coach, North Hollywood
Let's take a look at their answers shall we?

What are you up to this weekend?

Jon Regardie: "Play some basketball, speak on a panel for journalism students, dinner with friends, watch some Final Four, spend time with my wife and baby daughter. Not necessarily in that order."

Jennifer: "I will be attending an awards dinner and a friend's 35th birthday party."

David Markland: "Saturday night is a benefit for Vampira, aka Maila Nurma, to raise money to make a proper memorial for her. The event is at the Steve Allen Theatre, and looks like a blast."

Anonymous female: "Attending a recognition banquet for outstanding young adults in the state, also relaxing and getting some errands taken care of."

Wally "Rita from Sunland" Wharton: "Sauturday morning -- I'm hell-bent upon scouring the Estate sales! Nothing quite thrills me like going thru the underwear drawers of 'the Greatest Generation!' Then maybe I'll weigh in on our local Neighborhood Council election. Evening? I'm going to a porn party."

Alvin Abris: "Nothing special, just finishing up some house chores."

Jack Witt: "I am being honored as an Outstanding Young Californian at the Universal City Hilton by the California Junior Chamber. www.oyc2008.com."

What do you think the single most pressing issue or problem (any kind) facing Los Angeles next week will be?

Jon Regardie: "The clash over DWP hikes will fade from the public and media mindset quickly, and many may focus on crime and gang violence (despite reports last week of a falling violent crime rate). But expect a flurry of activity/ concern/ talk/ complaints as gas prices keep creeping up."

Jennifer: "I think we need to focus on the homeless problem in LA. There are lots of folks here in Westwood (LA County) and downtown LA and many of them need help with some of their medical conditions. I see them walking around screaming at themselves all the time. This concerns the do-gooder deep inside of me."

David Markland: "Next week I hope that the city launches an investigation into who, if anyone from the Department of Building and Safety tipped off Clear Channel and CBS that the LA Weekly was seeking a list of permits for billboards, and what the rat stood to profit from it. I'd also hope that someone in council, or the department, will issue a public statement apologizing for the action and offer to be transparent in the future."

Anonymous female: "No idea really, how about another airline shutting down and leaving passengers stranded."

Wally "Rita from Sunland" Wharton: "The most pressing issue next week? The water rate hike. No wonder the 'clowncil' called for a moratorium on violence-- they know they're votin' for the hike!"

Alvin Abris: "Illegal immigration."

Jack Witt: "Foreclosures and credit card debt impacting the local economy."

What music is on your iPod/telephone/8 track tape deck right now?

Jon Regardie: The car six-pack CD player has the Pixies, PJ Harvey, Deus, Nine Pound Hammer, Kings of Leon and the New Pornographers.

Jennifer: "I love 80’s music and rock baby!"

David Markland: "I'm currently listening to Kari Newhouse right now."

Anonymous female: "Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol."

Wally "Rita from Sunland" Wharton: "I'm in between the iPOD and the 8-track-- what's on the Jag's CD cartridge? Leroy Anderson's Greatest Hits, Alicia DeLaRocca's Spanish Encores, (I like to practice my castenets while I'm driving), De Barge's greatest Hits, the Darkness' 1st album, & a collection of Kurt Weil songs."

Alvin Abris: "Country music, podcasts of Bill Handel and Leo Laporte and Barack Obama’s latest speech."

Jack Witt: "Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. Recently, I won a contest to sing on stage with my favorite band "Queensryche" at the House of Blues in Hollywood. Go to YouTube and type "Jack Witt Queensryche" for the video of me rockin' out.

Do you feel that you may be squeezed soon by a) rising gas prices b) rising food prices c) rising government taxes and fees? All of the above?

Jon Regardie: "It’s frightening to think that I could spend more than the $60-$70 it already takes to fill my gas tank. Taken singly, any of the three above would be annoying. Cumulatively, well, no one wonder there are myriad economic problems."

Jennifer: "All of the above. I am presently being squeezed by the gas prices as I drive an SUV. Thanks for driving a truck! I will be squeezed by rising food prices and will probably resort to eating chicken hot dogs 24/7. I have to pay taxes, so there’s nothing more to say on that topic."

David Markland: "I fear we may be entering a second Great Depression, so rising gas and food prices should be the least of our worries."

Anonymous female: "Rising gas prices."

Wally "Rita from Sunland" Wharton: "I'm not so much squeezed by the gas prices-- I NEVER GO ANYWHERE!! But food prices, government taxes & fees may affect my 'peace of mind.'"

Alvin Abris: "I am already being squeezed by all of the above."

Jack Witt: "All of the above."

What should the Presidential candidates be saying right now that none of them are?

Jon Regardie: "The key in the question is “right now.” The idealist would say they should focus on the issues. Practically, however, two of them precisely have to say why they are the most awesome for Pennsylvanians. Like with the Final Four mentioned above, it’s win-or-go-home time."

Jennifer: "How about focus on what you can do for me?"

David Markland: "I'm one of the few people relatively confident in what the candidates are saying right now... except for Clinton - I've stopped listening. I'd like to stop hearing McCain trying to appeal to more conservatives and stick to his guns, and I'd love for Obama, my candidate, to start talking about policies and practical solutions."

Anonymous female: "I am following our local city council race, not really wrapped up in the presidential race right now."

Wally "Rita from Sunland" Wharton: "McCain should be commenting on his affair w/ Connie Stevens. And Obama should be publicly apologizing to his typical white grandmother by saying something like: 'She changed my diapers-- now I should be changing hers!!'"

Alvin Abris: "What are we doing with the northern borders?"

Jack Witt: "The obesity rate for kids has tripled in the past 20 years, it's time for the government to step in and help give incentives and pass laws to help parents, health professionals, and schools that provide resources to fix this epidemic before it's too late."



Anonymous Anonymous said:

I agree AW. Obama just talks and talks..never saying a thing that is important to me. He doesn't inspire me in the least bit.

Incredible the way people breathe heavy over him.

Like Antonio, all the Obama supporters will be wondering later why they voted for him if he wins. and that's a big IF.

April 05, 2008 12:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Jennifer, you're right about the homeless problem, that half of them are addicted to substances and/or mentally ill, yet on the streets. Where they often commit crimes, and end up also making these exact figures for substance/alcohol abuse and mental illness, jail statistics.
Thank the ACLU though, whereas these people should be getting substance and mental help. Would be cheaper, too. AND they're a menace to the ail population: whatever someone's done, he shouldn't be thrown in with someone mentally ill. This has resulted in some deaths and misc. attacks.

David Markland: You haven't read up on the Billboard issue much if you're still blaming someone from Building and Safety. Jill Stewart's article in the Weekly is responsible for that misinfo -- she's a better activist than factual reporter. However, if you read the comments on the blog you'll find some corrections.

Also, Christine Pelicek -- who IS a good reporter -- has an article in current Weekly, too, which clarifies what happened, as David Zahniser in Times reported, as Patt Morrison reported, too. That it's Rocky Delgadillo's office which told Building and Safety and ALL city employees, that giving out Clear Channel lists MAY subject the city to lawsuits because it MAY be proprietary. THEN he told members of the Council demanding WHY he'd say that, that he thinks it's NOT proprietary and could defend the city in court.

PLUS Building and Safety had no way to comply with the request for lists since they didn't have them-- Clear Channel just gave them boxes and boxes of stuff and unusable electronic data.

The City Council had been demanding the lists since 01, and between the Courts obstructing them and Rocky -- thru stupidity and because he got a half mil in free ads from Clear Channel for his City Attorney campaign, against anti-billboard activist Mike Feuer -- they've been thwarted, too. The City Attorney is supposed to answer to them to the best of his legal ability, but he didn't.

SO you're totally wrong, to attack some employee at Building & Safety who's following Rocky's protocol AND had no usable info, so may have needed it from ClearChannel ASAP.

READ articles about the billboard issue in the Weekly, Zahniser/ Patt Morrison in the Times, AND Dennis Hathaway's CityWatch article, before you go off. (Jill Stewart has done a major, major disservice in letting her false article stand, blaming the Council and the Mayor. Yeah, they're maybe over-developing and pushed thru that AB18818, BUT it's Ed Reyes and Jan Perry who've been pushing them to cave to Clear Channel, and Rocky who's messed up so bad, some think it's actionable.)

April 05, 2008 1:41 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Markland admits he's "stopped listening to Clinton," but is still waiting for Obama -- "my candidate" -- to actually say something, anything of substance, anytime soon.

Typical Obama supporter. I agree with Antonio Watch on this one.

Hillary was kind of cute on Leno about the sniper fire thing, though.

If Obama had made that mess-up and anyone complained, they'd have been attacked as racist. There's so much bias favoring him from the Democratic party and media, it's ridiculous. Makes me want Hillary to win -- she's gotten such an unfair rap and bias all along.

April 05, 2008 1:47 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Allow me to be the first to expose a scam that is being deliberately and purposefully perpetrated on the public at large in LA County...by the Tax Assessors Office!

Many people, including myself, have their properties in a Living Trust or LLC. If these persons decide that they want to do a "Re-Financing", the mortgage broker MUST take that property out of the Trust for a short period of time...because a Trust is a "non-entity" unless it is generating an income. Most Trusts are definitely not generating an income!

Now...here's where things become very interesting!

During the short period of time between the time that the homeowner removes his property from the Trust, completes the necessary transaction with the mortgage broker, and returns the property back into the Trust...the Assessor's office RE-ASSESSES THE PROPERTY and the Homeowner's taxes are re-assessed at CURRENT market value!!!

Case in point: A very well known Hollywood celebrity owned her home in Brentwood for the past 20 years. Her taxes were $3500/year. She decided to take some cash out of her property a few months ago. She went to a mortgage broker...the property was taken out of her Trust for 3 days and returned back into the Trust. A few months later, her Tax bill came...her taxes went from 3500/yr to $11,000/year!!!

The mortgage broker said that he has been doing this type of transaction for years and years, and this has NEVER happened before. It was standard operating procedure! Take the property out of the Trust...put it back in! Mission accomplished!

As it turns out, another mortgage broker is reporting that he has FORTY clients that had the same thing happen to them! After further investigation, it is becoming known that there are hundreds of similar cases!

Lawsuits are now beginning to crop up against the mortgage brokers for not informing their clients of this scam from the Assessor's office! The problem is...the mortgage brokers were not aware of what the assessor's office is doing!!!

The broker of the celebrity client whose taxes skyrocketed from 3500 to 11,000 has contacted the Assessors office and was told to "just get a lawyer...and they would win the case"! This County official also said: "We are doing this to raise revenue...most people don't challenge it because they are too stupid...they just pay the increase in taxes...they don't bother getting a lawyer. If they get a lawyer, they will win"!

Rocky Delgadillo had better start running for the hills...because the City is going to be in for some HUGE lawsuits!!! The investigation is in it's infancy stage right now...but, believe me, there are a lot of ANGRY taxpayers out there who were not informed of this SCAM!!!

This is the City's revenge against Prop 13...most of the homeowners involved in the pending class action suit have owned their homes PRE-Prop 13!


Stay tuned!!!!

April 05, 2008 5:33 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Anon 5:33 AM

You need to get a law license if you are going to advise people; and if you do so wrongly, you'll need malpractice insurance as well.

1) A trust is an entity that can hold real property. The brokers effect the transfers to create personal liability in the borrower individuals. Any entity that can hold a piece of real property in its name can execute a deed of trust or mortgage.

2) I seriously doubt that any employee of the County actually advised someone to sue them and that they would win. They'd be disciplined for that kind of a remark.

3) Likewise on the "just to raise money" remark. It is probably true, but doubtful they'd say it.

4) As noted above, the County Assessor is the authority here, the operative word being "County".

Rocky Delgadillo is the City Attorney, the operative word here being "City". Rocky will have nothing to do with this issue.

5) As a real estate lawyer who understands chain of title, I can tell you that the County is well within its rights to reassess upon a tranfer. The owners are signing documenta that require a deed and redeed back and in LA County, there is a document that explains the effect of a transfer and that it may cause a reassessment. They have to sign that document as well.

So, what you are saying is that they are too stupid to read what they sign. Well, maybe so. Maybe the Mortgage Brokers need to advise them of the potential for reassesment. Mortgage Brokers need to be licensed as Real Estate Brokers in California, and they should know their obligations to disclose all known risks to those whom they represent.

6) Given the above, I am not so sure that the property owner will prevail in a suit against the County. I think the suit against the broker is a better bet, but I'd sue them both and let the broker sweat it out.

Ultimate beneficiaries? Either the County of Los Angeles (by the way, that is you and me) or real estate attorneys (that's me).

Works OK for me; I always felt that Prop. XIII was a scam perpetrated by the oil companies (who benefit hugely from it) so those individuals still living with the benefits will be giving them up at death anyway.

Prop. XIII has been the cause of diminished county services due to the fact that the county has no other income, as they cannot tax on income.

So, it benefits us all to have all property taxed at current values.

April 05, 2008 6:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

LA Daily News announced it's editor Ron Kaye resignation... Did a Ron Kaye outburst have anything to do with his being suddenly booted from the DailyNews? Anyone notice Kaye's comments, recorded on Ed Headington's vid from last month's LA Press Club Party, (about 6:35 in the video)
saying that the LATimes was "Criminal" in it's reporting ... and spent a good several minutes going at them. Is this standard stuff? Yes, several were ranting against the LATimes, probably justifiable so. Maybe Kaye was a just a bit tipsy, or maybe he just "let 'em have it" and "wasn't going to take it anymore", but can an editor on a responsible paper get away with it without some backlash?

April 05, 2008 8:15 AM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

5:33 AM,

Good one. Think I recognize the writing style from the good ole' days.

Posted your comments for a little main thread attention that it deserves on ZD's blog Plus, the entire The Voice article about Huizar's "Pedophile Village". (He thinks it's under control, but he doesn't even know about the third of it.)

April 05, 2008 8:25 AM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

LAUSD To Investigate Shady Home Depot Cover Up In Sunland-Tujunga.

Click here

April 05, 2008 8:28 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Okay, I am really done with this blog now. Seriously. What the hell has happened to "The Home of Los Angeles Politics"?

You're asking an anonymous woman what's on her iPod? I don't even care what's on Regardie's!

I want to know what's happening with City Council and Villaretardo.

You asked anonymous questions like this just a month or so ago. You're going back to the same gimmick far too frequently for a lack of real topics to publish.

April 05, 2008 8:35 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ZD, you have be unceremoniously dumped from this blog, yet you come back, time and time again, and multiple post, hoping to drum up a little readership for your dying blog.

Just go away, we don't want your crap here.

Have you noticed that Mayor Sam has gone from 19 to 5 on the blog ratings? It's because your sorry, crybaby loser ass is not here.

So, crawl back under your homeless rock and STFU!!!!


What's in your wallet?

April 05, 2008 9:36 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Is Wally Rita from Sunland. I'm glad you said, Wally "Rita from Sunland" Wharton each and every time. I kept forgetting, so I am glad you spelled the entire thing out, each and every time. Because I had to scan past the whole things anyway.

April 05, 2008 9:53 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

April 05, 2008 9:59 AM  

Blogger LA Daily Blogger said:

Mailander has a new blog. Looks pretty good. Now there's one more blog to check out. Probably the FIRST one.


April 05, 2008 10:27 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Between Zuma's shameless self-promoting and Quixote's anal blurbs this blog's gone to pure shit..

April 05, 2008 10:41 AM  

Blogger LA Daily Blogger said:

And you gotta give it up to blogs.

Let's face it, Zuma Dogg made one post about the "Pedophile Village" in Huizar's district, and 24 hours later he puts out a memo in response saying he was, "outraged when I was informed by the Los Angeles Police Department."

Really, did the LAPD inform you, or LA Daily Blog. Let's see the paperwork/memo that LAPD sent you please.

Anyway, 24 hours after the initial post on Zuma's LA Daily Blog, and Huizar is issuing the memo.

Remember, the newspaper doesn't even hit newsstands until Monday.

So blogs are on a roll. Especially mine. You can spin that no one reads, or not. It's about the quality, not quantity.

Remember spin-loser...Mayor Sam was in the Top 10 all the time ZD was blogging. It dropped to 15, the second I walked out the door, you un-informed douchebag...and I beat this blog in the rankings for my first three weeks. (Last week I took two days off and my rankings stayed the same, instead of going up. And this week I don't think I'll be in the Top 20, at all, over tech issues.)

AND Besides the Huizar "Pedophile Village" exclusive...also broke the news that LAUSD is looking into how and why they had the wool pulled over their eyes, regarding no notification of Sunland Tujunga Home Depot. So maybe they will trip the project up with CEQA and S.C. Air Quality Act.

Plus, numerous other exclusives, especially regarding DWP. [ ;0) ]

So how about you don't read my blog , I'll have one less reader (17,000 new readers this month) -- and my ranking will drop, because you seem to be really concerned about my readership and defending Mayor Sam's readership.

Maybe I just post on my blog, in hopes that Mayor Sam's blog team will cover it, so that maybe the LA Times or LA Weekly will cover it.


After all, Huizar had to act all surprised in his memo that he felt compelled to put out 24 hours after I blog it, before the article came out.

But YOU are very relevant in the scheme of things, because we need people in the peanut gallery, like you to comment on people like me.

Maybe someday, I'll let you hold my cap and glasses to try 'em on and see what it feels like.

April 05, 2008 10:42 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma sez:

"Maybe someday, I'll let you hold my cap and glasses to try 'em on and see what it feels like."

Ewwww cooties!

April 05, 2008 11:00 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Congratulations Joe. I just bookmarked it.

April 05, 2008 11:02 AM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

You aks what's on my mind. Besides THC?

Now, ZD doesn't really like to cover the coverage. In other words, I cover the issues I cover as brought to me from the community, or that I come across elsewhere that I feel fits the focus of my blogging. (All issues.) And covering other newspapers coverage just doesn't do it for me. (After all, let's face it, ZD covers a lot of the stuff they don't/should be covering.) Cause let's face it, Zuma Times gets the sloppy fourths. (Stories people take to LA Times, LA Weekly and LA Daily News first. And when they don't cover it, they call Zuma Dogg. THEN, they sometimes end up covering it after ZD warms it up.)

But there DOES seem to be a concern in the community that the departure of Ron Kaye at Daily News leaves a huge voice in the print medium and is about to let some of the fraud, waste and abuse off the hook in the City.

Joseph Mailander launched a new blog this weekend called Street-Hassle (Street-Hassle.blogspot.com) and he was kinda surprised Mayor Sam hasn't posted a thread about it. And even though ZD posted a thread with Ron's resignation memo, along with a memo from the publisher regarding Ron's departure...that's not the same as actually commenting on the impact it will have in the City's political landscape and what it will mean to the Valley and the community.

Here's something from ZD's email from a trusted blogging mentor: "The story you should be covering is about Ron Kaye, and what that means for an informed public in L.A. This scares me more than anything because L.A. Times doesn't do their job."

So alright, alright...between Joe and this person, let ZD go on the record to say (especially on my 2-year anniversary of my first trip to City Hall for public comment)...maaaaaaaaaan, I can't tell you how many times I spent all day and night on the phone and watching the news and reading the blogs figuring out what the most important thing in the City to talk about at my next public comment.

And I put it all together in my head, and take notes on the bus, on my way to City Hall. Only to hop off the bus, see that gosh-darned "Daily News" vending machine on the corner of Spring Street in front of City Hall, by the bus stop. And as I pass by, so many times, the headline would catch my eye and give me whiplash, as I have to spring for the fifty cents to grab the issue...and my entire 24 hours of previous preparation, all goes out the window to present to the people of Los Angeles (on TV 35) what the Daily News just broke.

So yeah, some of my fondest memories of the past two years are the times I hopped off the bus, with my public comment running through my head...only to have it go out the window with the sheer excitement of a Daily News headline. Oh Matt Dowd can share in some of these headlines. (Especially the ones about Garcetti, and the one or two that mentioned Dowd/Dogg.)

And the point is...I can't think of one single situation where it was an L.A. Times headlines that caused any of this.

Anyway, maybe now Ron will be able to spend more time in the community, attending meetings, and being a leader in the community. I still say the Daily News is/was too much of a lap dogg, by ZD's measure...but at least it was the only newspaper that could cause ZD to put stuff on hold many times.

April 05, 2008 11:49 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

That's a fake-post not by Jack Hoff.

April 05, 2008 12:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ZD, you have been unceremoniously dumped from this blog, yet you come back, time and time again, and multiple post, hoping to drum up a little readership for your dying blog.

Just go away, we don't want your crap here.

Have you noticed that Mayor Sam has gone from 19 to 5 on the blog ratings? It's because your sorry, crybaby loser ass is not here.

So, crawl back under your homeless rock and STFU!!!!


What's in your wallet?

April 05, 2008 2:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ZD, you have been unceremoniously dumped from this blog, [sorry, I made the decision to leave myself -- and a lot of people out there who know me, know that...but yeah, mayor sam posted the official announcement instead of a soft departure] yet you come back, time and time again, and multiple post, hoping to drum up a little readership for your dying blog.
[Of course I want as many people to see things, as possible. Don't people go on both Letterman AND Leno. Entertainment Tonight AND Access Hollywood. Vh1 AND MTV?

Yeah, when I have something important I want to bring to peoples' attention that affect the community, I will post it on LA Daily Blog, Mayor Sam and hope that other blogs and radio hosts pick it up, too. But it's not about rankings...I couldn't care less because I don't put any click advertising on my blog.

Just go away, we don't want your crap here. [O.K. "Mr. Official Spokesbitch For Everyone".]

Have you noticed that Mayor Sam has gone from 19 to 5 on the blog ratings? It's because your sorry, crybaby loser ass is not here.

[First of all, MS was in the Top 10 when I was posting here, then it dropped to 19, after I left -- and my blog beat MS in the ratings the first three weeks. And I'm one person, and Mayor Sam is a whole team. AND, I post based on the issue -- and am not worried about posting sensational issues that drive hits. LAUSD, DWP, audits...not the sexiest stuff. Not gonna post about sports or Britney or the mayor's love life just because it will draw hits.

Meanwhile, Jose Huizar should worry about the next round of pedophiles discovered in his district. Or he can just call Zuma Dogg and I'll tell him about it, so he can do something BEFORE my next post that causes him to respond within 24 hours of my initial post.

And hey...I have a lot of stuff that isn't being blogged here.

Aren't people interested in Home Depot on this blog. I usually leave that topic to others, because it is covered so well on this blog...but no one on the Mayor Sam team seemed to notice that LAUSD may block Home Depot Sunland-Tujuna with an investigation.

And no one picked up on the Huizar "Pedophile Village" crisis.

And no one brought you DWP news before it happened all month long.

Bro, to be honest...I'm kicking ass on my blog...take a look. It's undisputed. This blog is what it is, and it's worth checking out every day...but I've been on a HUGE roll this past month in the amount of content posted...and I hope that slows down VERY SOON as I get out into the real world a little more now that spring is here.

For as much as I enjoy the amount of content I have cranked out this past month, two months, three months and past year...

I GOTTA GET OFF THE TREADMILL AND CUT BACK...I said that three weeks ago, last week and this week.

So here's to much less ZD as you are requesting...In the meantime, shut the f*ck up pussy. You have no effect on me, or society...and now I'm gonna post twice as many updates for the next 24 hours.

YOU LOSE CARL MILLER! Why don't you threaten members of your community to street fights and ask them to step across the street, you
dumb-ass. You would have gotten your ass KICKED sissy-boy.

April 05, 2008 3:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

3:05 is me, the big zd from the 213. In response to the jealous coward who doesn't care about anyone but themself and can't control their temper in public, to boot. (He's gonna get one up his ass, himself, if he doesn't stop challenging people to fights during public district events.)

I can't log on under my account, right now. Will be back soon.

[Mayor Sam, you know it's really ZD...at least you should be able to tell by now.]

April 05, 2008 3:10 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

People watch very closely. This is historic. We are witnessing the final meltdown of Homeless Dave Elliott.

April 05, 2008 3:16 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Now that I can log on again...I would like to say...

I HATE having to defend my blog by comparison to others. I've said all along, you have more than one option in any category, and the goal isn't to make people choose between ONLY ONE blog. They are free and you can check out more than one a day, luckily still (until City Council passes a symbolic ban on political blogs).

But at the same time, Sun-Tzu taught me in Art of War, "Don't let some jealous crybaby who had his ass handed to him chip away at your time and effort with un-accounted lies and delusional mind-reading B.S.

So, as usual...the weak-ass losers on the wrong side of the pueblos think they are gonna make me go away...when all they do is piss me off and make me double up my efforts.

Brad has something he wants to say...(Shouting): I hope you had a HELL of a piss, Arnold.

Coming soon to the comment section:
Interpreting Deming's 14 Points
A continuing series!
By Professor Zuma G Dogg

April 05, 2008 3:30 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Hey, you think a ZD meltdown would be "historic?" WOW! Must have made some impact that it would be historic! Britney Spears, here I come!!!

April 05, 2008 3:33 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You know what, maybe you are right. Maybe a ZD meltdown WOULD be historic. After all, this is kinda cool:

Citywatch quotes Zuma Dogg through a quote by LA blogger Celeste Freemont.

On Council's sumbolic ban on murder: As blogger Zuma Dogg rightly put it “I thought murder was already banned in Los Angeles.”

So Celeste quoted ZD, who was quoted by Citywatch.

When ZD speaks...it makes waves throughout the City, y'all.

When the losers who post weak-ass propaganda spin against me...

(sound of crickets)

So thanks to Celeste, Citywatch, Mayor Sam, Mailander's new blog and "No on Home Depot" blog for hookin' ZD up with a little publicity this week! And for Huizar for officially opening his eyes about his "Pedophile Village" under his nose.

It ain't no fun blogging if no one is looking!

April 05, 2008 3:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Celeste Fremon is Homeboy Industry's/ Father Greg Doyle's biggest promoter, and is one of those wacked-out left wingers who bleed rivers for illegal gangbangers, even kids involved in drivebys, but hates white westsiders for not paying "enough" to pull our city out of its immigration-caused sink hole.

Her commenters are mostly a bunch of ACLU liberals who still think of cops as an "occupying army," and long for the 60's days of Black Panthers and radical activism.

Her only saving grace, she doesn't bash the cops as much as most of them, and admitted that lots of beat cops want to repeal SP40 but are too afraid of retaliation from Bratton and city brass to say so.

April 05, 2008 4:24 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Weren't there a bunch of posts before Antonio Watch's about Markland's
blind support for Obama? Comments on this blog disappear faster than sushi at a Hollywood party.

April 05, 2008 4:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor Sham - you have had some dumb posts, but this is the dumbest. Who gives a rats ass what these people think - oh, I love the 80's, oh I love Barenaked Ladies, oh I hate illegals.

Just blow me and get it over with already.

April 05, 2008 6:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The biggest problem in the entire city is that homeless attention grabbing wanabee by the name of Zuma Dog. I heard his real name is Myron and he was born in Des Moines.

April 05, 2008 6:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This website is terrible, it is now time for a Mayor Bradley website. Mayor Sam, you should go back to pushing up daisies.

April 05, 2008 6:15 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

How many times is Zuma going to comment in this section, my mouse is getting tired scrolling over his comments.

April 05, 2008 7:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

His real name is David Elliott.

And, by the way, Dave, Jay Leno doesn't go on Letterman trying to boost his ratings.

You are a wanna be attention whoire and need to pay attention to your own blog and get outta here.

Haven't you noticed, people don't like you and your insufferable posts.

April 05, 2008 7:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

whoire is spelled whore

April 05, 2008 7:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The censorship conscience meister says:

Ah Ha! As the worm turns, so goes Mayor Sam's blog.
The delete button is smoking from over use.
Why? asks the Phantom?

Will there be any posts allowing the Mexicans to viewed as like us? Viewed as human beings and not just Illegal Aliens?
Can there be any straying from the party line?
Why has the delete button been working overtime?

Can't we just stick with the right wing, anti Mexican stuff we agreed on?
We started down this road and we have an agenda!

We can get other Zuma Doggs and Joseph Mailanders!

We still have some semblance of fair play, we have Joe B. and Edward Heddington!

We still have Valley Doll! We can march her out to prove we don't have a stick up our ass's!
Isn't Lou Dobbs married to a Mexican?
Doesn't it work for him?
Valley Doll, Ed, Joe B, post up something quick! Show them we can be fair and egalitarian.

But wait,

We'll ride Walter Moore's car into power and then we can afford to be democratic!

The end justifies the means!

There is something wrong with the website everyone, and I'll look into it pronto!
Yes, there's a glitch with the blogosphere, that's why all those posts were deleted again!

Calling Walter Moore! Calling Walter Moore!

April 05, 2008 7:32 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The only two things wrong with this blog, are the endless self-serving comments by Zuma Mutt and the stupid enema comments by the other village idiot Don Quackers.

No Zuma Mutt and No Don Quackers = one good blog.

April 05, 2008 8:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"What's On Your Mind?"

Nice title Mayor Sam, but is this poster above an indication of what's on your mind?

What happened to the delete button now Mayor?

April 05, 2008 9:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Can we guess who the "Anony-Mouse" @ 9:42 is?

Who would be so concerned with the comment @ 8:27, which states his opinion about two commenting coco-nuts?

Even Nancy Drew could solve this mystery.

(Mayor Sam) - (2 CocoNuts) = 1 great blog

April 05, 2008 10:01 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"The only two things wrong with this blog, are...=one good blog."

Yeah, I wish everything in this world was 100% my way, too.

I wish I didn't have anyone else's opinions or personalities to deal with. I wish everything was exactly how I want it. Then, I could finally be happy in that magic, golden moment. And the demons would exorcise themselves out of my head.

April 05, 2008 10:02 PM  

Blogger LA Daily Blogger said:

You say I am "The biggest problem in the entire city".

Holy Mackerel! Thank you. My head just got so big, I'll never be able to fit it through chamber doors.

To have someone feel THAT way, I must have had some impact. I swear I have already copied the comment and emailed my friends who know me from outside political blogging, because I keep telling them I'm a huge entity, but they don't believe me.

And I don't mean Leno goes on Letterman, dummy.

I mean Tom Hanks goes on Leno AND Letterman. Mariah Carey sends her video to MTV AND Vh1.

Car dealers take out ads in LA Times AND Daily News.

This must be that same jealous, bitter, crybaby, mind-reading, low-reading comprehension, emotionally unstable, but mostly jealous, bitter and emotionally unstable loser as always.

You're right...my bad. I bow down to you, oh superior leader who I look up to and admire and gain ideas and inspiration from.

Man, I wish they sold "you" in a bottle. I would by up every bottle and overdose on it!

I bet you are a professional comedy writer when you aren't a professional Zuma Dogg commenter.

And just like City Council asked for 40 hours without murder, or with peace, or without transfats, or whatever...I would like to ask that you spend 24 hours reading all the material on Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his 14 point approach to improving efficiency and reducing waste. Especially City Council, Robin Kramer, David Brewer, the new CAO, Laura Chick, Monica Garcia, Arnold Schwarzenegger -- and have someone read it to the mayor.

Here's the link: click here for Executive Strategy News Wire (featuring Deming, Ries & Trout and Zuma Dogg)

(Perfect reading for Sunday! Consider it the Sunday Times. Zuma Times! 2 year anniversary at City Hall bonus news wire.)

My gift is my wire and...this one's for you!

April 05, 2008 10:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Voice is voiceless.

It's a fledgling rag that makes up stories, desperately tries to make themselves relevant and think they are journalists.

Well, Voice and you other gossip rags (print and online - you know who you are), get a life.

April 05, 2008 11:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The fool Zuma Dog is now pimping "LA Daily Blogger" on this blog.

You just can't make up this stuff, he is so pathetic.

No one reads the fool's blog, so he comes over here to try to drum up a little readership.

Here's a note to Dave Elliott, aka Zuma Dog and LA Daily Blogger:

No one gives a rat's ass about Deming or his bullshit 14 points.

No one gives a shit about yuour stupid blog.

No one gives a shit about you.

No one wants to read your inane posts that require us to scroll down to read someone that can make his or her points without screaming them in capital ltters.

If you aspire to be a grown up, go get your own readership and stop bothering us all.

In short, get a life; you are amounting to nothing.

April 06, 2008 3:05 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

These comments will only incite the fool to write more. Zuma just wants any attention, be it negative or positive.

He is just like the clown in the circus his job is to attract attention by any means necessary. Just watch him at city hall, if he didn't act a fool people would just ignore him.

Zuma Mutt is the classic Attention Whore, please, please don't feed the monkey!!!

April 06, 2008 6:31 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

April 06, 2008 3:05 AM

Are you still complaining about Zuma Dogg at 3 AM on Saturday Night? That's perfectly normal, I'm sure.

April 06, 2008 7:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yes, I quite agree, "...don't feed the monkey" is right on the money. Let's all not.

I notice Joe Mailander has a new blog; I miss him. He has the class not to come around here like a begger and try to drum up readership, because he knows it will come to him based upon his quality commenting.

Class tells.

April 06, 2008 7:29 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I've quietly followed DQ through all his morphology. From Santiago to Charlie Chan. I've stalked him over the blogosphere from when he was a cholo gangster apologist to the personality he now attempts to groom, that of a purveyor of "feel good" nostalgia. This person is not so much a fraud as he's deeply disturbed and in need of therapy. Watch and learn..

April 06, 2008 7:37 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Um, excuse me...I agree with your comments about Mr. Mailander. I do not miss him, because he has his own blog as you mentioned. However, I must disagree when you say, "(Readers) will come to him based upon his quality commenting.

If you plant a beautiful tree in the forest for all to see and enjoy and rest under for shade, if you don't tell anyone -- it will take a very long time before people notice. And they may not notice at all. That doesn't mean it isn't a beautiful tree. It just means no one knew about the path to the forest. And no one gets to enjoy the tree.

April 06, 2008 7:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don Q isn't that bad of a guy. He means well. Sure, he's a little too obsessed with trying to do his own talk show in the comment section of Mayor Sam like a lot of other people.

But I think his heart is in the right place. The worst thing you can say about him, is that he is kinda like an American Idol wanna-be who maybe has a great voice, but Simon just isn't going to let him on the show.

But he's still gonna show up at every audition, every time, hoping Simon is finally going to give in and accept him.

The main thing is Don Q shouldn't post under a bunch of different names, if that is the case, because then you do end up looking like a split-personality. Especially if you are posting comments about how great your comments are. People see right through that.

Just be yourself Don Q. Literally and figuratively. And remember, not everyone has the reading comprehension skills that you have. So try and keep us mere mortal readers in mind.

April 06, 2008 8:01 AM  

Blogger don quixote said:

Thanks, Anonymouse/Gava Joe/ BarfInTheHat.blog/jethro/homer/white is right/donquixotephobia sufferer/hiroshi/big betty/anonymousa.

I appreciate the sage advice and kind words and as always am humbled by your having a blog (Barf In The Hat.blog), almost solely dedicated to me.

As the president of my fan club (with one other member), you impress me with your intense concentration and attention (manic to say the least,Yikes!), to all my words and writings.

Unfortunately your repeated requests for autographed photos, and locks of my hair, cannot be accommodated at this time due to my busy schedule,
but I do appreciate your constant interest in all things don quixote and look forward to reading yet more of your drivel, oops! I mean snivel, oops! I mean, oh shit!
Hey talk to you later I gotta get my Sunday AM Menudo and my Bloody Mary going.
Gracias, Hasta Luego, Hasta la Proxima, Adios, Al Rato, A Diablo,

April 06, 2008 8:36 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Gracias, Hasta Luego, Hasta la Proxima, Adios, Al Rato, A Diablo,

Hey cool! They finally put a sound chip in my quixote bobblehead..

April 06, 2008 10:16 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just be yourself Don Q. Literally and figuratively. And remember, not everyone has the reading comprehension skills that you have. So try and keep us mere mortal readers in mind.


Boy oh Boy, the multiple personality wacko, now wants us to believe someone actually believes Don Quackers constant comments, about shar-pei face anony-mousa and menudo enemas are examples of his superior reading and writing comprehension.

He sure is a bobble-head.

April 06, 2008 10:59 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Any one want to guess how many murders, shootings, stabbings and attacks have occurred this weekend, now that the city clowncil decaled a moratorium on gang violence.

Stupidity at it's finest.

April 06, 2008 11:05 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don Q, Don Colo, BarfintheHat and his other schizo personalities have long ago blown up Tony Rafael's blog, to try to discredit his valid research on Hispanic gangs and LaEme.

That's all this multiple-personality nutcase is doing here, Sam. Finding a convenient scapegoat he claims is that animal activist, who allegedly looks like a Sharpei, has mismatched boobs from a TJ butcher shop, and is -- apparently -- his former girlfriend.

April 06, 2008 1:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This one ws funny:

don bobble said...
"Gracias, Hasta Luego, Hasta la Proxima, Adios, Al Rato, A Diablo,

Hey cool! They finally put a sound chip in my quixote bobblehead..

You remember this one? Come on, you member..

April 06, 2008 5:45 PM  

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