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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jamiel's Dad Talks With Mayor Sam

Jamiel Shaw, Sr. was born and raised in Los Angeles. He attended Los Angeles High School, where he had hoped his son Jamiel, II would graduate from, before he was tragically killed when he was shot by an alleged illegal alien gang member. Jamiel, Sr. broke his leg in a motor cycle accident in his senior year and wasn't able to graduate. He later went on to receive a GED. Jamiel, Sr. currently works at a fitness company, repairing fitness equipment. Jamiel took the time to chat with me about his son and his efforts to prevent others from being the victims of illegal alien gang members.

Tell me about Jamiel, II.

My son was a very nice and respectful young man. He was God fearing. He would actually read his bible. He loved sports and was a football and track star. Very intelligent. Very social. We would go places and he would meet other kids and within minutes they would be laughing and talking. I would later ask him, 'who's that kid you were talking to?' and he would say, 'oh we just met'. He loved his family. He was a hugger. He would hug his mom, his brother Thomas, his grandmother, his aunts, his uncles, his cousins and even me. He was my best friend! I told him that he was my redeemer! He was doing all of the things I wanted to do in school. He was a happy kid. He was so much fun. I really love him and miss him soooo much!

How do you think Jamiel's Law will make a difference?

I think Jamiel's Law will get rid of illegal alien gang members!! According to a 2005 report from Senator Diane Feinstein, there are 50,000 Eighteen Street gang members and 80% entered the Country illegally! Jamiel's Law will stop our city from being a 'Sanctuary City' to illegal alien gang members. This law will give the Los Angeles Police Department the power to fulfill their motto, 'TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE'. Because right now, they are not living up to it! Jamiel's Law will cause the Police Department to follow the Law! The United States of America currently have Immigration laws that are NOT being followed. The Mayor is not enforcing these laws. The Chief of Police is not enforcing these laws. Therefore the Police are guilty of breaking the law! This is why my son is DEAD! It was so preventable!!!

In recent years, city leaders have routinely produced reports and statistics showing a steady decline in crime citywide. Putting aside the statistics for a moment, have you perceived this to be the case in your community?

Our community is currently under seige by gang members. Especially the illegal alien gang members. There are reports that say crime is down, but I don't believe these reports are true. Everytime I turn around there is another person killed, or another person shot or another person robbed. The list goes on and on.

Besides Jamiel's Law, what other efforts do we have to take to end the scourge of gang violence?

In addition to passing Jamiel's Law, I believe survelliance work will help fight gang violence. Having people in office that are serious about protecting the Legal Citizens will do wonders in fighting gang violence in our communities! Citizens determined to take back our streets will do wonders to fight gang violence. We must stop being scared to speak out against crime. We know the areas where the gangs are setting up shop. If the community put pressure on the government, the government will do something. If the community put pressure on the media to expose these trouble areas, the government will respond. If there is a loud enough out cry in the community along with media exposure, the Mayor, the Governor and the President will do something. God willing, we can stand together and demand change!

Have you received any criticism for pursuing Jamiel's Law?

Yes. I have received criticism for pursuing Jamiel's Law! People say it's a racist law. But I say, 'the police should check everybody they pull over', especially the ones they arrest. They have a database for gang members. Why do they have this database if they are not going to use it? I have been told that it's not enough people behind this law to make a difference. I have been told that people are using my son's death to further their own agenda's. I was asked to change Jamiel's law and remove the illegal alien part. In so many words I was asked to not attend the City Council's meeting that my family and I planned. I was told that this Law could hurt the case against the accused murderer. I have been offered a better paying job. I could go on and on.

Some of the readers of our blog initially would not believe you were supporting Jamiel's Law or working with Walter Moore because of his skin color. What do you think of that?

Walter Moore and I believe that Jamiel's Law is needed to fix the illegal alien gang problem! It's needed to give the Police Department the power to protect and serve all the citizens in Los Angeles. It's needed to hold the Mayor of Los Angeles accountable to the citizens.

What do you see as solutions to the lack of male role models in our communities?

Dads involved in all aspects of their kids life is one solution to becoming a role model. Kids look up to men that listen to them, that talk to them, that attend their activities. If men would make time to be a hands on father, or a big brother or a friend in a child's life, this world would be a better place. My son liked me! He would tell me things that I would never tell my father. He would ask me things that he would never ask his mother. He knew that he could trust me to tell him the truth. He would ask me questions and I would say, 'do you want the long version or the short version : ) '. Sometimes he would even ask for the long version. I was involved in his whole life. That's why this is so hard!! We talked all the time and I miss him! I miss him down to my sole. Unless you have experienced the loss of a child, it's hard to explain! I hurt deep within my soul. We had a Eighteen year plan. I talked about the plan and I would ask him to tell me about the plan. Men must make a plan for their children and get them to buy into the plan. Communication is very important. It's the key to keeping the door open.

How do we bridge the racial divide between different segments of our community?
Work together on the same issues to unite the community. We must work together with those that want to change the way things are. It's not about skin color, it's about our children's future. It's about helping the elderly! My son would visit the elderly. It's about reasoning together. If we hide behind skin color things are only going to get worse. Of course I believe that Jamiel's Law is an excellent place to start!!

What final thoughts would you like to share?

I hope my words will encourage your readers to get involved with Jamiel's Law. Unfortunately this law will not bring back my son, but hopefully it will keep a whole lot of people from experience pain like you would never believe! We really need help in passing Jamiel's Law! May God bless you all!

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wow, MS. Very thought-provoking. Thank you.

April 10, 2008 12:04 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Today's Daily Breeze features an article on the Mayor's implied reply: Telling ICE to "Stay out of L A," stop enforcing the immigration laws.
Because our economy can't handle it, he says. Like what the stupidest bulb on the Council told Lou Dobbs on Lou Dobbs Tonight last night, disgusting Dobbs against Reyes, "that man," he sputtered out, AND Bratton.

Already 500 angry comments slamming Mayor, and article was just posted this morning. Isn't anyone advising the Mayor on what the public wants? Is he really that out of touch, surrounded by yes-men? I don't care about him so much, but he's making our whole city look stupid, since anyone who speaks up for sanity, enforcing the ICE laws -- at least not actively opposing them -- is politically dead in this town. Yet most citizens, Mexican or American, feel as Jamiel Shaw, Sr. does.

April 10, 2008 12:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Of course the latino lawmakers don't want anything that resembles enforcement of the laws. That could delay the eventual Reconquista they have been denying for years!

April 10, 2008 1:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Any response this Mayor and Council would have is a re-active response. Those are not leaders.

We need new leaders who are pro-active.

And leaders who know how to hire management who are pro-active. Jeff Carr is an example of a manager who is totally non-active.

Even while Cardenas was doing the debate in Council, I did not hear a peep out of Carr with a plan.

April 10, 2008 1:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wouldn't it be great if the airlines grounding their planes resulted in Tony V being stranded for years..anywhere but here

April 10, 2008 2:07 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Another reason the borders aren't being enforced, and the fence held up, is because of stupid Democrats: Bennie Thompson, an African-American who's head of the House Homeland Security Committee, was also on Lou Dobbs yesterday babbling nonsensically about how we couldn't do anything at the border and work on the fence "until we have a coherent immigration policy," talked about the need for more studies, plans and committees to study the plans and so on.

Sounds a lot like Cardenas until someone finally told him to shut up and give in to the Mayor's office (though he couldn't do it without a final macho swipe at Laura Chick).

Dobbs said, "So that's why our borders have been wide open and nothing has been done for a mere 7 years since 9/11?" Thompson had nothing to say except repeat the same nonsense.

Sure, Bush had his share of blame: at the beginning of his term he started off by pushing NAFTA and open borders, only did an about- face a while after 9/11. Even since he's wanted to let Mexican trucks have free entry into the U.S. without security checks on the drivers, that was squashed by the Dems (because of NAFTA concerns, not border security).

So we have 2 imbecilic parties at odds with each other, working toward a failure to do anything about border security.

Now that ICE is trying to do something about it, Villar is telling them to butt out of L A, that we need our illegal sweatshops. (Now that's a nice, liberal Democratic point of view: of course it is, when Janice Hahn stands up to demand a "living wage" for the illegals, who shouldn't be here -- instead of worrying about jobs for Americans.)

The Times' article yesterday said that LAPD cops were intentionally NOT told they "were allowed" to ask legal status when stopping someone for another offense, because the issue was "too politically volatile." WHO told Bratton to do that, lie to the beat cops -- who want to repeal SP40, so their lives aren't endangered by the same illegal criminals being recycled onto the streets?

LAPD hasn't even been cooperating with ICE in the jails to ID illegals -- it seems Baca's Sheriff's Dept. has been doing that a little more. Someone should investigate the exact relationship between the only 2 guys from ICE at the jails (who nab 1 of 12 illegals at most) and LAPD and Sheriffs.

In Espinzona case, ICE rep is very concerned that he was missed over and over simply because he lied about where he was born. That's outrageous: imagine getting stopped for running a light, telling the cop that you live in Mexico and don't have papers, so he says "fine, have a nice day."

They need a way to put the burden of proof on the criminal. Someone suggested microchipping them, like they do pets or Interpol does with certain international terrorists: these gangbangers like Espinoza and Maria Chata Leon ARE international terrorists and parasites. That's an easy and humane method, ACLU be damned.

Nothing else has worked: As Times article says, in recent years, soon as the vicious illegal MS13/ etc. are deported, they're back next day and just claim American birth IF they're ever caught. So they do their "time," reconnect and retrain in vicious tactics, and are out.

April 10, 2008 2:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I am not as worried about illegal aliens as i am about gangs,but i see this as a way to get to the gangs, we know where there at if police could go into every gang neighborhood and take out every illegal gangmember and deport them that would hurt the gangs and help or comunity.

April 10, 2008 3:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Greasy wrote a letter to Chertoff two weeks ago asking ICE to not do immigration enforcement in LA. I bet he feels pretty dorky now that it's being reported.

April 10, 2008 3:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

According to various reports, all from the left-leaning L A Times:

-- Half of all the most vicious gangmembers on the City's Gang List, are illegals: gangs like MS13, Florencia 13, Vineland and 18th St, Big Hazard of Ramona Gardens, etc.

(Sure, there are plenty of others, but as one lady said testifying for Jamiel's Law: "We have enough of our own gangmembers and criminals, we don't need to import foreign ones." -- Who are especially racist and it's all for "La Raza," go after blacks and whites who get in the way.)

-- 95% of outstanding murder warrants are for illegals. (Over half of all hit-and-runs are illegals, driving up YOUR insurance. These people are committing illegal acts, but aren't counting as criminals because they run away.)

-- 2/3 of all live births in L A County go to Hispanic immigrants, many illegals, on Medi-Cal.

-- 2/3 of all kids, and 2/3 of the LAUSD population, are kids of immigrants, mostly illegals. Almost all of them are Title I, getting food stamps, free lunches (which most throw away), etc.

-- 35% of Calif. jail inmates are illegals (vs. 29% nationally), and conservatively cost Calif. $850 Million/year, per a report Mike Antonovich released last September.

-- 40% of all workers in L A County are "black market," paid in cash, and pay no income taxes.

-- 2% are agricultural workers (so much for we need them to pick our vegetables), while 30% collect welfare and other social benefits.

-- 80% of patients getting free care in our clinics and ER's are illegals, so these facilities are all bankrupt, overburdened and closing. (Karen Sisson has been warning the Council about this for years, but they've ignored her.)

April 10, 2008 4:32 PM  

Blogger Gary Fouse said:

In the on-going controversy over the murder of a Los Angeles teenager by an illegal alien-who had been released from jail the day before, LAPD Chief William Bratton was interviewed today by local news station KTLA. His responses and his overall attitude are a shocking disgrace.

When asked if Jamiel Shaw might be alive today if the suspect, Pedro Espinosa, had had been turned over to federal authorities for deportation, the chief responded that Shaw might be alive today if he had arrived at the shooting location 10 seconds earlier-or the killer had arrived 10 seconds later. He also went on to explain that illegal alien gang members have to commit a crime before the LAPD will pick them up. That means that if one of his officers happens to see a person whom he knows is an illegal alien and a gang member, no action will be taken.

Chief Bratton also pointed out that the suspect, Espinosa, had been arrested in neighboring Culver City leading to his incarceration prior to the killing. The old "didn't happen on my watch excuse." (Espinosa was incarcerated in LA County Jail. The shooting occurred the day after Espinosa was released.)

That is what LA Special Rule 40 is all about folks. It is a part of the LAPD handbook. LA is a sanctuary city, and if people don't like it, they can, in the words of Chief Bratton, "leave the city".

Now here is what one LA City Council member, Ed Reyes, had to say yesterday as Mr and Mrs Shaw were addressing the City Council and pleading with them to at least adjust Rule 40 as it pertains to known illegal alien gang members.

According to Council member Reyes, revoking Rule 40 would;

cause division
hurt the economy
destroy our sense of community

That is Ed Reyes' answer to grieving parents. To crack down on illegal alien gang members would cause division, hurt the economy and destroy their sense of community.

Some community.

Apparently, the city's economy counts for more than the lives of innocent murder victims who are killed by people who should not even be in this country.

From Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to Chief Bratton to the LA City Council, the leadership of Los Angeles has blood on its hands because of their support for illegal aliens. (Villaraigosa, incidentally, is national co-chair of Hillary Clinton's campaign.) Bratton, who was previously NYPD Chief, shows the abrasive New York manner to anyone who disagrees with him. He actually told a radio caller who complained about the sanctuary policy that if the caller didn't like it, he could leave.

Chief Bratton should leave and go back to New York.

gary fouse

April 10, 2008 6:06 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor Sam,

Damn good job on the interview with Jamiel Shaw Sr. I hope he and his wife get much needed support and financial help for the rest of us who are sick and tired about the gangs and the illegal aliens who have only added to the gang membership and problem.

I hope the Shaw family tells their story to everybody and anybody who can provide them a forum to get the message out about out completely useless Mayor and City Council.

The Mayor and Police Chief need to get their head out of each other's ass, and see how pissed off the legal residents of Los Angeles have become over the daily murders by gang criminals.

Villaraigosa, Huizar, Reyes and Alarcon need some illegal alien cholo to kill a family member before they open their eyes.

April 10, 2008 6:22 PM  

Blogger Unknown said:

My condolences to your family, Mr. Shaw.

I don't live in LA but I will still support you any way I can. Keep talking, and know that the people of the country, if not the politicians, are behind you.

April 10, 2008 6:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

We all agree that this story was well worth the posting, but Sam, don't you think that there are a few other issues out there?

Time tomove on.

If you are out of ideas, check with Kevin; he's got one about the re-emergince of Doug Dowie. You must have something to say about that...

April 10, 2008 8:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

8:47 says .....
Time to move on?


This reminds me of what Anita Shaw said to the City Council.

"We just can't sit here and do nothing, We know youre hurtin now move along."


Mayor Sam, Hell NO, you don't need to move along. This is our window of opportunity to turn up the heat on the useless Mayor and City Council who want to protect all illegal aliens even murderous gang members.

Every single day people in Los Angeles are being shot and killed by gang members, many of which are illegal aliens. Keep following this story and write about it.

Also cover all the other daily gang killings in Los Angeles. The other victims need to join with the Shaw family and keep the pressure on the City Council. Every Family who has been a victim of gang violence should be at city hall and bitch slap the city council members on a weekly basis.

April 10, 2008 10:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The citizens of L.A. deserve a Mayor, a City Council, an LAPD Chief and a Sheriff who want to serve and protect them. Nobody now in the above offices have fit that description!They are responsible for Jamiels death.

It's time for us to save our Citizens from murderers. It's time to save our Police Officers from murderers

It's time to kick the above officials butts out of office, overturn Special Op 40 and take back our city! Bring out Sheriff Joe from Mesa County, Az. for Mayor
of L.A.

Condolences to the Shaws and every other family who had a life taken by an ILLEGAL alien. Shame on the government of Los Angeles for giving only a dog and pony show while this city suffers. If you think you are doing a good job, you are delusional. I don't know how any of you can sleep at night.

April 10, 2008 11:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What about the American Cholos and dumb ass gangbangers?
Let's talk about home grown!
what are we going to do with them?

April 11, 2008 12:05 PM  

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