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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is LA County Health Services Intentionally OVERCHARGING Patients & Zuma Dogg "Shady Report" for 2/21/08

NEW 2/21/08 3:00 PM -- IS LA COUNTY HEALTH SERVICES INTENTIONALLY OVERCHARGING PATIENTS?: The Times (Zuma Times) has just been contacted by a patient of LA County Health Services who claims to have been billed $2600 for a visit that should have only cost $200. Another bill charged $450, for a visit that should have only cost $300 according to the rate card. Now could this just be a random mistake affecting one person; or perhaps this shadiness finally backfired on them when they pulled this "overcharge racket" on someone who knew what was really up, and they contacted ZumaTimes.com because they feel this is more than a one time innocent mistake. INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS...Start your engines!

SHADY REVIEW: Lots of new items piling up in my email box (zumadogg@gmail.com), but there are previous stories from this week that still deserve attention, and not everyone catches every story; so here's a recap of ZD blog posts from this week, as the next round of stories are prepared. (The shadiness never ends. It's like trying to capture Niagara Falls with a Dixie cup.)

Then post comments or additional info about any of these stories on this Mayor Sam thread.


VIDEO: How come Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa only speaks in short phrases, one or two words at a time? Listen to him declare the Federal government "absolutely criminal" as though this four time bar flunkie is his own judge and jury to declare the Feds behavior "ABSOLUTELY" criminal. Hey, Judge Tony...YOU are the one who keeps losing in Federal court. Shuddupayouface! CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE VIDEO OF THE "ONE WORD SPEAKING MAYOR" THAT JOHN & KEN/KFI REFERRED TO.

DWP Rate Hike On LA City Council Agenda for 2/20/08...Sorry VillarNahai...It's Going Back to Committee
(2/21 UPDATE: They continued it as predicted=News Before It Happens by ZD)

Thanks to Mayor Sam's Blog For Posting "The People Love Zuma Dogg"

Zuma Dogg Speaks on Global Economy For Next Year and Next Decade (Bring an Umbrella!)


Are L.A.'s Taxpayers Paying Villaraigosa To Campaign For Hillary? By Walter Moore, Candidate For Mayor Of Los Angeles

John and Ken/KFI Mention Zuma Dogg's Coverage of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa URGENTLY REQUESTS Your Opinions And Feedback (Better Write It Down On Toilet Paper If You Want Him To Use It!)

DWP Wants To Scare You Into A New Rate Hike: Don't Buy It Until You Read About Their "Fraud, Waste and Abuse" Blueprint For Money Wasting

HUGE PAYOUT ALERT: City of LA & Department of Water and Power (DWP) Being Sued For Wrongful Termination Over No-Bid Contract Shadiness (THIS IS BIG!)

LAUSD Can't Find $400 Million In Computers and Software -- Classrooms remain outdated

Wall Street Updates & Alerts: Oil, gold and metals at record highs; inflation up; predictions. Palladium (PAL) sky-f'ing-rocketing due to shortages in S. Africa. PAL is in Canada, y'all!!! Check chart for Feb.

LA DAILY BLOG "Mega-Master Shady Report" by Zuma Dogg (Archive Post)


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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Angelenos have been paying Antonio to do everything but his job since the first got on the payroll. As a city councilmember for two years, he spent much of year #1 out of state working for the Kerry campaign, and all of year #2 running for mayor, day and night. All the while he collected his unearned $150,000+ a year council salary.

In two full years, he only placed one piece of city legislation on the council docket.

That's why his handlers had to create the


claim in the first place, in order to show he had done something to earn $300,000+ from the city.

(For any math majors out there, that comes down to about $4,000 per FAKE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH).

To bad, too. Because a REAL neighborhood watch only costs a city staffer about one-tenth that much to REALLY create. Print a couple hundred flyers, buy a box of donuts and a thermos of coffee, and contact LAPD to send an officer to explain how it work for an hour.

P.S. And don't forget, Mayor Sam vouched for the authenticity of ALL 80 FAKES right here on this very same blog.

February 21, 2008 9:54 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Lets see if we can find Antonio's friends.


Found a few surprises

February 21, 2008 10:35 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:



I loved your take on the DWP no bid contract shadiness and it's true, but they pulled some other stuff with Equifax.

Under emergency situations (losing the info of thousands of employees), they can speed up the legal time for bid responses.

They gave any and all other interested parties just one f'ing day to reply to a RFB; and then just renewed the contract with Equifax.

Also found out that that Richard Alatorre is acting as a lobbyist for a number of different concerns at the DWP.

Another shady tactic that they and others use (when they want their "Boyz" to get the contract) is to publish the "Request for Bids and Proposals" (as required by law) in the newspaper or another
public medium of info with at least two weeks for company's to respond or send in a Bid on a project.

So what happens is that you can publish the RFB in the Morongo Indian Reservation or Death Valley Tribune, exactly two weeks until the deadline for response and
since it would be a miracle if anyone saw the RFB your Boyz are usually "in like flynn" and have no competitive bids.

This is just a tip of the iceberg.

[Oh no...why do I believe this? Comments? Additional info?]

February 21, 2008 11:05 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If DWP already had a contract with Equifax, it would make sense to renew it without delay after all the data was stolen. But was data stolen just as Equifax's contract was up for renewal? Was there a question it would be renewed (as contracts usually are)? Was DWP unhappy with Equifax upto this point? To suggest that someone deliberately stole the ID stuff just to get this contract seems pretty off the wall, though.

Lots of companies public legal notices in obscure papers, but I thought it had to be within the County, not Death Valley or Palm Springs.

DWP's Nick Patsouris is getting the short end of the stick for trying to do the right thing and question their lactation program: Daily News reports he's been picketed by over 60 women as "anti-woman," and had to back down at the last meeting.

February 21, 2008 12:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

OK, Ace Reporter. Show us your "investigative skills".

You have a tip that Alatorre is lobbying for clients with LADWP (and, presumably NOT registering with the Ethics Commission).

Go ahead and determine who the clients are and then inform LeeAnn Pelham (213) 978-1960 at the Ethics Commission. She will launch an investigation to verify what you tell her.

Or, if you can't verify this rumor, then Shut the Fuck Up, because you are defaming the man; it is called "libel".

You are likely to lose your van and your coffee and gas money as well in the litigation.

Here's the clients he IS registered for:

Advanced Development & Investment Inc
Bell Cab
Kawada Company of America, Ltd.
Las Lomas Land Company, LLC

Show us what you got, big talker.

February 22, 2008 3:28 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What about the ones he isn't registered for?

February 23, 2008 11:00 AM  

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