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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rumors of Mas Chicas and Oh no...TEXAS Blog Picks Up Ted Hayes Rally and Zuma Dogg Has Attracted New High-level Spinflys

From "The Voice" (Texas Blog)
Los Angeles

ChooseBlackAmerica.org was not allowed their 1st Amendment right to assemble and speak freely [about whatever it was about].

Ted Hayes, the event organizer, was granted a permit to assemble in Leimert Park but that didn’t happen. Instead the LAPD gave the park to [non-permit holders] and their [adjective] supporters. The LAPD pushed American citizens up on the sidewalk, roped them off in yellow police tape, and refused to let them have access to the park.

The LAPD stated that they could not control the [crowd] or their anarchist supporters. [People] from ANSWER were threatening violence. Citing safety concerns, the police would not allow American citizens to assemble in the park despite their city issued permit.

After hours of playing negotiation games with the LAPD, Ted Hayes and four other Americans were arrested. EXTREMELY COMPELLING VIDEO: No matter what side of the issue you are on, you MUST see these videos (Liemert 1&2) because it is very, very sad that people feel this way about each other, and say such things. This isn't going to play well into the Ritz-Carlton/Mandarin Hotel Downtown Masterplan for LA Live & Grand Ave. (A combined $5 BILLION STARTING price tag for the two projects.]

Streets of LA through the eyes of "The Voice", Texas SEE VIDEOS. [I am not calling attention to these videos over the immigration issue, but over the current state of community devisiveness. Doesn't look too safe.]

[Better pull out that Randy Newman, "I Love LA" video out again...we need it, YIKES!]


SPEAKING OF CITY HALL BABYSITTING: (Were we?) Did CM Ed Reyes have an extra room built in his office for day care? I don't know if the room was ever used for that...but if it was (or still is) that means his kids were there either; unsupervised; a paid sitter ran a babysitting business out of City Hall, or city staff did the alledged sitting.

SHADY CITY CONTRACT: Gotta love the ZD "Shady Searchers", y'all. [See zumatimes.com] It's regarding our favorite racket...Neighborhood Council. Lisa Sarno, as DONE INTERIM GM, gave Haco Hoang was given a contract to do some work.

Last Changed Date
Title: Haco Hoang
Initiated by: Neighborhood Empowerment
Subject: To develop and implement a comprehensive and diverse training curriculum for the Department's Empowerment Academy and will also assist D.O.N.E. with research grants and other funding opportunities - term of contract 1 year - total amount $20,000. (6-15-06 - Approved by General Manager, Neighborhood Empowerment)

Any contact over $20,000 needs to be approved during a public meeting at the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners. Hoang's contract was for $20,000. SURPIRSE!!! Just the amount to not have to be approved by the Board...just Lisa Sarno, herself. (As in HER-self.)

AND ZD SEES ZERO PERCENT EVIDENCE THAT ANY OF THAT STUFF WAS DEVELOPED, LET ALONE IMPLEMENTED!!! But City money is the people's money, so they would like you to please provide the report documenting these "developments" and "implementations"!!! Wow! Haco must have really interviewed well to get that gig!
[Some say the Mayor arranged the all play, no work contract because the mayor really, really likes Haco?]

AND SPEAKING OF WOMEN APPOINTED TO GREAT POSITIONS: When ZD was at the 912 Review commission, last week, he looked to see if Jessica Mclean was there. She wasn't. Man...she was really lucky to get hired by Huizar, and appointed to the 912 Review Commission. I was wondering what she looked like. If I bump into the mayor at City Hall, this week, maybe I'll aks him what she looks like. He's probably met her before, right?

HOW DO YOU DEFLECT ATTENTION FROM ROCKY?: Send ZD some controversial information about some women who work for the City, tell him to fire up the "Shady Searchers" on zumatimes.com, and also mention that a bunch of heat is gonna fall down on the mayor regarding more than one woman. [Haco Haung though, I don't see it...so maybe that's just about a shady patronage contract.]

JULY COUNCIL PREZ ELECTION ALL THE BUZZ WITH COUNCIL: Councilmembers vote for Councilprez then. (Keep Eric, or a new one.) I know Herb is the mayor's pal, and seems like a possible candidate, but are the votes there? (My Batcomputer Survielancer says, "Nah...probably not.")

But wait a minute...OH-TO-THE-MUTHERPHUGHING-NO!!! If ZD's Batcomputer Surveilancer is hearing CM discussion, with each other, over who should be Council President...THAT would be a violation of the Brown Act. So I'm confused? How could you be having private conversations about who should be Council President, if that is a Brown Act violation? Oh no...why even have laws, if you don't follow them? May as well just have Anarchy. Oh yeah, we do! I have a feeling this chit chat is on tape? But that's just ZD tea leaf reading. How am I doing, so far? AND HELLO, TO ALL THE NEW ZD/MAYOR SAM READERS WHO WILL BE JOINING US IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

contact: zumadogg@gmail.com


Anonymous Anonymous said:

What's THIS?

Judicial Watch filed separate complaints with the Senate Ethics Committee and the Department
of Justice against Hillary Clinton, who failed to disclose her position as Secretary/Treasurer of
the Clinton Family Foundation in Senate financial disclosure reports on five occasions, in violation of a federal law called the Ethics in Government Act.

Why would Hillary want to keep her role in the foundation a secret? Apparently, there is a foundation contribution concerning an individual involved in Hillary’s questionable commodities trading in the 1970s. Certainly as she prepared for her presidential run,
Hillary had an interest in keeping from the public more questions about cattle futures and the foundation’s contributions to Mideast charities.

In classic Clinton fashion, Hillary said her failure to report the lucrative family charity in Congressional disclosure reports—five times—was simply
an “oversight.”

Judicial Watch Complaint
Hillary Files False financial disclosure forms Hillary watch 2007 first quarter

June 25, 2007 1:59 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Doug McIntyre was saying on his show this morning where is the ACLU to protect the rights of Ted Hayes? they sure came out for the illegals and now they're hiding. LAPD is stuck in the middle of this mess. Ted Hayes took the high road and prevented a riot. I'm sure John & Ken KFI will be on this one this afternoon on their show. Where are the loser politicans we have? Orlov and STeve Lopez should go after all the crap they've been up to.

June 25, 2007 9:57 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I like Ted Hayes cause he speaks the truth and it sounds on the video like he knows the LAPD had to do something and Ted took the high road cause of those uneducated, ignorant illegals.

June 25, 2007 4:14 PM  

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