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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is Antonio Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Close Call In This Discussion on Light Rail

Yikes! The Mayor has to take shiz from everyone. Listen to this kid. Hilarious! Maybe the Villaraigosa should add her to his team of spin doctors. She put HIM on the spot just fine, in this equally matched debate over Cheviot Hills "Light Rail".

Catch up on the past week at ZumaTimes.com including The Villar/Bloomberg Show on YouTube
[ZD Mayor Sam Stories]

Here's some new stuff and compilation of "featured comments":

* NEWS BLACKOUT OF US CONFERENCE OF MAYORS BY VILLARAIGOSA & CITY COUNCIL: EXCUSE ME!!! I know the LA Times is now a warm and fuzzy international paper, but you would think all these mayors in town would be front page news. (Plus the rest of you bought and sold losers in the media not covering this?) DO YOU THINK HILLARY IS GONNA PICK ANTONIO FOR VP, WHEN HE'S NOT EVEN ALLOWED ON CAMERA WITH ALL THESE MAYORS??? I've seen the guy leap like an Olympic athelete for a photo op with some kids in council chambers...but not this national press opportunity? Where's Don Meridith to sing, "Turn out the lights...the party's over!"


IT WAS A FEDERAL CASE: (...a.k.a. "Parlor Maid") copied, took, made and obtained...a document connected with (communication) that had been classified “SECRET,” for the purpose of obtaining information respecting the national defense with the intent and reason to believe that the document was to be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of any foreign nation.

Haco Hoang, Phd.: Worked as a policy analyst for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on education and budget issues.

* "Politics and Policy in the City of Los Angeles": Analysis of major policy and political issues facing the City of Los Angeles, from the perspective of an academic and policy analyst.

* "US Relations with Asia": Analysis of key factors that shape US relations with various countries in the Asia-Pacific region including China and Southeast Asian nations.

(I hope you are not saying she leaked City secrets to other countries. In this case, are you saying someone made some copies of some things that might turn the third floor upside down if she turns them over to the big boys? YIKES!)

Click "READ MORE" for MUCH, MUCH more. If LA Times has a bigger edition on Sunday, so does Zuma Dogg!

* If Sojourners et. al. will be conducting, meddling, initiating, propagandizing in politics then this and other (TAX FREE) groups should PAY TAXES. How much TAX FREE MONEY is being embezzled into Political Campaigns and funding of anarchist in South of the Border. This has become to me but to others it has been a dangerous playing field.

Elliot Suker resigns? Why is he giving up on CD 14?

Dear Elliot:

Thank you very much for your resignation as a co-chair to the Friends
of the Southwest Museum Coalition, it was about time! Moving forward
all your views regarding the Museum will be just that, "your views"
and not the views of the Coalition. You will no longer have the
authority to speak on our behalf. Everyone is now clear what your
position is, remaining as co-chair would have only weakened our

To say that we are pursuing a quixotic plan that is your opinion.
Would you call the dream of the Founding Fathers in building this
great nation quixotic? Or was the dream of Charles Lummis in building
the Southwest Museum quixotic too? Both faced great obstacles and all
were overcome. One has to get out of the little box in which our
minds are confined, look outside of it and have a GREAT DREAM. The
possibilities are infinite if we care to look around and pursue them,
especially if the intent is transparent. To protect the assets of
this community is a MUST and is the RESPONSIBILITY of every person
that, why would we give it away and settle for some miniscule center?
Why would we give away our greatest asset?

I believe that the shouting is necessary, when THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO
YOU AND IGNORE YOU, then you MUST SHOUT. We have been waiting for
more than three years for the political process to work and nothing
has been accomplished, more than ever Autry is in control of our
museum. The time we have wasted waiting for the political process to
work has only helped the Autry by giving them time to sell their
personal agenda and make it O. K. not to rebuild our Museum and
absorb the ONE BILLION worth of artifacts in their planned expansion
of the AUTRY. This political process that you so much believe in so
far has done ZERO to protect this great asset of our community. I AM

Thank you.

Councilmember Jose Huizar invites you to a Public Forum
CEQA, Cumulative Impact & the City of Los Angeles
When: Monday, June 25, 2007 from 7-9pm
Where: Glassell Park Community & Senior Center, 3750 Verdugo Road

The discussion will examine:
-Laws under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

-Community concerns related to the cumulative impacts of hillside

-Piecemeal development

-Ways in which the City of Los Angeles addresses those impacts

-Suggestions for changes that will make our City processes and
hillside protections better, more community-responsive, and more in
keeping with CEQA

Please share with your networks.

With new LAUSD School board taking effect July 1st, this story can serve double duty. Remind LAUSD parents and Inspector Generals how Richard Riordan handled LAUSD school construction, as Mayor, with Ramon Cortinez. (Cause Riorden is STILL running the LAUSD show for Villaraigosa, and Cortinez is the mayor's Education Deputy. AND...for all you Michelle Delgadillo news addicts...what did Mayor Riorden do, while Rocky was his Business Deputy? Give Mrs. Delgadillo a nice "patronage job". So it must be nice to have a City Hall position. It entitles you to all kinds of favors, head-turning and patronage appointments.

RECAP: [More about Riordan/Cortinez/Antonio and what to expect in July.]

In 2000 under Mayor Riorden, a company 3D1 was hired by LAUSD (cause Mayor Riorden made them hire his "preferred" company) to oversee a $2.4 billion school construction and improvement budget. (Get the stuff built.) He brought them over from the shady MTA they worked on, you may have heard of.)

So Riorden, puts Steve Soberoff (his right hand man at the time) in charge of the "oversight committee" (letting the fox watch the hens) -- and 3D1 magically hires Rocky's wife to do PR for the firm.

And oh yeah, Rocky was Deputy for Business under Riordan at the time.
So Riordan jams the 3D1 construction company down LAUSD...inserts Soberoff to head the citizen's "oversight" committee, and magically Riorden's Business Deputy Rocky Delgadillo's wife gets a kush job, that is obviously SUCH a gift, she's one of only six to get cut when the heat comes down, for overhiring.

(Project manager at LAUSD complained 3D1 was shady as hell, hiring too many people (padding the gigs) and was way too
expensive. Pressure was put on the firm to cut waste...and Michelle Delgadillo gets fired.)

NO MAJOR BOMBSHELL...It DOES show the favoritism at City Hall. The real concern here is how shady Riorden operated the scenes behind LAUSD as mayor, and how Villar has Riorden's Ramon Cortinez as Education Czar...and the new mayoral backed school board starts July 1st. So someone contacted me with what to look out for under the Riordan administration at LAUSD. (He's really running the show for Antonio when it comes to the school takeover thing.)


Anonymous said...
Was Cortinez the genius that oversaw Belmont and continued to build without an EIR?

That little escapade cost millions alone to the LAUSD. Was Soboroff supposed to oversee that?

He's now the boss at Playa Vista, another hotspot.

RE: Ted Hayes' Permitted Gathering and police not moving those without permits out of the way for those WITH permits.

Los Anarchy, y'all...this fits right in with City Council's "liberation theology" agenda, y'all. Why would police move some people, to allow other people access? People are people, and land is land. Maybe those people do not choose to recognize your laws created by the people to maintain a civil society.

I mean...God made the planet and humans, latitude/longitude maps and geographical borders were not part of the plan. So if you want to trace things all the way back...the people without permits, who didn't want to make way for those WITH permits...were simply representing the attitudes of the people who were roaming the land, BEFORE the will of the people, inhabiting that area of land (community) decided to create rules and laws to maintain civility for everyone in the community (and prevent an "eye for an eye" system of mob street justice).

But that's O.K., because we are protected from this "mob rules", anything goes "liberation theology" anarchist behavior, because we have put in place a governing system of elected officials to represent the Constitution of the United States of America, and enforce this "will of the people." Oh...no we don't: Just Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Los Angeles City Council.

And they will stick up for your rights, until they end up giving you the right to spit in your eye, bash 'em over the head, and stomp on their heads. Then say, "Oh well...they are here, they have the right to be here, and they have the right to ignore our laws. We wouldn't want to hurt their feelings."
June 24, 2007 12:06 PM

Anonymous said...
I think these soujournors were picked cuz they represent/mimic the mentality of the ghettos they are mostly going to work in: that all their troubles are caused by racism, "the man," forces that keep them uneducated, hooked on drugs, etc.: BS but what a lot really believe. So it is kind of like going into a 3rd-world country, preaching pseudo- religious stuff. whatever gets their attention. But I'm sure the Mayor and the powers that be aren't exactly fans of Chavez: he gets the fringe. MAV is now best buds w/ Riordan and his backers, hardly Marxist material.

As for the demonstration: major media downplays the political nature of it, but if last blogger is right, that the anarchsits told people it would by KKK (and media DID report that), then filled the place w/ families to put the LAPD into a difficult situation, that's a political issue, and the LAPD handled it properly. But I hope they/Council don't feel obligated to cover up the nature by calling it "a peaceful protest, families."

Even though I think the City should have prevented this by taping off some area for the permitted gatherers, since they obviously knew about it since they issued the permit. And the police should have "nipped it in the bud" like Barney Fyfe, by not letting it get to an unmanageable point. Because again, a permit was issued.

AND, if this is NOT turing into an Anarchist City...then the City should be allowed to do business...and yesterday, that business was that permit they sold.

How about this...ZD will walk everyone from skid row over to city hall and block the doors and garage entrances, preventing employees and the mayor from entering, and preventing them from doing business.

And then we will say, "Sorry...we were here first, and we do not recognize your laws to maintain civility for all. " But remember, compassion for all. You don't want to hurt our feelings."

SO THEY GOT ONE WEDGE IN. But bro, I think you did about the best job representing your side of the issue. I wish I knew who you were! Good job.

And remember, please do not say it was 500 illegal immigrants. First of all, you didn't check everyone's ID. This is about the City failing to prepare for, then allow a permitted gather to occur. Which sets a dangerous precident.

If ZD had a permit to sing like Steve Perry, and 500 people were holding US birth certificates...it would be the city's job to allow city business to carry on.

What's next? Blocking the driveway out of Union Station to protest MTA fare hikes?

And oh yeah...how were Sojourners part of yesterday's event? Were they actually a part of it? That would be quite a coincidence, that while they were at the march, I was typing a story about them. So were they there and what was their role?


Anti-war protesters spray paint Capitol building

Anti-war protesters were allowed to spray paint on part of the west front steps of the United States Capitol building after police were ordered to break their security line by their leadership, two sources told The Hill.

According to the sources, police officers were livid when they were told to fall back by U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Chief Phillip Morse and Deputy Chief Daniel Nichols.

"They were the commanders on the scene," one source said, who requested anonymity. "It was disgusting." After police ceded the stairs, located on the lower west front of the Capitol, the building was locked down, the source added.

A second source who witnessed the incident said that the police had the crowd stopped at Third Street, but were told to bring the police line in front of the Capitol.

Approximately 300 protesters were allowed to take the steps and began to spray paint "anarchist symbols" and phrase such as "Our capitol building" and "you can t stop us" around the area, the source said.

Morse responded to these claims in an e-mail Sunday afternoon explaining that the protesters were seeking confrontation with the police...

I understand your skepticism about the urine, it's conceivable that FRC fell for a rumour there, but they cite the New York Times on the spitting incidents, and I doubt FRC would make that up.

I'm not saying that Sojourners was responsible for all of this, but it appears that the protest got out of hand;

and in a protest you are known by actions of the company you keep...

Posted by: Wolverine | January 31, 2007 4:31 PM

[Nice final thought Wolverine. Gotta watch who you take those trips to Iran with, Sojourners.]

Wolverine said...
The New York Times reported that some of the protestors actually spat at war veterans as they marched by. Peaceful civil disobedience has an honorable history in the United States, yet many of those who protested last weekend were neither civil nor peaceful. Speaker Pelosi must respond to these actions, even though her party had connections to this shameful march. For a report from the Capitol steps, log on to www.frc.org and watch the video featuring FRC Radio's Washington Correspondent, Bethanie Swendsen. I am not in a position to vouch for or dispute FRC's claims, just thought they might be of interest. Wolverine

Anonymous said...
Victory! WE WON...WE ILLEGALS WON...now we demand that Spanish be rcognized as the official language of the US. We also want free medical care, the right to organize a hispanic goverment, no taxes, free homes, food stamps and free education in spanish for our kids. So get moving you ignorant capitalist, land grabbing gringos
Friday, June 22, 2007
From Jim Wallis' & Friend's "God's Politics" Sojourners site:
The Eleventh Hour for Immigration Reform

[Remember, it's "GOD's" politics, so if you don't agree: well...obviously you're going straight to hell!]

Jesus' call to welcome the stranger [Does that mean "illegal immigrants"] and the outcast is a prominent theme in the New Testament.

Based on our shared Christian values, Sojourners/Call to Renewal has been working with Christian leaders and organizations from across the ecumenical spectrum to address the crisis of immigration.

[Is the crisis "of immigration" too much, or too little? Maybe you mean the crisis regarding issues pertaining to immigaration?]

We are now facing the eleventh hour for passing legislation to help fix what EVERYONE from the left to right AGREES is a BROKEN system. [WOW! They took it to a vote obviously, because they are representing yours and my opinion, cause they say "EVERYONE"! (Well isn't THAT special?)]

With a political reality as complicated and perilous as this one, and an issue as divisive and polarizing as immigration reform, we must ask ourselves, "What should be our faithful response? How can we best apply our biblical principles to the present debate around immigration reform?" [You can apply them, wherever they overlap with the Constitution of the United States of America.]

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. The breakdown of recent negotiations has made compromise all the more necessary, yet both extreme ends of the debate resist compromise in any form.

The current bill, making its ever-tenuous way through the U.S. Senate, reflects the difficulty of striking a balance between strict enforcement measures [BALANCE? WHAT BALANCE of enforcement? People are flowing into our region like water through Ed Reyes' LA River] -- and a path out of the shadows toward earned citizenship for the 12 million undocumented immigrants. [Path out of shadows is liberation ideology talk for "legalize anyone and everyone who is already here. Even if they were helicoptered in by Hugo Chavez.]

Any bill must reform our broken immigration system in the context of providing greater economic security [raise minimum wage AND raise your taxes at the same time] and opportunity to Americans who are already living at the edges of our economy. [You know who lives "on the edges" of our economy. Criminals who came into the country, unchecked, who sell crack to your kids in front of LAUSD bus stops and public parks.]

Where does this leave us, and our Christian principles? It leaves us with a tremendous job ahead.

We must demand that our leaders in the House of Representatives shift the starting place of this legislation.

They must resist [RESIST: code word for break the law, y'all] efforts to criminalize immigrants [it ain't "criminalizing" -- it's just not "legalizing" -- BIG DIFFERENCE, Y'ALL...you make it sound like they are chaninging it from legal to illegal, y'all] -- many of whom are our neighbors, our fellow congregants, our friends, and our family members. [Murders have freinds, congregants and family members, too. So what's your point? Just follow the law!]

We believe that a compassionate but prudent solution can be reached if we draw out the "best" of Christian and civic values. [I totally agree there! If you know of any organizations like that, please let me know! Not some political schill to cyphon religous republicans they failed to brainwash last election.]

In our coalition efforts as Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, we must step up our work to demand [excuse me...wrong country...this one is US, we "request"] that Congress pass a more just, sensible, and truly comprehensive immigration package.

Between now and the congressional recess in early August, we will make our voices heard in the media, and reach out to Christian leaders in key districts around the country. [You should reach out to leaders of other religons too, you big dummies...do you policies only benefit people of certain religons? If your ideas are good, I'm sure all religous leaders would like to hear them, you discriminatory Marxists hiding behind religon, Mr. "GOD'S" Politics Jim Wallis & Sojouners! REMEBER, THEY have decided God's political agenda. They must have Jesus and Moses on their cell phone speed dials!]

posted by God's Politics @ 3:36 PM | Permalink | Comments (10)

[HA! Sojourner bigshot blog only has 10 comments since Friday. We get that in the first ten minutes here! But sojourners were given $4 million dollars in '05 by taxpayers to generate those 10 comments. (LOL!)]

LOOK WHAT YOU DID MAYOR...You turned me into Zuma O'Reilly by dragging Sojourners into City business. Because has Jeff stepped down from Sojourners? I was reading their Board by laws, and it looks like this may prevent a conflict that would force him to step down...all in the interpretation...but I wonder if there is anything in the City Charter that would demonstate conflict?

See, if the sojourners wanna say all that stuff, and do whatever they do...that's fine! But now it's a City issue. You forgot to mention sojourners in the press release. So that means you didn't WANT us to know. Cause I guarantee you, to know Jeff Carr, and not know he is COO of the mulit-million dollar funded non-profit sojouners...is like appointing someone Principal of a Charter school, and not mentoning you sit on the board and own the building under a separate name.

Maaaaaaaaan, what is the African American community that Carr will be trying to deal with feel when they find out he is a Sojourner?

Might make them think the referee favors one side?
Sojourners' leader Jim Wallis feels Pat Robertson inflammatory remarks "exposes Christians of all kinds to ridicule". So what does Mr. Sojourner do? He amplifies those remarks by repeating them and extending the life and reach of the comments. Bringing on more ridicule! It's so transparant Jim, just like you're agenda.

Attack Robertson and ridicule HIM, so his religous Republican fans, will swing votes to YOUR candidate, who looks to be Hillary and her Villaraigosa "liberaton theory" posse.

It's called a guerilla WARfare...just like the ones your non-profit is so familiar with.

But ZD is starting to agree with critics who say sojourners have no problem jumping into the mud in the name of religon, cause I don't think "liberation theory", as it is being applied here has a god damned thing to do with religon.

Looks to me like Sojourners are the ULTIMATE capitalists foxes in shepards clothing. YA MAKE THE EMPEROR, IN THAT "NEW CLOTHES" STORY LOOK EXCESSIVELY CLOTHED.

[Simply on the realest, dough.]

Jim Wallis/GOD's politics said...

Mainstream Christian Leaders Speak Out on Extremist Statements of Pat Robertson [Are sojourners "liberation theology" (based on Marxist/Communism) "mainstream"?]

Rev. Pat Robertson has once again exposed Christians of all kinds to ridicule with his very un-Christian remarks advocating the murder of the "democratically elected" [LOL!] President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

On his TV program Robertson said: "I don't know about this... "
[Don't want to repeat the remarks at risk of further ridicule.]

One encouraging thing was the response of many mainstream conservative Christian leaders, as the New York Times reported: "Some of Mr. Robertson's conservative Christian allies distanced themselves from his comments. [Look Robertson fans!!! His fans are jumping ship...Vote for Hillary!!! Vote for Hillary!!!]

The Rev. Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals said (Robertson had made)... "unfortunate and particularly irresponsible" comments. "It complicates circumstances for foreign missionaries and Christian aid workers overseas who are already perceived, wrongly, especially by leftists and other leaders, as collaborators with U.S. intelligence agencies," he added. [LOOKIE...LOOKIE...This guy says Pat Robertson is irresponsible and complicating things for Christians! VOTE CLINTON!]

However, some of the loudest and most strident voices on the Right did not comment, as the same NYT story reported: "But other conservative Christian organizations remained silent, with leaders at the Traditional Values Coalition, the Family Research Council and the Christian Coalition saying through spokesmen that they were too busy to comment." It is very discouraging that these noisy groups, who are never too busy to comment on such urgent matters as their theories on the sex lives of cartoon characters, would not see fit to speak out against such an obvious blasphemy. [AND IF YOU DON'T JUMP ON SOJOUNERS DEVICIVE BANDWAGON BASH...WE WILL BASH YOU, TOO!]

But I'd rather focus on the positive [watch what HE calls positive], so what follows is a sample of the response to Robertson's call for violence from "mainstream" [Jim decided] Christian leaders on both the left and right. To their credit, nearly all mainstream Christians spoke out against Robertson's extremist views. [Jim did a survey of ALL mainstream Christian leaders and found out "nearly" all spoke out AGAINST ROBERTSON.]

Christian Alliance for Progress

Rev. Pat Robertson is the founder of the Christian Coalition. He is the head of an "ostensibly Christian empire" that includes a television network and a university. He is also an ordained Southern Baptist minister. Yet this week Robertson has "besmirched" the name ‘Christian’ and embarrassed our country [because ONE voice represents the whole world, and everyone will equate him to ALL] by...repeats Pat's comments.

We unequivocally condemn Robertson’s statements and call on the US government to investigate such hate speech [is it hate speech if it is about a political action concerning another country's elected official] being uttered under the guise of religious freedom and therefore with the subsidy of the American taxpayer. [YOU MEAN JUST LIKE YOU JIM...OH MY GOODNESS DID YOU MESS UP...THANKS FOR REMINDING ME THAT YOU GOT MILLIONS IN TAXPAYERS MONEY TO PUSH YOUR MARXIST COMMUNIST PHILOSPHIES WHILE JEFF CARR FLYS TO IRAN TO CRITICIZE THE WAY OUR PRESIDENT AND MEDIA PORTRAYS IRANIANS. JIM MADE THAT DECISON FOR THE US TAXPAYERS!]

Furthermore, we call on national television networks and local affiliates who broadcast Robertson’s venom to pull the plug on his program [this guy is like a fake-religous version of Al Sharpton, going after Don Imus] and thus spare our children from exposure to his murderous fantasies and our citizens from any more international embarrassment. [What about YOUR involvement in supporting military guerilla warfare? That kills a lot more people?]

Such violent talk coming from someone who presents himself as a minister of the gospel of Jesus would never be appropriate. Coming as it does at a time in our national life in which we are counseling Muslim clerics against this very sort of thing, its timing could not be any more poorly calculated. [Bad timing is not a reason to yank someone off TV.]

Although there have been some national Republican politicians who have distanced themselves from Robertson, the silence from his cohort on the Religious Right has been predictably deafening. [SO EVEN IF SOMEONE ISN'T SPEAKING OUT AGAINST ROBERTSON...THEY SECRETLY HATE PAT, ANYWAY. Don't be fooled by their not speaking out against him. Cause in case you didn't know...Sojourners are also mind readers!]

That these organizations who incessantly lecture the American people about ‘absolute moral truth’ cannot find their voice to condemn a public call for murder gives us a clearer picture of the ‘moral’ vision they have for our society. [And then the silent/people who may not agree get bashed, too!]

Robertson succumbed to widespread pressure that he apologize for his outrageous remarks. But he chose to do so in an ambivalent manner. [OK, he appologized, but he didn't do it GOOD ENOUGH!]

Rather than suggest that he was misunderstood or that his words were taken out of context, Robertson should take full responsibility for his remarks without qualification. He should stop pointing the finger at others [the way are doing here and do toward YOUR government on your website].

Robertson and other leaders of the Religious Right have no hesitation about telling our President, our Congress, our courts or the public how things should operate in the United States. [It's called "free Speech" and he doesn't have to fly to Iran to do it.]

One wonders if Robertson's premise would one day be applied to opposition candidates in this country who might be a threat to an incumbent's re-election. [OK, now we're talking flat-out agendized "fear-based" propoganda. A military action is not the same thing YOU BIG DUMMY!]

It defies logic that a former candidate for the presidency [oh yeah...there's the "p" word] could skirt the brink of international law to call for the assassination of a foreign leader on the grounds that he might some day be a danger to us. [And Sojourners have done the investigation and are here to tell you that Chavez is NOT a threat to us now...MAYBE someday!]

It defies logic that this so-called evangelist [They have decided he isn't] is using his media power not to win people to faith but to encourage them to support the murder of a foreign leader. [He ain't the leader of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood...let's be real. How many more will die under his corrupt regime? But I'm not defending the action, just his hypocracy.]

I have no doubt [there he goes again] that most [stats please] of Pat Robertson's viewers have already rejected this idea, and that the 45-million people represented by the member communions of the National Council of Churches resolutely condemn it. [And that they will vote for Hillary for Prez, and Antonio for whatever! And NC of C appreciates you speaking on their behalf.]

Jim Wallis
God's Politics
zuma times said...

3:44pm is not a post about Pat Robertson being an idoit, or not.

It's about the hypocracy that Wallis' Sojourners hide behind. Was concerned Robertson was embarassing Christians with his remarks, so he blasts them as far as he can, and runs a smear/hit piece on the guy in the name of God. Man, these Sojourners are some pretty mean spirited people.
I'm not liking what I see.
Los Anarchy, y'all...this fits right in with City Council's "liberation theology" agenda, y'all. Why would police move some people, to allow other people access? People are people, and land is land. Maybe those people do not choose to recognize your laws created by the people to maintain a civil society.

I mean...God made the planet and humans, latitude/longitude maps and geographical borders were not part of the plan. So if you want to trace things all the way back...the people without permits, who didn't want to make way for those WITH permits...were simply representing the attitudes of the people who were roaming the land, BEFORE the will of the people, inhabiting that area of land (community) decided to create rules and laws to maintain civility for everyone in the community (and prevent an "eye for an eye" system of mob street justice).

But that's O.K., because we are protected from this "mob rules", anything goes "liberation theology" anarchist behavior, because we have put in place a governing system of elected officials to represent the Constitution of the United States of America, and enforce this "will of the people." Oh...no we don't: Just Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Los Angeles City Council.

And they will stick up for your rights, until they end up giving you the right to spit in your eye, bash 'em over the head, and stomp on their heads. Then say, "Oh well...they are here, they have the right to be here, and they have the right to ignore our laws. We wouldn't want to hurt their feelings."

Someone is starting to drop Haco Hoang's name in reference to "Parlor Maid".

* L.A. SHADY/CORRUPT POLITICIANS ABOUT TO BLOW UP THE SPOT: You know ZD gets cranky over all the Paris, Rocky, Mayor's personal life talk...but you can't fight the tide...and between what has already come out this week, and what is on deck...YOU CAN BEST BELEIVE THAT LA CITY POLITICS ARE ABOUT TO BECOME THE NATION'S MOST COMPELLING REALITY SHOW. These politicians are about to provide the City with a "Shock and Awe" PR smear campaign on each other, that will end up taking everyone down -- and maybe we'll be singing, "Ding Dong, the witch is dead" a lot sooner than expected. Just when I thought I was getting out of all of this for the summer...they pull me back in. Man, are the blogs and talk radio about to get hot! [It should be noted that ZD has received more calls and emails from more new people this week, than EVER! It's too much...need stringers to handle it all!!!]

* WENDY GREUEL: Meet Charles Peyton. Man, is he against this one bar in your area! From the site (click link above): An Illegal club Opened and Operates in NOHO, 7 years ago with no sound proofing, no parking, not even an occupancy permit. Despite court orders and variance stating "Not to Operate" he does, 5 nights a week with Wendy Greuel supporting. Wendy Greuel stood before city council and supported a criminal to be granted a variance while he was on probation for running an illegal dance hall and was court ordered not to operate and still is on probation today 6.3.07 [Pretty hilarious site...unless you live in City Controller Candidate Wendy Greuel's district. Check the site for adorable "Winking Wendy" picture.]

* CITY ATTORNEY: What do you think is worse when evaluating a City Attorney?

a) All the stuff regarding Rocky's wife's stuff, and Rocky having staff babysit.
b) Having a hooker on your staff to service your contractor clients? (Not Rocky)

* SOJOURNERS: With Villaraigosa's appointment of "Czar" Carr this week, it sure put Sojourners on the map. (The non-profit group Carr is President of.) Plenty of information from their web site on this blog in the comment section. Will post complete story on this "religous" group that is based on Marxist/Communist "Liberation Theology". (Not breaking any news here...just ask them!) This group is carrying MAJOR political weight, are VERY cotroversial, and I think this appointment is going to end up being a HUMONGOUS can of worms. And to all you "Libertarian Theology fans...THIS IS MORE ABOUT "HYPOCRACY" THAN A DEBATE ON THE MERITS OF "Liberation Theology." And to everyone who feels Marxist/Communism IS the answer; from what I see, the politicians violate the "spirit", and turn it corrupt, just like everything else. So it becomes nothing more than a "front" cause for bilking the funds, just like everything else.

* LA "BROKEN" BRIDGES: The Mayor and City Council want to give over $12 million to the program that the City just paid $500,000 to be told the program was in serious disarry (to put it mildly). So what does that Mayor do...He pops a Sojourner in as Czar, and gives LA "BROKEN" Bridges over $12 million. YOU WANNA END POVERTY, CITY COUNCIL & SOJOURNERS (SOUJOURN CITY COUNCIL)??? HOW ABOUT YOU STOP DRAINING THE CITY AND STATE BONDS AND FUNDS WITH YOUR NON-PROFIT RACKET AND EVERY OTHER ANGLE YOU USE TO TAKE THE "POT" (money sitting there to be diverted into yours and your cronies/families pockets) -- AND START PUTTING IT INTO THE COMMUNITY YOU ARE SENDING INTO POVERTY. YOU F-ING HYPOCRITES...You sit there all day long and come up with new and ingenious and illegal ways to waste the money earmarked for the pueblos...then you have to go create all these bullsh*t motions to "END" poverty, Sojourn-style, on the backs of taxpayers. HEY LA TV, RADIO, AND PRINT MEDIA...Throw WCVI into the mix, and you got a real story here, almost as big as Paris Hilton.

More at ZumaTimes.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Damn! MAV sounds stupid.

June 24, 2007 5:28 PM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

Wow! Three hundred million dollars!
And how much will that "subway to the sea" cost, Mr. Mayor? Is 10 billion bigger, smaller or the same as three hundred million?

June 24, 2007 6:50 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Told you Antonio IS stupid.

June 24, 2007 7:03 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Lottery privatization plan keys on middle-class sales, more outlets
An analysis prepared for the Schwarzenegger administration outlines ways a private operator could make the lottery more profitable - but others say the strategy would just take more from those who could least afford it

June 24, 2007 7:40 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

I kinda feel sorry for the guy watching that. It ain't easy out there...

Tony...wanna like you, and seriously, I feel empathy for what you are going through. You're kind of almost a regular human being at the end of the day, too. (JUST KIDDING...you're just a regular guy, like everyone else at the end of the day. I feel bad you have to go through all of this on such a public platform.

I guess ZD is just like the frustrated girlfriend, who thinks you are a real fixer upper...if only you could change a few things...you would be perfect. BUT I DON'T THINK YOU ARE GOING TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE, EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO...This is getting kinda deep, though...I keep hearing this (whatever THIS is), is only the tip of the iceberg.

I really do feel bad...look what's happening to Rocky now, too...and i don't know how this "parlor maid" plays into this. (Could that be the iceberg tip extender?)

I know a lot of people are praying for peace around the world, and wish the war and all international tensions could be over.

I'm kinda starting to pray that these politicians are able to stop their obsessive compulsions before they end up letting the "Bush" in them come out.

June 24, 2007 7:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

7:40 You Ass. Fabian Nunez is behind that Bill that privatizes the Lottery.

June 24, 2007 7:56 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

$500,000 in federal funds should be enough to keep the Southwest Museum open right? Right?

Daily News - June 22, 2007

federal funds head home
About $1.3 million for Los Angeles social programs won a thumbs-up today from the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The bill funding the Department of Labor and Health and Human Services includes:
- $500,000 for the Southwest Museum of the American Indian at the Autry National Center of the American West in Los Angeles for its Native American learning lab.
- $250,000 for L.A.’s BEST after school enrichment program.
- $200,000 for Children United Nations foster child mentoring programs.
- $100,000 for Educating Young Minds
- $100,000 for the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art museum for education and outreach.

The measure still has a long way to go before it reaches President Bush’s desk and could face resistance from the White House for broader provisions in the bill substantially expanding federally-funded stem cell research.

The bill makes existing stem cell lines derived before June 15, 2007 eligible for research. Bush has limited the number of eligible lines to those derived before August 9, 2001.

June 24, 2007 8:14 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:



Make it a non-profit. Let ZD run it, and I can get all my friends and family involved, too! We can all do it for the state!

And I would just like to say...I don't think there is ANY reason for concern, letting Nunez "privatize" the state lottery.

I'm sure all the funds would be fully accounted for, and nothing would slip into his cronies friends' pockets through these sham non-profit schemes.

So I want to be the first to say that I am not concerned that there is enough room for corruption over this, that CW McCall could drive a convoy through it. (HA! Mayors spin doctors are too young for THAT reference!)

June 24, 2007 8:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Who heads all of the programs? Hey 8:40 I'm talkin' to you!

- $500,000 for the Southwest Museum
- $250,000 for L.A.’s BEST - $200,000 for Children United Nations- $100,000 for Educating Young Minds
- $100,000 Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art museum

June 24, 2007 8:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good evening Zuma lad (tips hat):

There was more than a parlour maid, pirates and a certain paramour who wanted some "insurance" who went through the trash. Pickings in that certain dumpster even if the materials are shredded, if you will, will be good this week, savvy?

And welcome home to our Grinderman who played his final performance on Saturday night in the back-up band to another band that all sorts of electeds had VIP tickets to. The tour goes on, but our man stays behind. That makes us an even crew of Eight. Sots, we have an extra pirate. Where shall we put him to good use, that Grand Turk?

June 24, 2007 9:11 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Why do the democrats hide? Why don't they speak out against forced
religion? Why won't you take a stand about Divine Savior forcing
their amplied sound system into homes 6 times a day every day?

I thought that democrats stood for not forcing religion on people. I
thought they believed in the separation of church and state. I guessnot. The government, Ed Reyes and other city officials are forcing meto hear church music all day. This sound like President Chavez. Iguess Ed Reyes is my dictator. Why doesn't anyone speak up?

June 24, 2007 9:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Join us for a panel discussion about The Los Angeles River
Revitalization Master Plan and the realities of implementing economic, environmental and equity issues SpeakersEd Reyes, Councilmember, City of Los Angeles
Vaughan Davies, Principal, EDAW
Robert Garcia, Executive Director and Counsel, The City Project

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Los Angeles River Center and Gardens570 West Avenue 26, Los Angeles, California, 90065
Decades of work and activism by many notable individuals and
organizations have created substantial momentum to restore the L.A.River. Once thought of only as a backyard storm drain, the L.A. Rivernow presents an opportunity to create a green belt of open space,recreation, community centers, schools, housing, and mixed use
development. But what about commercial development and jobs?

The Los Angeles River Master Plan has been approved,and it is time to bring stakeholders of all disciplines to discuss the
reality of the plan and work together to convert rail yards into frontyards, concrete into wild life preserves, and low-valued land intojobs and empowerment zones.

June 24, 2007 9:26 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Cpt Jack,

THIS WEEK!?!? Why does it have to come out THIS WEEK? To take the heat of Rocky? I wish I knew what general area it pertains to. I have some extra media stuff coming up this week. common man...what general area...or at least...new material on an existing matter..or ALL NEW MATERIAL.

If it came out of the shredder, I'm sure it's all new material.

don't let these other loser outlets know more than Big ZD. Use Big ZD to embarass the big media by making them have to quote mayor sam...after all, mayor sam needs publicity so people can read all the other stuff going on in this city that doesn't get covered by LAzy Times, cause LA is not overseas from itself.

June 24, 2007 9:51 PM  

Blogger Scott said:

Er, excuse me, but how did the kid put the Mayor "on the spot"? Answer: the kid didn't!

He explained that some people in Cheviot Hills want to reroute the light rail AWAY from the railroad right of way that the MTA ALREADY OWNS, and that doing so would cost the MTA (and taxpayers) 300 Million bucks extra. (But most people along the entire line don't support moving the line out of CH.)

(Not building it at all would save another 600 million, but you know that ain't gonna happen, right?)

Subway to the Sea will only cost 3 billion if Madrid methods are used, and 2/3 of that should come from Washington.

Exactly how was the Mayor being stupid in that clip?

June 24, 2007 10:26 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Regarding 10:26pm,

common bro...you miss the point again...it's not about your logical rationale...it's about perception...i feel bad for the mayor on this one...but he didn't come off that well. can't you see that...damn...this is the real world, not mickey mouse at disneyland...can't you f=ing admit that didn't look too good. How about this. Since the mayor looks so good, should I blog it on 200 blogs, or would you prefer I don't post it anywhere else. I'm serious...whatever you say...


oh no...more spinflys have gathered around this blog, I am told. Watch for the level of low-level name calling to turn into some nasty mind-games by more highly trained experts.

Only thing, it kinda gets diffused when ZD gets the bat alert. (Price is Right Stinger: Whomp, womp, womp, womp, (deflated) wooooooooomp.)

June 24, 2007 10:33 PM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

"The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math."

I love that line. Even so, I buy the occasional scratcher -- uh, you know, "for the children."

June 24, 2007 10:41 PM  

Blogger Walter Moore said:

To 10:26 re your statement, "Subway to the Sea will only cost 3 billion if Madrid methods are used, and 2/3 of that should come from Washington."

"Only" $3 billion? You give new meaning to "only."

"[Two thirds] of that should come from Washington."
From whom do you suppose "Washington" gets the money?

Also, although alliteration always amuses some slightly, "sea" seems off; "ocean" would work when describing deep water west of Wilshire.

June 24, 2007 10:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

10:26 Scotty my man.

You need to get beamed up and fast! Walter makes a good point, ONLY 3 billion.

Why should the GOV give Villar any f'un money. You commie bastards. Your frame of mind is to DEMAND. Scotty ask your boss "Tony the Pimp" to ask Eli for $$$$$

June 24, 2007 11:03 PM  

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