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Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Complete Balkanization of Los Angeles

Our ignored friend Bill Wyatt has a unique take on this election. "I am trying to decide if I should propose a complete balkanization of Los Angeles or a quater-style division of Los Angeles." Don't worry, he goes on and on. Here are some portions of his rant-

I am trying to decide if I should propose a complete balkanization of Los Angeles or a quater-style division of Los Angeles. Assuming that everything that the candidates tell us is true, then the smaller cities around Los Angeles have added twice as many jobs to their towns as the greater Los Angeles City has. Which means that smaller cities are doing something right by appealing to businesses and attracting them to their areas while Los Angeles is doing something wrong, something very, very wrong.

Now is the time to strike, when the incumbents are all fighting each other for the wheel of this out of control ship. None of the "major" candidates can garner a significant portion of the population, except based on ethnicity and incumbency. This is their weakest moment and now is the time to take back the government before another administration becomes entrenched in bureaucratic bliss. There is only one solution, the same solution that the colonist had when they were being overtaxed and underrepresented in the monarchy of England. The same solution that just took place in the Ukraine. The same idea that is being developed in Afghanistan and Iraq. We need to demand democracy at home and stop allowing ourselves to be fooled by some grandiose idea of metropolitan entitlement. Los Angeles doesn't exist without strong communities that are able to take responsibility for themselves, it is only an illusion that allows "major" candidates to remain out of touch from the people, living off of your hard work.

Stop mocking democracy by allowing these farcical debates that leave out the "other" candidates and start standing up for your right to be represented in your lifetime.

All of this because he wasn't allowed to debate? YIKES! Now we here at the Sister City have painfully gone out of our way to give the little guys extra bandwidth, but this is starting to get a bit out of hand...


Anonymous Anonymous said:

"...a quater-style division of Los Angeles..."

Help me out here, "quater-style" (Quaker-style, Quaker-State, quarter-style, quartet-style, quarry-style - like digging big holes?) There's a "quater" in the dictionary, but it means 4 times (like, 4X per year). Bad spell-checker maybe?

Where's that Antonio-groupie knows all the big words?

February 10, 2005 12:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Slow candidate SPAM day!

February 10, 2005 1:11 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

There's a reason why this guy is not considered a serious candidate...well many.

He's got no real experience.

He has absolutely no support.

There's no reason to think that allowing him in a handful of debates will get him or his nemesis Walter Moore this spontaneous outpouring of support (they spend too much time on their PCs doodling) they think they will get.

And in Bill's case, he's a tiresome, boring, ranter and raver. Who cares what he thinks.

February 11, 2005 10:21 AM  

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