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Monday, April 19, 2021

We"re Back!!

After a much too long hiatus, the Mayor Sam Blog is back, to the consternation of those who have taken advantage of the near absence of discerning, truthful and objective political reporting in the City of Los Angeles ……., and beyond.
Memo to "MEAT": The Mayor Sam Bloggin Archives are forever, in noting Michael "MEAT" Trujillo's past/current association with CD-15 City Councilman (and 2022 Mayoral Candidate)  Joe Buscaino's Political Aspirations.

** Blogger's Notes: With a blessed nod to our late Blog Creator/Friend Michael Higby up above, its time to once again, multi-task mind, fingers (with the help of Spoll-Check) and reconnect with the cyber-masses, in the spirit of promoting an unconditionally ………, free dialog. In an Intolerant Era of Woke Fascism, where cancelling those who espouse inconvenient viewpoints of truth, has become common place, yesterday, today and every day beyond, is time to embrace once again,  something called ……….., Freedom of Speech. If Michael was with us today, he would be moved to action, in espousing, promoting and standing up for our constitutional right of free expression, especially for those he disagree with. Mayor Sam was at its expressive best when the likes of "Chief Parker", Zuma Dogg, Joe Barrett, Petra, Joseph Mailander, and others, were unconditionally allowed to post their commentary …….., with anonymous comments from our cyber-audience (those were the days)!!. Thus, with no apologies to the likes of "MEAT", Brian Van Riper, Broken Deal Cedillo, the LA China Watch Times Legacy Media Stenographers of Record (in El Segundo) and other assorted political miscreants, its time to cancel out Woke Supremacy ……….., with a renewed commitment to the blogging truth----Scott Johnson. 
Once upon a time (2011) in Council District 15, a beloved San Pedro Native Son, turned LAPD Officer, became City Councilman Average Joe Buscaino, thanks to an alleged informal and official duo of young upstart campaign operatives, Michael "MEAT" Trujillo and Brian Van Riper, respectively. 
Ten years later, the now CD-15 Average Politico, is seeking to become Mayor Buscaino in 2022 and who has allegedly once again, reunited in the forlorn hope of making this a reality? The same duo ……., with added political baggage. 
Trujillo, who's political resume includes work for the failed 2008 Hillary Clinton Campaign, being the Designated Driver for an Ex Failed Mayor (Tony Villar) and being responsible for the IBEW-financed Measure B Campaign Meltdown, has the potential to become a liability for Buscaino's Mayoral Campaign, considering his controversial role in the 2011 CD-14 Campaign of Indicted Ex. Councilman Jose Huizar. 
Sources tell Mayor Sam that Trujillo was the Media Frontperson for the Buscaino Campaign's intiatal rounds of Media Events.
The Brian Van Riper's "Method Servicing" of shielding the identities of those paid by the failed Christy Smith for Congress Campaign ………, contrary to Federal Elections Commission rules?
Van Riper's  Method Campaign Services, is taken to task in a RedState Exclusive by Jennifer Oliver O'Connell, for its role in potential Federal Elections Commission Reporting Violations, via its work for the failed Christy Smith for Congress Campaign.
In addition, Method Campaign Services was also played a major role in the controversial 2017 CD-1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Re-election Campaign, that was outed for accepting Contributions from Ex. President Donald Trump Mega Donar Geoff Palmer, as noted below----S.J.
From Comrade Bernie: "I’m proud to support ’s campaign for reelection to the City Council. He knows that working people built Los Angeles, and he fights every day to make sure their voices are heard over the concerns of the wealthy and the powerful (NAUGHT!! As noted below)".

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