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Monday, March 06, 2017

"Yes on Measure S Campaign" EXPOSES "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Meeting with Trump Mega-Supporter Developer Geoff Palmer

The "Yes on Measure S Campaign" EXPOSES the Closed Door Meetings (and resulting contributions) between supposed Immigrant Rights Advocate CD 1 City Council Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" and President Donald J. Trump MEGA-DONOR, Downtown Developer Geoff Palmer ....., that resulted in approval of Palmer's Ferrante Luxury Complex next to the Harbor Freeway in Downtown LA. 
 CD 1 City Coucilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" SECRET Trump Supporter Connection (and Money) EXPOSED!!
Paying off Corrupt Politicos such as "Sleazy Huizzy" and "Broken Deal Cedillo" comes CHEAPLY for Trump-supporting, Downtown Developer Geoff Palmer. 

** Blogger's Notes: The "Yes on Measure S Campaign" has done a GREAT Public Service for CD-1 Voters in EXPOSING the hypocritical, "Close Door Meetings (and resulting Contributions)" between President Donald J. Trump's Mega Donor/Supporter Developer Geoff Palmer ........., and City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo". Many CD-1 Constituents (and a growing number of EX. Broken Deal Cedillo supporters), will SURELY be outrage to learn that their numerous denied requests to meet with the current Officeholder, were usurp by the supposed Immigrant Rights Crusader, in order to place PARAMOUNT, multiple meetings between CD-1 Staff and associates of Developer Geoff Palmer. The documents below denote that "Broken Deal Cedillo" met with Developer Palmer on June 6, 2016 (** Bernie supporters should note that Broken Deal Cedillo was meeting with a TRUMP MEGA DONOR, the day before the alleged, RIGGED, California Democratic Primary) .........., and 24 days later, receive a maximum $700 Donation to his Officeholder Account (an Account that was once use to donate money to Convicted Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez).  This expose should be the FINAL Nail in "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Political Coffin, but may have come too late to influence tomorrow's Election----Scott Johnson.
From the "Yes on Measure S Special Report" denoting "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Office meetings with Trump Supporter Geoff Palmer and staff.
Document above denoting "June 6, 2016 Direct Meeting" between Developer Geoff Palmer and "Broken Deal Cedillo" ........,, along with later "Contribution".

** Meanwhile ......., Cedillo's supporters are allegedly, STEALING Campaign Signs of Challenger Joe Bray-Ali.

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