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Monday, April 18, 2016

HOT Brief on the "Broken Deal Cedillo Political Machine" for Monday

The Cracks in the Political Foundation of now CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo;s Community Coalition, continue to widen as 2013 CD 1 Third Place Candidate (and Cedillo's Runoff Supporter) Jesse Rojas, pulls 2017 Campaign Papers to challenge the Second Term-seeking Officeholder. 
One Bill Gil's recent proclivities for reneging on promises has earned him the new moniker "Broken Deal Cedillo".
Highland Park Business Owner Jesse Rojas endorsing Cedillo during 2013 CD 1 Runoff.
** Blogger's Note: In an ideal Political World, the challenge to a City Council Incumbent, especially when the Officeholder is the renowned/infamous Gil "One Bill" Cedillo, would be Front Page-garnering Breaking News.
But in a 21st Century "Ciudad de Los Angeles", the Act of Pulling 2017 Campaign Papers by now Councilman Cedillo former supporter Jesse Rojas, becomes a "bloggin HOT Monday Topic in chronicling a growing CD 1 Backlash against the career politico, now known as "Broken Deal Cedillo".
We bloggin rewind to a "2013 Better Yesterday", when a diverse community coalition help the then nationally-recognized "One Bill (Driver Licenses for Illegals) Gil" narrowly defeat challenger, former CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes Chief of Staff Jose Gardea by a triple-digit margin.
A key endorsement in the Cedillo Victory over Gardea, was provided by Third Place Candidate Jesse Rojas, who's block of support surely played an important part in Cedillo succeeding the much-disliked Reyes.
Yet, three years-removed from endorsing the current Officeholder, Rojas pending challenge is another example of a growing backlash by former 2013 supporters from all neighborhoods within CD 1.
Rojas joins Pico Union Neighborhood Council Activist Miguel Amaya in a growing list of "Grass Roots Davids" seeking to unseat the Union-back Political Goliath .........., and the speculation is rampant on who else may join in.
Flying Pigeon Bicycle Shop Owner Josef Bray-Ali, who has been a front person espousing opposition to Councilman Cedillo's Figueroa Transit Plan and Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council President Monica Alcarez, a vocal critic of Cedillo (and BIG supporter of CD 14 Councilman Huizar) are other prominent names mentioned as potential 2017 Candidates.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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