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Friday, April 15, 2016

Remembering the Passing of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby September 29, 1964 - April 15, 2015

Please join us in a Bloggin Moment of Reflection on this First Anniversary of the Passing of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby.
Michael sharing his Fifty B-day with Family and Friends.
** Blogger's Note: As the cleansing (and healing) winds of a new Spring abate momentarily, this is the bloggin appointed time to reflect on the Passing, one year ago today, of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby. One year later ........ and the numbness in keyboarding my thoughts on a "Person of Character" who introduced this writer to the "Wonders of Spollcheck" is still profound. From above, Michael would surely not want this First Anniversary of his "Calling Home" in joining with his Mother Judy, to become a "Godzilla El Nino Downpour" of teary revisiting on a Life of Character that Michael espoused and lived daily during our Bloggin Mayor's time among us. But instead, focus on continuing the cyber crusade of bearing bloggin witness on the issues of the day, in the spirit of empowering Openness and Transparency. Since Michael's Passing, we are still working through the protocols in ensuring that his Cyber Creation will continue on (and grow) in being the "Click of Record" in musing the truth .........., and giving voice to those who exemplify the Character that our bloggin colleague granted opportunity to, in being part of the Mayor Sam Family. In the weeks ahead, we will be making announcements regarding our future cyber endeavors to continue on in Michael's vision which includes growing our bloggin Family of Writers and Audience. But paramount in ensuring the continuation of the Mayor Sam Blog, is empowering and mentoring the "Next Generation of Mini Mayors (we know of one already as I keyboard these thoughts)".  Thus, as the healing winds recommence, we bid our beloved Friend Michael and loving Mom Judy well in a world where we will all someday reunite again (at the Joselitos Franchise above) .........., and continue on below (as a "Tear of Thanks" runs its course through the "Watershed of Appreciation")----Scott Johnson. 
The Voice of Mayor Sam.
A Wally Portrait of Michael.
A Friend Taken Too Soon.



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