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Friday, March 25, 2016

BREAKING NEWS!! Tony Villar engaged to become "Antonio VIllargovea for Governor 2018"

Just in time for his rumored, next Political Incarnation, former Los Angeles Failure Mayor Antonio Villar Tweets his Engagement to a centain "Patricia Govea". Thus, setting the stage for his "Antonio Villargovea for Governor in 2018 Campaign, allegedly".
Who is the soon to be Mrs Antonio Villargovea? See below.
** Blogger's Note: Happy sacred Good Friday to all as many of the devout prepare to celebrate Easter 2016. Thus, on this weekend Christians World-wide celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it comes as no surprise that a certain, narcissus, self-absorbed, former "Rock Star Politico", turned former Failure Mayor ......., takes another consultant-choreographed step to reincarnate his Political Persona.
With no apologies to the likes of Lu, Eva, Corina, Chulitas from City Terrace, Telebimbos, telegenic Gabachas, Mirthala ........, and Charlie, the former Tony Villar, turned Parke Skelton-crafted Antonio Villaraigosa, is now set to become Antonio Villar-govea.
Via his Twitter (in English y Esponal), the City Terrace Native announced his engagement to a certain "Patricia Govea", who has been dating the former Los Angeles Mayor after his fling with Terminator III Actress Kristanna Loken.
Little is known about the soon to be Mrs. Antonio Villargovea, but then people remember little about the rumored Candidate for Governor's First Wife Corina, who played the role of supporting spouse ......, until that day she found incriminating messages from the "Other Woman" on her husband's Blackberry. 
Thus, for many long term observers of Tony/Antonio, his latest attempt at matrimony will surely be seen cynically as another Parke Skelton-crafted attempt to reinvent City Terrace Tony into 2018 Governor Antonio Villargovea ........, but the voters will be timely-reminded of the political (and personal) baggage of a certain, former Failure Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa----Scott Johnson.  
Antonio with First Wife Corina Raigosa.
Antonio with Sancha Mirthala 
Antonio with Lu Parker
Antonio with Kim Honig.
Antonio with Kristanna Loken.
........, and we can't forget that Cabo's Fling with Charlie.

The soon to be Mrs. Antonio Villargovea.

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