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Friday, April 17, 2015

Remembering Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby ..............

There are so many of you to thank as we remember the Life, Spirit and Heart of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby.
The American Political Power Couple that could of been.
** Blogger's Note: Its been a little over 24 hours since (and its still hurts to keyboard my thoughts through the upward and deep downward swells of grieving) we who were so fortunate to know Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby, were shocked to learn of his sudden death Tuesday evening. The pain of losing a "Larger than Life Man of Character" of Michael's stature, has been offset by the like size show of support from legions of his friends and colleagues. Many have taken the time to honor Michael by giving witness to the man, friend, co-worker, mentor and caring human being that Michael was in his Oh-so-brief time with us. I personally want to thank each one of you who have taken the time to honor my late (those last four letters were heartbreaking and tear-flowing to key) blogging colleague, who took a chance on a "spoll-challenged commentator" ......., and for that, I will be infinitely grateful. In the days ahead, I plan on revisiting and honoring, not only "The Bloggin Mayor Sam Persona of Michael", but the complete person that was Michael Higby. That said, this endeavor to honor our dear friend needs YOU. Please help by contributing whatever testimonials, pictures, mementos you can (you can email me at redspotincd14@yahoo.com) so that this cyber-creation of Michael, can also act as an infinite cyber-memorial to our beloved friend---Scott Johnson.
** Please note that I will be posting a special "Sunday Bloggin Tributes to Mayor Sam" later this weekend. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Our Sincere Thanks to Mayor Eric Garcetti
Eric Garcetti @ericgarcetti 21 hours ago
Sad to learn of the passing of Michael Higby - an important voice for our city. RIP - from one mayor to another.



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