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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Morning Brief on the State of City Political Machine for Hump Day

Will anyone remember the "2015 Safe State of the City Address" come 2017?
Back to the Basic Telepromptive Messaging?
Safe ............
Come 2017 when a certain "Tepid Latinanglo Mayor" faces the dwindling voting masses in his bid for a Second Term, "safe" is how Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to be seen as the basic choice to continue as the elected leader of the nation's second largest city.
Just how Mayor Garcetti stakes his claim to being the "Safe Choice" for another term in 2017, is raising eyebrows on the morning after his mid-First Term "State of the City Address" at Cal State Northridge, considering the following pronouncements/policy initiatives relayed via the assembled teleprompters.
Garnering the most attention this AM, is Mayor's goal to grow the "Metropolitan Division" of the LAPD to a level of 200 officers in response to a spike in violent crimes city wide.
Seeking to "own the spike", Mayor Garcetti's proposal to double the size of Metro's force is creating its own spike of basic questioning on the possible ramifications to the thinly-stretched patrol staffs in areas such as the Northeast and Hollenbeck Divisions, where Metro Division reassignments are leaving unfilled vacancies ......., and empty squad cars.
In addition to pledging the doubling of Metro, the Rhodes Scholar turned Mayor, announced the creation of a new LAPD Unit to focus on "Relationship Policing".
Please pardon the momentary pause .........., but just what is "Relationship Policing Mayor Garcetti?"
In my life experience in CD 14, the examples I can recollect that could suffice include neighborhood foot patrols where residents can build a rapport with the assigned officers ........., or the CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar conceived "Political Relationship Policing", where assigned officers are given numerical grading for "Loyalty Building" and "Enforcing the Influence" of the local Officeholder on the populace (allegedly).
The Mayor's (Re-election) Relationship Building also blessed the Gang Reduction, Youth Development (GRYD) Program with a proposed $5.5 Million dollars increase in funding, which surely brought smiles to the likes of Legacy LA's Lou Calanche, El Centro del Pueblo's Sandra Figueroa-Villa, Soledad Enrichment Action's (SEA) Sister Elisa Martinez and Barrio Action's Tammy Membreno.
With new GRYD RFPs for new contracts currently be made public, the competition among the noted "Connected Non-Profits", may get politically-heated and require its own specialize policing detail, but we digress.
But on a more seriously note, discerning Angelinos should take umbrage at the absence of comment from the current Mayor regarding the growing surge of communal endangerment from the "Correctional Tsunami" created via AB-109 Prison Realignment and Prop 47 (which lower penalties on many crimes).
From upswings in new property crimes in areas such as El Sereno, to an all-out Gang War in Highland Park, Mayor Garcetti, City Attorney Mike Feuer and City Councilpersons such as Gil Cedillo, may find the bumps on the road to re-election in 2017, becoming more pronounce as the repercussions from a failed attempt at Correctional Reform and Dummy Down Criminal Penalties, will cause many to ask a basic question come 2017 ........., are we safe(er) now than compare to 2013?
Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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