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Monday, April 13, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As SEIU 721-represented city employees vote to affirm a strike, Mayor Eric Garcetti nears his mid-term State of the City Address on Tuesday which may garner a larger than expected gathering of discerning observers. 
Will announced, Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Garcetti elaborate further on his "sustainable vision" that comprises his futuristic "pLAn" for Los Angeles? 
Kevin, remember something called Pension Reform?
Its rise and shine time on a tepid, overcast Monday in Ciudad de Los Angeles.
Please pardon the cyber-melancholy mindset, but since the March Elections, the political environment has become sooooo vanilla at 200 Spring Street and the lack of bloggin content  has brought on a case of keyboard doldrums. 
Normally a Mayoral State of the City Address (especially during the Failure Mayor Antonio Villar reign), would be enough to arouse keyboard stimulation, which would translate into bloggin content on various story lines of speculation about the latest self-serving pronouncements (or choice of Telebimbo, but I digress).
But instead, Angelinos will be treated to a vanilla-flavored dissertation on a sustainable vision for a LA tomorrow, tinted in a green vision of a thriving metropolis, with equality for all.
Yet, the reality tomorrow evening will include a city on edge as a "Corrections Tsunami (cause by AB 109 and Prop 47)" spikes the crime rates, city employees talking strike if not granted a pay increase and a electorate who has tuned out the Downtown Machine-driven Establishment (and those who dare speak against it, are labeled "negative" or "trouble makers").
Thus, pardon my current bloggin mindset, that when presented with the choice of indulging in a mid-term speech via a "Tepid Latinanglo Mayor" .........., or anything else, guess which choice wins?
** With no apologies to AB 109 Co-author and now City Attorney Mike Feuer, plus those who voted for Prop 47, the byproduct of these twin "Correctional Tsunamis", prompted dozens of Northeast Los Angeles Stakeholders to attend a Special Meeting of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council, to seek resolution to a gang war that has resulted in thirteen shootings and nine people being shot in the last two months. Sadly, neither CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar or his CD 1 colleague Gil Cedillo were in attendance.
** "The Office Downtown Establishment Fishwrap of Record" (aka The Downtown News), states that (another) former CD-14 Staffer Miguel Vargas, has found gainful employment as the new Executive Director of the Arts District Business Improvement District. The ADLA BID surely wanted to avoid antagonizing the recently re-elected CD-14 City Councilman, unlike the Historic Downtown BID a few years back, when it attempted to hire a supporter of 2011 City Council Candidate Rudy Martinez.
** CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar silenced??
Councilman Huizar showing support for The No H8 Campaign.
As a bloggin Public Service, we endeavor to bring you the latest news regarding the actions (or lack of) of your local Elected Officials.
That said, the photo above of the "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate" via his Facebook Page, merits a quick noting.
In the caption, the self-noting Princeton Graduates states .........., "#‎TBT‬ Here's a photo taken during the Night on Broadway NoH8 photo shoot. We must remind ourselves to always stand together against discrimination and bullying of all kinds".
We sincerely hope that the recent recipient of 14,000 votes (out of a district population 250,000), will back his talk, with the walk in his next extended term, by insuring equality in constituent services and condemning those who would attempt to denigrate, discriminate and (cyber) bully those in the majority (of the register voters), who chose not to support his re-election.
Your thoughts ...................
Scott Johnson in CD 14


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