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Monday, March 23, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Its Official!! After a brief hiatus, we're bloggin back to bring you our take on the final tally of the vote in the recent March Elections ......., and guess who bought, whoops, garnered the highest count of ballots for another term?
 The "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate" masters the art of courting support (for a price, allegedly).
13,704 CD 14 residents (out of a population of 250,000 constituents) are to be commended for insuring another four years (plus eighteen months thanks to Charter Amendment 1 & 2) of loyalty-based constituent services (for a designated price, allegedly).
Despite all the rumors to the contrary, a certain blogger did not become Hollenbeck Park Catfish food in the aftermath of CD 14 City Councilman Jose "The Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate" Huizar's sweeping reelection .........., but we hear that Mrs. Huizar has been blessed with a new set of wheels, but I digress.
As of Friday, for those who still refuse to accept the blunt reality that copious allocations of General Council Purposes Fund Grants to targeted community groups, mixed with hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions, along with outside/inside Independent Expenditures Committee cash, can buy you office space at 200 Spring Street ........., behold the final, official count of the vote via the City Clerk.  
Nadine Momoyo Diaz, 913 votes, 4.35%.
Jose Huizar, 13,704 votes, 65.43%.
John O'Neill, 483 votes, 2.30%.
Mario Chavez, 774 votes, 3.69%
Gloria Molina, 5,099 votes, 24.31%
There is no need to continue dwelling (maybe merely posting the final tally of expenditures will suffice?) on the "money-root causes" for the "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate's" sweeping victory ......, but we should note that 7,000 plus constituents did choose to vote for someone else. Thus, rest assure that this CD 14 cyber outpost will still act as the objective dissimulator of bloggin commentary as a wayward "Tonto Huevon" pays off his "debts of reelection gratitude's" to the Downtown Special Interests.
** We ponder whether anyone has bother "to hack the final, official results" of the crowded CD 4 City Council Elections to Tomas O'Grady? The multi-tasking, Non-Profit, School Gardening Crusader/now former CD 4 City Council Candidate, took a election standing step back, as the final tally of the vote had him placing third to Carolyn Ramsey and David Ryu.
Carolyn Ramsey, 3,719 votes, 15.25%
David Ryu, 3,634 votes, 14.90%
Tomas O'Grady, 3,427 votes 14.05%  
** LACCD Board of Trustee Seat # 1 Candidate Francesca Vega can surely blame her loss to Andra Hoffman to the "Other Woman Candidate" Maria "Sokie" Quintero considering that Quintero garnered 26,953 votes.
** Who among current LAUSD School Board Members Tamar Galatzan, Bennett Kayser and Richard "Dr. Death" Vladovic, will survive their respective May Runoffs? Surely, expect major money to be spent in outing Kayser and protecting Galatzan and Vladovic, from "Private Citizen/Mercenary Campaign Consultant" John Shallman's new Charter School friends.
Your thoughts ............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Anonymous Anonymous said:

You should take info from the City Ethics Commission and do a cost $$ per vote for each candidate.

March 25, 2015 5:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I guess Huevon's CD14 is back to it neglect, now that he was reelected.
There has been a stack of matress's
on the median on Huntingdon Drive near the half completed veterans memorial For the last three days.
Huevon had the nerve to send out campaign material with pictures of Gloria Molina district with couches, matress, trash and graffiti.
As if he took care of CD 14, that it was immaculate.
Just look around. All he did was a show for reelection.
The memorial is missing the benches and the plaques of all the branches of military service.
Didn't bother to call 311.
maybe Huevon will see them on the grand opening of his contributor Big Saver Market and get embrassed.
Oh I forgot he has no shame.
Maybe all you fools will regret supporting him.
Maybe he will screw you out of his promise for votes, like he screwed Nadine Godoy.
The county supervisor district is so large compared to CD14.
And he thinks he can be mayor, just because he got 11,063 votes.
That not even one small community in CD14.
I guess it's time to move out of CD14 or city of Los Huevoness

March 26, 2015 12:36 AM  

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