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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ooops!! The Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine in Trouble........., Again

The "Father Figure" of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine Congressman Tony Cardenas, is facing FBI scrutiny for his District Director Gabriela Marquez's "assigned work duties" on the Congressional Payroll. 
Smile and say FBI on three!!
** Blogger's Note: Its official and part of the Congressional Record ........., Congressman Tony Cardenas (and the Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine) is being investigated by the FBI. With the formal confirmation that Congressman Cardenas District Director Gabriela Marquez was subpoenaed by a Federal Grand Jury operating out of the United States District Court on Spring Street in Downtown LA, further scrutiny will surely center on the campaign-related activities of the paid underlings of Congressman Cardenas and his allies. As Mayor Sam reported during the recent CD 6 Campaign, paid staffers from the offices of Councilwoman Nury Martinez, Councilman Felipe Fuentes and as we note below, Congressman Cardenas Staffer Gabriela Marquez, spent multiple days observing the vote count, that saw the upset of fellow machine member Raul Bocanegra by now Assemblywoman Patty Lopez. Roll Call Online reports that the FBI spent a few hours interviewing Marquez in her home roughly three weeks ago. According to a source, the FBI asked questions about whether staffers in Cárdenas’ office worked on campaign-related activities while being paid for official office time. What is not clear is whether the FBI was questioning Marquez about campaign work related to her boss ......., or campaign work related to other associates of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine---Scott Johnson. 
As evident on Line 6, Congressman Tony Cardenas District Director Gabriela Marquez's duties include observing vote counts in a local Assembly Race.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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