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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Sunday Witnessing to the Character of Michael Higby

On this "Seventh Day", we give Witness to the Man of Character that was Michael Higby.
 The Sunday Sun rises to give light to a "Seventh Day Witnessing" on the Character of Michael.
** Blogger's Note: Please forgive me for the lateness of this post as I have spent the last 24 hours dealing with a bout of food poisoning/intestinal issues. My temporary weaken state of body, has been partially alleviated by the large numbers of testimonials on the Bigger-than-Life Persona of Michael Higby. In fact, so many of you have given of your time to share testimonials on Michael, that my plan to highlight your comments today, deserve the justice of a better focus mind (free from the ravages of intestinal issues). Yet on this Seventh Day, I want to share with all, the witnessing of Edna Liza Cerritos below, on the mentoring impact Michael had on her young life. Many who have follow this blog since its inception, will remember that Michael was never beyond giving a young person an opportunity to contribute to the content, as exampled by Belmont High School Graduate Jennifer Solis. Those who knew Michael will also remember his work with the United States Junior Chamber Organization (Jaycees) and its endeavors of community service. For those who only knew Michael for his contribution to the local political bloggin discourse, there was so much more that made up his complete "Body of Character" than what may of been keyboard on a "Mayor Sam Hotsheet" on any given day. Thus, as we continue to share our thoughts on the life and impact of Michael Higby, lets honor the legacy of our friend, by witnessing his mentoring impact, as given by a "Future Mayor Sam Contributor" (** The LA Daily News will have a story on the Passing of Michael Higby in Monday's Edition)---Scott Johnson.
Hello everyone, A few minutes ago I wrote on Mayors page. Thank you for sharing all the awesome stories of "Mayor" Michael Higby . I am deeply saddened. I called him "Mayor and he called me "Mini or Mini Mayor" I would like to share here with you what I wrote to him on his page. I am not the best writer but I try my best.
Mayor had added me to this page so I can meet all of you one day.

Hi "Mayor" Michael Higby I am deeply saddened. Words can not express how I feel .The last... message was at 4:30 on Wednesday April 15th.I wondered why you were not tweeting or sending messages. I remember you saying you were going to the dentist. So, I did not want to bother you. On April 16th I was no feeling well was feeling down. I was worried I did not get the daily "Wake Up Mini Go to school " message!...I was thinking all day you might have gotten your tooth pulled and maybe resting. By 6:30 yesterday I checked a message from Elizabeth. I had no idea of what had happend. I showed it to my mom and she said to check twitter. I went into shock and can not believe as of yet. Every time my phone bloopz(rings) I think it's you sending me something to read or saying something funny. Tears roll down my eyes each time this happens. But I know you wouldn't like for me to be sad. I want to Thank you for being a cool friend to me, mom and grandma. For encouraging me to be strong and speaking up when something is not right. Thank you for the hundreds of messages about Politics and how you made me open my eyes and made me aware of many issues. Thank you for being my friend and mentor. I know we were suppose to blog and maybe write a book one day. I was to be the mini photographer for Mayorsam. Thank you for encouraging me that women can learn and do anything when they put their mind to it. I think I might learn to code like you said and maybe blog. Thank you for encouraging me to do good in school and the importance of an education. I also wanted to share I just received another College acceptance and I just got this cool Internship a few minutes ago. You would have been so happy for Mini.
I know you would have said "Good Job Mini" Well Mayor I believe that people never really die. I know you are still here in spirit. Everyone is saying awesome things about you in the Foothills page, twitter, Fb.
You, did Awesome things in this Life "Mayor"
Your BFF friend Mini Mayor
Political Consultant John Thomas holding this blogger's 50th B-day Gift to Michael.



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