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Sunday, September 09, 2012

"Mayor Vanity Villar" in Full Spin Defense over DNC Platform Debacle

"How dare you Mayor Sam, to grade and question my DNC Chairperson performance"! I find your grading of me inflammatory!! 
Memo to "Northern Boyle Heights" (ie. unincorporated county neighborhood of City Terrace) native Mayor Antonio Ramon Villar (or just "Tony" as we know him in the hood), narcissus vanity and lying, are a bad mix for spinning out of this latest political crisis of your own creation.
As most of the local, state and national political community have judged by now, your national political audition at the just concluded Democratic National Convention, merited the same grade as your multiple attempts to pass the California BAR Exam, F-A-I-L!! Que No?
Sorry to be so harsh Tony, but as someone who grew up across the freeway from your remarried Mom's home and lived within the shadows of the Villar Family parish (before your subsequent conversion to the religion of narcissus self-worship), this latest political fiasco, mixed with the well-chronicled tales of your past, makes this assessment, all too simple (just as simple as it was to read the teleprompter during your now infamous platform debacle).
Sadly, for the future of your political career and predictable to longtime observers of the "Villar Brand", the inner-machismo of your being, is making worse this latest debacle via these comments below to the formerly "LA Antonio Times" ** Notice the denial, blustery and vain tone of your comments Tony? I think naught.

“Not one person objected. (the denial) It’s more a media concern than a delegate concern.(the bluster) I can tell you this — the president of the United States said, ‘Wow.’ The president said, ‘You showed why you were speaker of the California Assembly,’” Villaraigosa said. (..... and oh, the narcissus vanity!!) “The president, the vice president, Mrs. Obama, all of them acknowledged the decisive way I handled that.” (in reality ouch! took a blow to my political privates for the party, thus, lowering my chances of any future, national political incarnations).

But maybe Tony, your "inner political machismo" needs to review the video ........., again.

The video doesn't lie, unlike a certain fail mayor.
After reviewing the video (and LMAO again!), I can understand Tony why you are in denial over those three minutes of democratic party reality, "flash backs". Tony, remember those younger Villar days, when the "Hazard Homies' would attempt to jump you on your way to Santa Teresita and you would do your best "Pollovillar", in running away? What happen to you in Charlotte was that the hard left, Jew-hating, god-loathing majority (judging from the voice vote on the video) of your democratic party, "jumped you and the party establishment" during the rigged platform charade, and unlike past episodes in your life (both political and personal), the inner "Pollovillar" had no escape route out of this "political jumping". 
But as you have in the past Tony, instead of taking the consequences of this latest political jumping like a man, you revert back to your predictable revisionist behavior as exampled by this quote, again in the formerly "LA Antonio Times".

“It was a lot of ado about nothing,” the mayor said Friday. Villaraigosa said that when reporters told him after the vote that they did not clearly hear two-thirds support, he responded, “That’s nice to know. I was the chairman and I did, and that was the prerogative of the chair.” 

That's strange because your all-knowing DNC teleprompter friend had the same point of view Tony.

   A Tony Villar like-minded teleprompter.

So Tony, how did you and your new DNC teleprompter buddy come to the same conclusion regarding the platform vote? Does your new teleprompter buddy repeat each word uttered by you verbatim? Who introduce you to your teleprompter buddy? Maybe it was the President Barack "H" Obama himself, who brought you two together, who knows? It must be nice to have an teleprompter friend who is so like-minded, that it resembles a wide screen incarnation of you (without the ahhhs). Yet in retrospect, I would've been more guarded about the "Chicago-like political tendencies" of your DNC teleprompter brother, in the wake of your platform debacle.

Thus Tony, as we close out these thoughts on your fail national political audition, here is some closing advise as a former neighbor (and discerning, deconstructing blogger). When the clock strikes midnight on July 1, 2013, move away quickly from your damaging eight year reign as the fail administrator of the nation's second's largest city and retreat somewhere (maybe drinking buddy Keith Brackpool has a crash pad and consulting gig waiting for you again?), to reflect inwards on the inner self-destructive behavior of one "Antonio Ramon Villar" aka Tony (minus the "Raigosa family values branding").

Reach out to your old loyal driver, errant boy, losing campaign consultant of choice Michael "MEAT" Trujillo. Have him pick up some cold ones (with paper bag wraps) and have MEAT drive you to that favorite hillside location of your youth in City Terrace, where the both of you can drink to past victories and too numerous recent political defeats. But in your hillside reflections, I would not give any thoughts to a possible future political incarnation as "California Governor Antonio Villar", for there is a certain Bay Area Lt. Governor and a majority of Californians, who will all come together to give you a "Political Blanket Party" on a election day. Que No Tony?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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