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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Classic MayorSam: The Anyone But Antonio Meme

More from the MayorSam archives as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa leads Barack Obama's three day infomercial in Charlotte. Here's when even the left leaning bloggers turned on the Mayor prior to his re-election.

The Mayor and his minions have launched a "campaign" that is almost comical in it's lies, distortions and mistruths when it comes to representing his record over the last four years (or would that be acutally the 161 days he actually worked on City business?).

If you've read this blog you're familiar with all his mis-doings from Mirthala to toilets to more serious matters like the fiscal health of the city.  You know how big of a kleptocracy Los Angeles has become. So its not a surprise that blogs beyond this one are starting to call for rejection of this 11% mayor.

Not known for being a radical MetBlogs' David Markland gets the ball rolling asking voters to "head to the polls March 3rd and vote for anyone BUT Antonio."  Next Joseph Mailander at Street Hassle picks it up hat tipping to Markland and saying that the Mayor and his handlers have "denied democracy to Los Angeles" this election season.  Fishbowl LA is next to chime in offering that Markland's "reasoning is sound."

So who's next?

Image from Fishbowl LA

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