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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

"Telebimbo Numero Uno Mirthala Salinas".

For the eligible aspiring Telebimbos that will be within proximity of Mayor Villar this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, we bring you in Mirthala's own words, what type of man Tony V. is in the presence of young Telebimbos.
What was he like? (when cheating on his wife)Mirthala Salinas smiles fondly and takes a deep breath. (flash back moments of pleasure) “A happy person. (happy to cheat with Telebimbo twenty years younger) A good-hearted person. Humble (????). Outgoing but cautious (no messages of love on city-owned Blackberry please!!). Not shy, but he observes people (what Telebimbo or chulita is next). Like I can be outgoing, but I’m shy (Fabian and Tony laugh at that), and I think he’s more outgoing (especially with women), but cautious (cheating on wife can cause loss of approval ratings). And, you know, I don’t blame him (what about Corina?). In the world he’s in, it’s hard (but you made it easy). He’s slow in getting to know you (Ahhhh?), but he’s a very positive person, very energetic person (Viagra?). He’s very—what’s the word? Positive (unlike the state of the city)? Like in his mind, there’s no room for negative thinking. Everything is good. Life is beautiful (especially with a younger Sancha).” 

Thus, you have the "face" of "Democratic Family Values".

He's Back in the Foothills seeking Tax Assessments!!
 Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy/Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority Strongman Joe Edmiston.
Once again the residents of the Santa Monica Mountains are facing future fiscal bites to the wallet, from none other than the reigning "political predator" of open space SMMC/MRCA's Joe Edmiston. KABC 790 AM Morning Drive Host and Daily News Columnist Doug McIntyre has the details ........
Measure HH would slap a $24 per parcel tax on land east of the 405, including the Hollywood Hills, while Measure MM will ding property owners west of the 405 $19 a year for the next 10 years. Stolarz claims the money will allow the MRCA to maintain and acquire additional open space, parkland, wildlife corridors, natural habitats, waters and facilities in two "zones" targeted for taxation by Joe Edmiston.

Lets get real, the money goes towards sustaining Ranger Joe's (who wears hat and carries gun) fiefdom with perks for his political friends..

Looking for the Political Special Someone (political failure) to Share your DNC Experience?
Beyond the toughness is well ...........
The Downtown News Editor and Scribe of Wit once again channels the inner persona of former City Terrace tough guy, turn progressive politico Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Thus, if you are a single brunette aspiring telebimbo, we have your match. 
Impossible Dreamer Seeks Same: Who says all the good ones are taken? Mentally and physically buff mayor (I once worked out so much my rings stopped fitting) in search of refined Democratic lady for laughs, dancing and midnight subway rides to the sea. My hobbies: planting 1 million trees, giving out rain ponchos to protesters and appearing on national television. I’ve got a never-say-die attitude and dream about making things better, and if you have the same dream and no longer read local newspapers because you’re turned off by the Negative Nellies, then we should meet and have lunch. And maybe some sex. 

Disclosure: He comes with mansion with an termination date of July 1, 2013.

Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14          

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