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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Lincoln Heights Townhall on Education this evening

Expect some fireworks if all invited panelists attend this event.
Great beautiful Hump Day to all as the political kitchen heats up in Ciudad de Los Angeles.
If you are so incline to engage in some civic dialog this evening, then plan on attending the "Take Back Tomorrow Town Hall Meeting in Lincoln Heights Just judging from the invited panelists listed on the flyer above, the potential for an extensive discussion of the issues rates at even money (and even better for potential verbal fireworks considering who is hosting the event)
In the spirit of engagement, we suggest asking these questions to the following panelists this evening.
First LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia, how can you state your support for new tougher graduation standards while a Charter School such as Academia Semillas del Pueblo dumbs down its test scores?
Second LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy, care to comment on the LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia led vote to overturn your recommendation to not renew the charter for Academia Semillas del Pueblo?
Third Councilman Ed Reyes, will you pledge not to support any request for a beer and wine license at the 7-eleven store next to this facility, now or in the future?
Fourth Councilman Jose Huizar, is it appropriate for your supported, connected-non-profit and GRYD sub-contractor Legacy LA, to endorse more beer and wine licenses in sensitive communities, including the neighborhood around the El Arco facility?
Fifth Father Greg Boyle, state why Homeboy Industries is a partner with the Fifteen Group plans to built high rise condos (and potentially displacing hundreds of low income families) at the historic Wyvernwood Apartments, that Councilman Huizar even opposes? 
Sixth 51st Assembly District Candidate Arturo Chavez, will you pledge to keep dirty City of Vernon money from being use outside of its boundaries, to support pet projects of State Senator Kevin De Leon?
We hope this Townhall attracts a large crowd this evening and hope the Q & A stimulates a free form discussion of the issues. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

I would join you, but I can no longer listen to Monica Garcia tell us how wonderful the schools are doing, specially Roosevelt High School, and the Director saying they are so excited!!!! what is so wonderful about dropping 85 points in one year. only the magnet small school out of seven other little schools in RHS, t increase to, the rest received FROM 521 TO 600 API, THIS IS NOT WONDERFUL OR EXCITING, They are excited about student being accepted to a 4 year university, guess what, this has been done for the last sixty years, Hello, we had student accepted to a 4yr from the time I graduated from RHS s66. Now you call it Magnets, in 66 we were identify as R-Students. This partnership believe they have come up with all this ideas, when in fact they been there all the time, what is new? What it should be a more responsible administration to improve education and retain students in school, 66% drop out is not wonderful or exciting. Lets talk about the other 95% of the students, not just magnet students. The partnership PLAS must go, and maybe Monica Garcia should follow too. Student accepted to 4yrs from RHS has been a tradition since the beginning of the School, I graduated S66 and we had students already gear to go to college, they actually had a College prep classes.

May 09, 2012 12:50 PM  

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