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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre-Gobble, Gobble Day "Political Dumplings" via the Los Angeles Political Machine

Los Angeles Times choice of companion photo to go with its City Councilman Jose Huizar's Medical Marijuana Ban Proposal story that appears in today's paper.
Great Pre-Gobble, Gobble Getaway Day as many prep to endure government-sanction groping at LAX and other airports near you and judging from the LA Times photo choice above, the editors at the Old Gray Hag on Spring Street did not want to waste anytime in panning CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's latest effort to cast himself as tough on Medical Marijuana. One can gather from the photo above, that the Princeton grad as been spending ample time in Eagle Rock "studying the affects" of Medical Marijuana on his constituents in the Northeast (munchies and laughter come to mind).
** Meanwhile Councilman Huizar's "Political Papi" Mayor Antonio Villar is having some regressive moments on his supposed deal with the "Red Rabble on the South Lawn" and his "Maywood moment" regarding his "wavering stance" on the 30 day impound sanctions for unlicensed drivers. Goes to show that Mayor Villar still has those instincts that protected him in his youth from the likes of gangsters in Hazard and other neighborhoods. Now, City Hall observers wonder if this Monday's supposed deadline for the Red Rabble to depart City Hall grass space, will be a "hard deadline".
** Amazing how a little LA Times David Zahniser "unwanted attention", can create havoc among the city's lobbyist community, witness the sudden withdrawl of the Dakota and Cerrell Communications Groups contract proposals to the troubled Redistricting Commission.
** We bring a quick preview of our regular feature "Another Soulvine Thursday with Betty Pleasant" which will appear tomorrow in whole for your Thanksgiving pleasure.
Betty on CD 15:      
TAKING SIDES — The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor overwhelmingly endorsed Assemblyman Warren Furutani to replace Hahn as City Council member for the 15th District Monday. The County Fed’s endorsement of Furutani places the two candidates in the January runoff with clearly contrasting bases of support. Last week, the L.A. Chamber of Commerce, representing large downtown business interests, endorsed Furutani’s opponent, the cop, who was a registered Republican until he began his campaign for City Council. Furutani, on the other hand, is a life-long Democrat, is endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and is an experienced and effective fighter for good jobs and working  families. (** Betty did not get the notice of the firefighter and his union UFLAC, who endorsed the cop yesterday).
** Lastly as a public service, we provide this visual after the jump, on the proper stance for exposing yourself to those who protect the traveling public at our airports TSA. Safe travels and joyest Thanksgiving to all.
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

Assume the Position!! 
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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round and round we go!! where it stops no one knows!!

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