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Friday, November 18, 2011

"Another Soulvine Thursday for 11-17-11" via Columnist Betty Pleasant

Its time for the (South LA) world according to Los Angeles Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant.
We bring you the latest weekly installment for 11-17-11, of "Another Soulvine Thursday" via the keyboard of longtime African-American Journalist Betty Pleasant. Sit back and read Betty's latest musing on local current affairs. (S.J.)
Betty on Janice Hahn for Congress:
Officials in the city of Lynwood this week joined their counterparts in South Gate, Long Beach, Carson and Los Angeles in backing the re-election of Rep. Janice Hahn in the new 44th Congressional District. Good for them, too.
Betty does CD 15:
Which reminds me, the results of last week’s election to replace Hahn as the 15th District councilmember, gives me pause. The stalwart Assemblyman Warren Furutani came in second to that other guy — the cop. So, there will be a runoff between a seasoned and proven multifaceted representative of the people and a cop. Yeah, and that’s just what the Los Angeles City Council needs — another cop on it. Not!!!
Betty "hearts" CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes:
I just realized this week that Ed Reyes is being termed-out of his 1st District seat. That makes me very sad. Reyes is one of the few good guys on the council. He will be sorely missed. (Unless, of course, his replacement is a person of the people and not a pawn of the power brokers.)
.... but Betty has no heart for Councilwoman Jan Perry:
I saw where 9th District council member Jan Perryresigned her post as the council’s president pro tem because she is troubled by “private” talks that have taken place over replacing Garcetti as president. What is this?! Perry has been an active participant, herself, in these “private” talks for almost two years now! I repeat, what is this? Could it be a lame attention-getting ploy on the part of a mayor wannabe? Or is it her way of casting some kind of aspersions on Councilman Herb Wesson,who is the only person I’ve heard mentioned as a successor to Garcetti and is a person Perry has come to visibly and viscerally despise. What is this?! I have to find out what this is. I have to hold some private talks.
Quincy Jones plays endorsement for Los Angeles County District Attorney:
The country’s uber musician, Quincy Jones, has stepped over to his social activist side and endorsed Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers for district attorney. He said that while he is impressed by Meyers’ credentials as an accomplished trial lawyer and veteran criminal prosecutor, he is especially moved by the amount of time she’s spent outside the D.A.’s office to ensure the justice system is working. “Danette’s broader community perspective is key to the effective pursuit of justice, and I wholeheartedly support her as the next district attorney of Los Angeles,” Jones said.
Thats a wrap on the South L.A. world according to Betty.
Scott Johnson in CD 14



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