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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Saturday Morning Revisionist Reading from "JOSE's (Huizar) Blog"

Kudos deserved for enriching the One Percent Developer Community.
Only in CD 14, would we (Elva Yanez and Marcos Aguilar) celebrate selling a 25% chunk of the $9 Million Dollars "surplus property" of Elephant Hill to Joe Edmiston's SMMC/MRCA for $500,000, in the name of preserving open space.
Blogger notes: Its been a while, but since CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's re-election, blog postings on his official website have been few and far between. Thus, with his latest posting on Elephant Hill, we once again bring you a revisioning reading of the truth, via the Boyle Heights Princeton Graduate (with our reality-based comments in bold)---Scott Johnson. ** Also, we provide this link to Tony Butka's NELA lives blog post on Wednesday's Elephant Hill proceedings at City Hall
 In a significant victory for open-space preservation and protecting natural habitat (or perserving Huizar supporter Elva Yanez back yard view), the City Council voted unanimously this week to sell 5 acres (more like land liquidation sale) of Elephant Hill in El Sereno to theMountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) to permanently protect and preserve this as open space. (or deposit in Joe Edmiston's "land bank")

I supported the El Sereno community and fought to protect 19 acres of Elephant Hill against a large housing development plan (which I exempted under the new Northeast ICO) that doubled in size over the years and threatened to eradicate an open-space hillside that had been enjoyed by the community for decades. The City of Los Angeles bought the land as part of a lawsuit settlement. (more like paid $9 Million dollars for inflated land so that my fundraiser Ben Reznik would keep quiet about some past deals) 

The MRCA proposes a 5-acre trail development from one side of the hill to the other and will assume full maintenance and make infrastructure and drainage improvements. Working with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the MRCA are now applying for a Prop 84 urban greening grant of $1.8 million for Elephant Hill. (What about paying back the $9.1 Million Payout to Reznik's client?) Wednesday’s City Council action in favor of my motion to approve the sale received overwhelming support from the El Sereno community and open-space advocates (Without notice to the community or LA-32 Neighborhood Council)                        .

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