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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Downtown Historic BID: "Councilman Huizar's Office Black Ball Roberto Saldana"

Former counsel to Broadway Property Owner Joseph Hellen Roberto Saldana found out today that comments like these below get you "black ball" in Councilman Huizar's CD 14 Fiefdom. Especially if you are seeking a Executive Director position to the Historic Downtown BID. 
"In the years José Huizar has been in office, there have been no improvements along Broadway," Saldaña says. "He has done nothing. Just because he says he's 'bringing back Broadway' doesn't mean he's accomplishing it." "You could get hurt walking or lose a transmission in some of the potholes," Saldaña says. Large sections of sidewalk between Fifth and Sixth streets have been patched with 4-by-8-foot pieces of plywood so the mostly Latino shoppers don't fall 20 feet to a subterranean parking lot. Saldaña says Mideb was forced to do that because the city permitting process got gummed up, and Huizar has been no help.
As we reported yesterday, the Historic Downtown BID convene today to select a new Executive Director from among three finalist that did not include Saldana (to Huizar's blessing). The finalists were Richard Garcia, Tara Jones-Hamacher and Blair Beston. Beston was selected for the position after close session, some sharp exchanges among board members and comments from the audience. It was made clear by a board member during the meeting, that Saldana was not a finalist because Councilman Huizar's Office "Black Ball" him.

Below we have uploaded videos which include Developer Tom Gilmore, the candidate' presentations and the final selection announcement. Rest assure, that you will be reading more about this latest episode of another community organization, bowing to the "Huizar Way".
 Downtown Icon Brady Westwater talking to Developer Tom Gilmore.
Members of the Historic Downtown BID listening to a business presentation. Heavy decision making regarding new Executive Director (that has Councilman Huizar's blessing) pending.
Downtown developer Tom Gilmore calling out the BID for 'selling their soul to Councilman Huizar.

Executive Director Candidate Richard Garcia.
Executive Director Candidate Tara Jones-Hamacher.
Executive Director Candidate Blair Beston.
..and the announcement of Blair Beston in the new Executive Director (with Huizar's Blessing)
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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