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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Gatto Truther's" take on upcoming 39th Assembly District Race

 Burbank Democrat Club Political Director Kevin Harrop "running counter" for Assemblyman Mike Gatto
"Its time to discuss upcoming political races from a Gatto Truther perspective".

Blogger notes: Hmmmm, whats with the Gatto Truthers proprietors of the Burbank Blogger? Once an exclusive bloggin, astro-turfing exercise in praising all things Gatto and maliciously bashing rational dissent of their leader, the bloggers are broadening their political knowledge away from the protected shadows of the Dario "Duhio" Frommer commanded "Mothership of AD 43". Thus in extending a bloggin open hand, we offer our critique (in bold) of the Burbank Blogger's observation on the upcoming 39th AD Election, ..... and we promise no "scorched-earth deconstruction" of your post. Join us after the jump.---Scott Johnson

From the Burbank Blogger with our comments (in bold).

As part of our ongoing series on the contested races in neighboring areas, (we linked to some comments on your initial effort, not good ....) we bring you our piece on Assembly District 39, a San Fernando Valley district that touches our fair (not good?) burgh up by the airport areas.(how many airports do yo have in Burbank?)  It's a Northeast Valley centered (que?) district.  The race so far pits just two candidates: Los Angeles City Councilman ** Richard Alarcon versus Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes' Chief of Staff, ** Raul Bocanegra.  Both have raised formidable sums.(** we provideed links to Cal Access in the spirit of cooperation, nice to see who has donated and who is getting paid as Kevin can relate to) 

The way we see it: This race comes down to whether or not the voters of the Northeast Valley read the newspaper.(good chance they don't)  Why?  Because Richard Alarcon is facing 18 felony counts for having the chutzpah to allegedly live in another house while serving on the council.(that would be the "CD 2/7 councilperCON")  However he has great name ID (and booking numbers), probably the best of anyone in the Valley.  People, especially poor Latinos, feel like they KNOW him.(aka "The Zorro Marxist")

Bocanegra is young and smart, and works for the very effective, very intelligent Felipe Fuentes.( is this why the LA weekly wrote the following about Fuentes?)  That's a major feather in his cap.  He has a kind of odd name for Spanish speakers though (no comprende gabachos), and will have to spend more to surmount Alarcon's name ID.(yada, yada)

Some think this is about scandal, but there's really nothing worse for Alarcon to come out than what has come out already.(still an indicted felon)

Conclusion: In our humble opinion (no way!), Bocanegra and the voters of the 39th and the (capital s please)tate of California deserve(s) a Bocanegra victory.  Alarcon has played musical chairs for too long (perceptive), holding this Assembly seat for just a couple weeks last time until the Council position manifested.  Voters ought to give a fresh face a chance to come in.
(unless Mayor Villar grants Bocanegra a paying Public Works Commission appointment like Cindy Montanez and AlarCON's daughter)  

** Final analysis? Not ready for MSNBC or Burbank Public Access, try again later ..........

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Blogger g said:

mike gatto wants to add changes to the petition process. some of his ideas are good but the fear is that legislators will use it to completely change the meaning of signed petition before they move forward on the ballot. this part sounds dangerous to me because it could and probably would give them total control over the process. the idea is to change wordage that could be misinterpreted when the bill became law. sounds nice, but the politians always abuse their power and position. they already have tried to control who and how a petition is circulated which i don't like. a petition in the end is judged by the public and that's how it goes through the process, by blocking this we also block our right to change or write wrongs.

August 31, 2011 3:47 PM  

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