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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Promotional Video for "Stop Killers--Stop Non-revocable Parole" Campaign

Blogger notes: Longtime friend of Mayor Sam Caroline Aguirre forward us this first of hopefully many videos in the campaign to end the practice of "Non-revocable Parole" in California. We have sadly noted in the past on this blog, the harm to our communities by "low-risk parolees" who kill, rape and beat as part of their premature release from prison. Please join in supporting those including retire parole officer Caroline Aguirre, who seek to return sanity to the State of California Parole System--Scott Johnson.

Non-revocable parole (NRP) is a California program that releases "low-risk" criminals from prison on "unsupervised parole." With NRP, prisoners are released onto the streets before their time is fully served. There is no tracking for released criminals, and they can only be sent back to prison for new violations.

California's NRP program was instated in 2010 because the state needed to save money. However, released prisoners have already committed heinous crimes. Search Zackariah Lehnen, a defendent in a DOUBLE MURDER case who was out on NRP. 

NRP needs to stop. Human lives are at stake simply because California wants to save money. Enough is enough. Help revoke NRP

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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