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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Joseph Mailander

Over a period of time a number of comments and statements have appeared on this blog that could be considered insulting, rude, unkind and perhaps defamatory to Joseph Mailander.  Many of these I was not aware of, as I am not a full time paid employee of MayorSam monitoring 24/7, and I myself was shocked by some of those. Other comments may have been made in the back and forth of vitriol between the two blogs and their respective readers/contributors that I do not feel are intended to hurt Joseph Mailander, however he feels otherwise.  In an effort of good faith, I have removed those comments/posts he has requested such. It is not my intent to personally harm or distress any public figure we cover and quite frequently reject many comments not just about Joseph Mailander but elected officials, etc.  Sometimes, the comments fall through the cracks given the volume submitted on a daily basis.

That being said, I extend my personal apology to Joseph Mailander.  I have told Mr. Mailander that going forward, this blog will not mention him by name or otherwise nor link to his blog(s).  We have asked that he extend the same courtesy to us.