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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Phillips: Whitman - Paladino Was Wrong

Wednesday evening KABC talk host John Phillips interviewed Republican Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman where she called out New York GOP candidate Carl Palladino for making anti-gay comments. The story has been picked up by both Yahoo News and the news magazine The Advocate.

On an unrelated note Phillips Thursday will interview porn hustler and former candidate for President and Governor Larry Flynt.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Whitman is now all platitudes and other meaningless catch phrases. I think she's trying to bullshit her way into office. That and $140 million of her own money, and I beleive she's raised another $40 to $50 million dollars.

Who spends $200 million for a job that pays $170,000 unless she has a plan to capitalize off public position?

hmmmmmmm, maybe the answer can be found in all the special interests donations she's received from big corporations such as Goldman Sachs, AT&T, Insurance companies and Oil companies?

Nicky will be glad she's not her housekeeper on November 3rd.

October 14, 2010 3:55 PM  

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