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Monday, April 28, 2008

Open Thread for Monday

Here's your topic:

The LA Times reports that State Senator Mark Ridley Thomas has more endorsements from clergymembers than City Councilman Bernard Parks.

Do you think that will make the difference in the race, or not. Discuss.

Or talk about anything else.

Blog away dum dums.

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Anonymous Captain Jack Sparrow said:

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen (raises mug of tea and smiles): Ah, life on board can be rather pleasant indeed, especially when one is in the fair port of Ensenada having sailed with the rest of the flotilla in the Newport-To-Ensenada regatta. (Waves at Captain Stede Bonnet and Captain DeMarisco. DeMarisco walks up gangplank and boards The Black Pearl). As my lord Mayor Sam pointed out, all one has to do is hook up to the bilge hole on the port side and unload. Especially when it comes to those who have more endorsements than others. But let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about something else, shall we?
(Winks) There are those who are, if you will, the supposed endorsed champions of the environment who would rather that raw sewage flow freely into the city water main(s) that run under the street. (Whispers) This particular sot has the rubber stamp approval of a certain environmental club, savvy?
(Puts down mug and motions for DeMarisco to take seat. DeMarisco takes seat and politely thanks Sparrow for the cup of coffee that is offered. DeMarisco reaches for hip flask, looks around carefully for Mrs. Kefflebaum, and pours three fingers of tequila into coffee. Sparrow grimaces)
As I was saying, there is a sitchy-ation (brought to our attention by a brave soul employed by the City) that a certain endorsed champion of the environment has brewing. But what’s interesting about this is that this sot’s staff has BEGGED the individual involved to keep quiet about the whole mess. (Whispers confidentially) It appears that the City in all of its wisdom, grace and finesse, if you will, has managed to break a household’s sewer line while doing street maintenance. This in turn has not only caused raw sewage to run into the street and over the water main, but it has also caused raw sewage to back up into the residence in question. When the Man Of The House brought this to the attention of a certain sot, the sot and the staff told the Man to be patient, and that all would be fixed in due time.
(Looks at watch and confers with DeMarisco to confirm that the time is in fact the correct time) By my calculations, the Man has been waiting for more than 90 days for his due time to come, while dealing with raw sewage that flows this way and that. Each time the Man has asked that the sitchy-ation be remedied, he is told to be patient. Now the Man is considering what his legal options are. And when word of this reached certain sots, they BEGGED him not to engage an attorney and commence litigation. (DeMarisco rolls eyes and shakes head) Imagine that. A sot and his staff BEGGING a constituent not to sue and to keep quiet about raw sewage flowing this way and that while it was the City’s doing that caused the mess in the first place. And did I mention that all the while, raw sewage continues to flow unchecked into the City street and back up into the Man’s house? (Looks puzzled) I did, didn’t I? (DeMarisco nods) Apparently I did. (Sighs) And this certain sot intends to do ab-sol-lute-ly-no-thing about it, savvy?
(Takes up mug and smiles) If all this comes as a surprise to you, it should not. For we all know that certain sots who are endorsed as champions of the environment really care nothing at all about the environment. Which in turn makes that endorsement, in my opinion, if you will, worth [insert word here], savvy?

April 28, 2008 9:54 AM  

Blogger M Richards said:

It looks to be beyond time that folks all around the greater L.A. area band together and shout, "Enough is Enough" concerning over development in the L.A. Basin.

The City of Los Angeles is in the southwestern part of the Great Mojave Desert basin and as desert dwellers, we can no longer support over development and "weapons of mass development".

Whether it is in Sunland Tujunga, Baldwin Park, Santa Ana, San Pedro, the west side of L.A. and too many other places, the infrastructure can no longer support massive building campaigns that dot our landscape.

In our future, we will have to welcome the two largest ocean-going ships that will ply the oceans. Our traffic problems cannot be solved by the L.A. Department of Transportation, a department so out of touch with reality, they close their eyes to reality and live in the age of the 1960's.

Politicians and others state that there is a demand for more housing in our area. How about we have additions built on these politicians' homes for use by the influx of new residents?

We need to band together. If the folks on the west side of L.A. can get together with folks in Sundland-Tunjungs, C.A.R.A. in Baldwin Park, R Neighborhoods Are 1 in the San Pedro area, and folks having to deal with Bob Bisno in Santa Ana, just as a start, perhaps our combined strenght just might open the eyes of politicians who gather financial support from developers who aren't the real voters in their repspective areas.

Enough is enough! That statement is long overdue. We must demand that our elected officials reign in over developments for a period of time, until we the people can find ways to welcome new neighbors in a manner that supports all of us: Those that are already here and bearing the brunt of the problems, and those that wish to come, to enjoy what WE have worked so hard to build.

April 28, 2008 11:03 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Especially since the net population increase is from illegal immigration and their births, just the facts borne out by County stats and SCAG reports, among other objective data.

The "new huge developments" of biggest concern are for these people, making less than average $25,000 but with some 6-8 kids in our schools, getting our MediCal, welfare, etc. And the masses using mass transit and driving our roads, usually in old cars without license or insurance, and of course without smog checks, too.

Reyes as head of PLUM keeps saying that he wants to put his masses from McArthur Park, those in Glassell Park and elsewhere right into the heart of the hills and the westside and the west valleys.

It's just that the average Angeleno doesn't follow local politics until something sprouts up in their area or right next door, and the MSM is too PC to report on "visions" by him and numskulls on the Planning Committee who let him get away with this, in a criminally intentional misinterpretation of AB1818 to their socialist, political destruction of City Zoning and Community Plans, to put subsidized, low-income housing literally next door to Holmby Park and Brentwood.

The only one talking about this is Bill Boyarsky, in the current issue of the Jewish Journal, "Zev Takes on the Developers," but he's really making it clear that politicians for McArthur Park (read Reyes) want to put those people into Pico/ Robertson and the Valley, among other places. He blames the PC MSM for refusing to report on this, and failing their job to inform people what's being planned. These plans are so crazy, that no one could imagine that the world as they've known it forever in L A is being intentionally destroyed to fit in illegal immigrants on their streets.

"m richards" is rights, these nutcases starting with Reyes as Head of PLUM, should put the illegals on their own yards if they want but leave others alone. Reyes openly keeps saying that those who "put property values above social values, are keeping our kids from living where they should." At this time of prop values way down, he's openly attacking those who want to preserve prop values. Criminal.

If that moron Zuma dogg and others, weren't so intent spying on people like Weiss thanking someone who came for a serious presentation, instead posted YouTubes of Reyes saying this stuff in Council, his mangy existence might actually be almost justified once in a while...

Reyes brought up his attack on R-1 areas in his ramblings about parks, on the occasion of declaring Martin Luther Kind Day -- he used his whole time to attack "the hillside federations and other homeowners" who opposed his insane plans - and every chance he gets. ONLY David Z mentined Reyes' comments in his report on MLK as pertains to Jamiel's Law and MLK "peace day." But even he was afraid to run with it...

Even liberal Rosendahl, Labonge and Hahn challeneged Reyes on his views last week in connection to this kind of talk, LaBonge noting that people aren't aware of what's being said and are very opposed to this kind of talk. (Greuel, Weiss, Smith and others have been actively opposing Reyes all along, especially Weiss on PLUM. Some of the other CM's are just waking up to what he and his allies intend.)

If people wake up to find projects in their hoods, there will finally be the revolution in the streets Zev is talking about, and the clear opposition to illegal immigration and illegal crime won't be contained. But this organization must start with publicizing these way-out, inflammatory "visions" on YouTube, which speak for themselves, not anti-illegal rhetoric which allows the libs and those like the Chief to dismiss it as "immigration haters," as they do. Even the liberal Jews on the westside are mad as hell about this idea, taking away what they've worked their whole lives for to give to those who didn't earn it, and would work with the groups Richards mentions... THEN the useless MSM would have to report it.

April 28, 2008 11:43 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The gang banger mayor was on radio this morning saying its OUR job to do something about the traffic. So.....they will start charging for the car pool lanes thinking this will solve the problem. F----king morons now what will happen is people who can afford to pay to have one person in the car and use the car pool lanes will back up those lanes and now everyone will be sitting in traffic.

April 28, 2008 12:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

12:16: Yes, the way "congestion pricing" will be implemented here is stupid -- taking away a car pool lane instead of adding dedicated toll lanes like on the East Coast and elsewhere in the country. Problem is, we don't have the space even to wide our highways by a lane (look at the fuss on the 405 going through Sherman Oaks and Brentwood, and anger about taking people's homes which has meant scaling back the expansions to where it won't make much difference.)

Also, the feds have offered Cal some $222 million ONLY is there's a toll plan, and we've lost money before by resisting this. So the Mayor can't be blamed for this one. (He and the other Mexican and lib politians CAN be blamed for making this a sanctuary city, which is what's caused this traffic/ population explosion and resulting financial crises in the last decade.)

April 28, 2008 3:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

After the Rev Wright debacle, I dont think ANY politicians want endorsements from ANY "reverends"

April 28, 2008 3:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I think toll roads are a great idea. They have them all over the east and they work very well. Not the $8 and $9 fees you see spoken of here. I'm talking a dollar to go about 26 miles.

People in LA think they shouldn't have to pay for anything AND they want Prop 13. They want it all.

Big city, big taxes. So move. Better yet, fight the stupid things at city hall like all those fleets and fleets of cars, gasoline and car washes we pay for or all those fee waivers that waste hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, if not a week. Tell your neighbors, join your neighborhood council, vote and get others to also. Only you can change the government.

April 28, 2008 3:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Oh yes, church is deeply imbedded in the black culture and it will too matter. Especially if they do illegal things like preach from the pulpit and tell the members who to vote for. They should lose their tax-free status when they do that. Wright should have lost his church when he did that preaching atrocity.

April 28, 2008 3:54 PM  

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