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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Governor Announces Cabinet-Level Office for Volunteerism

It may not comes as a news flash for some--as it was reported in a few outlets yesterday--but I was excited to hear about this announcement and the fact that it was done here in town at Cal State Northridge. The Governor's line "help me create a California of the heart" reminded me of the writings of Bill Shore and his volunteer manifesto, Revolution of the Heart.


LA Times coverage by Amanda Covarrubias

Speaking in a crowded hall at Cal State Northridge, he said he hoped the change would inspire other states to establish similar offices around the country. He gave his wife, Maria Shriver, credit for pushing the idea to give the commission, called California Volunteers, greater prominence and responsibility. Shriver is honorary chairwoman of California Volunteers. "We should have volunteers in every California county," Schwarzenegger said. "We need to harness the great energy that we have out there, all those volunteers who give their time and resources.

SF Chronicle coverage by Demian Bulwa

Schwarzenegger created a secretary of service and volunteering during a combination news conference and pep rally at Cal State Northridge, where a brass band played and volunteers held signs reading, "We serve."

The position will be filled by Karen Baker, 46, of Sacramento, who will continue to direct the state's California Volunteers program as she has since 2005. ... "I want to move civic engagement to the highest level of our state government, where it belongs," Schwarzenegger said.

Sacramento Bee coverage by Andy Furillo

"By elevating the state's volunteer profile, we will make it easier for people to go and get involved with this whole thing," Schwarzenegger told a raucous crowd at California State University, Northridge.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Now if only they can do something to generate and staff homeless housing. The kind some private groups do, that teach the homeless how to fish, not just eat fish/ get handouts: to get all but the most deranged and addicted self-sufficient, in jobs and taking care of themselves. Everything the government does in this area is hugely expensive, and subject to ACLU lawsuits. (No yurts though, Joe -- not up to code.)

February 28, 2008 1:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

LAHD, HACLA & LASHA housing staff management wouldn't know to provide affordable housing if they were given the money & steps A to Z.

They would just blow the money and then ask for more. Then the Mayor and Council would just add a tax or bond.

This city has built worse than a ponzi scheme. ENRON

February 28, 2008 9:53 PM  

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