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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No On Measure S

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Blogger Mayor Sam said:

Chupacabra (also chupacabras /tʃupa'kabɾas/, from Spanish chupar: to suck, cabra: goat; goat sucker) is a cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. It is associated more recently with sightings of an allegedly unknown animal in Puerto Rico (where these sightings were first reported), Mexico, and the United States, especially in the latter's Latin American communities. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.

January 22, 2008 11:06 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Why would we give more money to Reyes and Huziar to waste on illegal aliens? Reyes has the worst district for gangs, crime and illegal street vendors. The idiot named Reyes, last week announced he was not aware of increased crime around McArthur Park. The idiot does not even know what happens in his district. The idiot Reyes was first to criticize the LAPD after McArthur park problems. But did Reyes say anything about the LAPD catching these low life gang members, who murdered a baby.


Arrests made in fatal shooting of baby The alleged gunman is returned to L.A. He and five other 18th Street gang members are accused of wounding a street vendor and killing a baby in a stroller.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives said Tuesday that they have cracked one of last year's most brazen murder cases, arresting a member of the notorious 18th Street gang for allegedly killing a 23-day-old baby and badly wounding a street vendor during a September shooting in a crowded shopping district near MacArthur Park.

Giovanni Macedo, 31, was extradited to California last month from another state and charged with murder and several other felonies. He had been apprehended in late October.

Five other gang members -- including Juan Pablo Murillo, who police say was in charge of the gang's extortion and drug dealing in the area -- have been arrested and charged with murder for allegedly helping to plan and carry out the shooting. Two other suspects are being sought in Mexico, said LAPD Det. David Holmes

January 22, 2008 11:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

City council should be reprimanded for not showing up to meet quroum yesterday. These lazy ass over paid morons have no respect for this city. Yet, they are the highest paid in the nation and all they do is screw around.

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., flew across the country to receive the United Farm Workers endorsement in Salinas, California on Tuesday. The Union, founded in 1962 by Cesar Chavez, represents 27,000 farm workers.

The Senator took the stage with bleachers filled behind her with UFW members wearing red t-shirts chanting "Si Se Puede!" Clinton who rarely utters Spanish to Hispanic crowds, shouted back at one point during her remarks. "Si se pueda is right! That's right, yes we can!" Clinton used the wrong tense of the the word "puede," presumably accidentally to the crowd. Clinton has admittidly told audiences that her language skills are not her strongest suit and often referneces her french teacher from college who said to her her "Madmoiselle, your talents lie elsewhere."

Clinton included mentioning her five point immigration plan in the speech for this largely Hispanic crowd (DEPORT THE DAMN ILLEGALS)

January 23, 2008 6:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


January 23, 2008 7:29 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It was like a teamsters meeting last night, with all that smoke!!when I got there, it was so thick I didn' have to light up. Jeeez. I had no idea Mayor Sam had so many smokers. Anyways I just wanted to bring attention all the smokers... grow your own nicotine. That way, there's no uranium-bearing gypsum in the fertilizer. A lot of the nasty waste from atomic energy programs finds its way into your diet. Just ask C. Everett Koop. Besides, life is short, and smoking is fun. Better Lightweed than Darkweed, but either way, be aware of where it comes from.

January 23, 2008 9:25 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Higby this video is racist.

January 23, 2008 9:36 AM  

Anonymous matt dowd's YES on S team said:

easy way to avoid the phone tax, cut down on the amount of time we bullsh*t on the phone.

people talk way too much as it is.

tax this blog too. every time someone says something bad about this City or its electeds, hit em with a 'talking shit about your electeds tax' .

since we're modernising, make sure you hit the blackberrys too.

it will be interesting to see if Mayor Sam's free market bothers to reject this new tax. we'll be waiting and watching.

January 23, 2008 1:07 PM  

Blogger Santiago said:

Tony Villar, checking things out in the snake pit. That "handsome" little devil knows not when to stop. He was moving too, at a fast clip. Wanted to try out the new Trojans ah!

January 23, 2008 3:44 PM  

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