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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Controller Chick drops deal with Marcus Allen

Who said that Zuma Dogg didn't have a nose to sniff out "SHADY DEALS" ??. Reporter David Zahniser reports in today's "LA ANTONIA TIMES" that City Controller Luara Chick has abandoned plans for employing Marcus Allen, a onetime aide to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Last week, Zuma Dogg in a phone call, was all over this "PERCEPTION OF SHADINESS". Mr. Dogg even made a phone call to the David Zahniser on this brewing union, that is now not meant to be.

Allen, formerly the Number Two policy advisor for Villaraigosa. Now is a consultant for the City Hall Insider Lobbyist Firm, Berghoff Englander Associates. If this deal had gone through. Allen would had collecting $85,000 a year of city money. In addition, Allen would still collect a "PAYCHECK" from Berghoff Englander. Smell "CONFLICT OF INTEREST" ? ZUMA did.

Councilman Dennis Zine also smelled out this "PERCEPTION OF SHADINESS". Concerned that this arrangement would call into question the integrity of the Controller Office to carry out ongoing audits. Zine questioned how someone who lobby for firms that could face audits, could act in a in partial manner in his proposed position.

Props to Zuma Dogg and David Zahniser. who said that Print Media and Blogs could not act in a "Mutualistic Manner" ?


Luara Chick to endorse OBAMA for President. With her announcement, is she moving away from the "VILLAR MACHINE" ??