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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Everyone knows about the traffic problems along the 710 freeway.

Well Mayor Antonio Villariagosa has a plan to help ease traffic congestion of this "Diesel Death Zone" as CM Janice Hahn called it this week. Let's build a connector road, and run the traffic through the residential area, near several schools and lots of homes. THEN, we can build a row of high density housing (with that air quality and traffic, it will probably be "Section 8" Housing) along this new connector road, as well. That way, we can make money from every angle possible. And when everyone is dead from the pollution, we'll be flying in freshly squeezed orange juice onto a private island, like Eli Broad and Richard Riordan. (Remember THAT one?)

You see, Antonio Villaraigosa CARES about Alhambra...and wants to help ease their traffic pain. So he wants to construct a four lane connector road off the 710 that will run through a residential area into El Sereno. (Oh, it's only El Sereno -- F*CK 'EM...I thought it was near Eagle Rock!)

Tony is salavating at the mouth over the road he wants to build on Caltrans property owned by the State, located about a 1/8-1/4 mile from the LA/Alhambra border on Valley Blvd/710.

The road is going to be proposed to serve Alhambra for Freemont and Valley mitigation. However, Alhambra is against it themselves, as is Pasedena, S. Pasedena and community groups in L.A.

They are in favor of a proposed underground tunnel to be built, that SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) is behind. AND THAT IS A FEDERAL PROJECT, so Antonio doesn't get his grubby mitts on that peice of the constuction pie. SO FORGET ABOUT THE WISHES OF THE REGION (HEY TONY, ASK DAG (Design Advisory Group) which project they favor -- the Federally built "underground tunnel", or you hack connector road, that 5-6 schools in the area (El Sereno/Emery Park/Alhambra) are against, doctors in the area are against and THE SIERRA CLUB IS AGAINST.

All of because the amount of pollution you will be parading through this residential area. Then to make matters (and traffic worse) people say you will build Section 8 housing along the new road. AND, Oh yeah, T. [CLICK "READ MORE" FOR THE REST]

I hope this is NOT something you would let your OWN kids live near. (I would be forced to call social services on you for negligence, if so.) But it's O.K. for the kind of people who live in the area you want to build in near.

SO TO RECAP: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants to spend $10 million to build a connector road, to help Alhambra, but Alhambra doesn't want it and will file a lawsuit after the EIR report. And remember Tony, ZD would like to remind you, you stated publicly that you would not build this road, unless El Sereno wants it...AND ZD, "Voice of the Pueblos" says THEY DON'T!!! So best back up off they tip, for the simple fact you on it like a gnat on a dogg's d*ck, bitch!


Contact: zumadogg@netzero.com, (310) 928-7544

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma...you are a fucking moron (pardon the curse word).

The 710 right now is incomplete...the large trucks are ALREADY GOING THROUGH NEIGHBORHOODS. According to EVERY Transportation expert in LA County, completion of the 710 is the most important thing that could happen in LA County.

April 28, 2007 1:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


April 28, 2007 1:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

1:36p.m. =a ATTENTION WHORE!!!!!

April 28, 2007 5:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You are just finding out?

What planet have you been on?

He defines the phrase.

April 28, 2007 5:55 PM  



The Community was addressed with a PowerPoint presentation from Kamran Ravandi that was introduced as “A combination of hundreds of hours of technical studies. If the information is not properly addressed, and if you have questions, we have members of Los Angeles Department of Transportation Environmental group here, to answer any questions that you have.”

One of the topics of concern on behalf of the Department of public works is improved access for emergency vehicles. [Police / Fire] This is a legitimate concern, as it is for all citizens of Los Angeles, but to have basis for this concern, and the need to have a Connector Road to address and resolve this issue is far from a benefit. The LA-32 NC has already presented information that a “Grade Separation Project” closer to Valley and Eastern has started with a ground-breaking ceremony. This is an actual benefit. Reason is ‘to be comical’; I find it hard to believe the El Sereno residents will be getting Emergency Response Groups from Montebello or Bell Gardens, which would need a Connector Road, to service this portion of El Sereno, since they would be coming from the end of the 710 freeway. These agencies are already implemented right down the street of Alhambra Road at the Valley Blvd. ~ Eastern Ave. intersection.

The purpose of this project also states that the Connector Road will relieve traffic congestion along Valley Blvd. and Fremont in the City of Alhambra. I partially agree with this statement, it will have some sort of impact on relieving the traffic congestion as mentioned. My issue is, now this traffic is being disbursed into the eastern most area of 90032 postal zone, creating havoc for our neighbors. Why is the City of Los Angeles interested in an outside “Entity” [Alhambra] to relieve traffic in their area and express to us that this is needed? In fact no other Municipality then the one it is contained in should resolve this issue. I don’t believe there is any evidence that Alhambra is making any accommodations toward the City of Los Angeles, for the “Grade Separation Project” of Valley and Eastern. If so, I would like to thank the Alhambra City Council Members for a kind gesture.


Of course I am opposed to the Connector Road and many of the local citizens are as well. A primary topic that continues to rise is with the engineers and architects that have prepared this presentation.
‘ They don’t have a Clue.’

It is stated for fact that 18,300 vehicles use the exit ramp off the 710 freeway daily. They also suggest that 9,000 vehicles from this exit source will use the Connector Road on thru to Alhambra Ave.. The anticipated amount of vehicles “turning left at the intersection of the Connector Road & Alhambra Ave. is 1,200 per day.” “The remaining 75% projected to make a right turn is about 8,000 vehicles onto Alhambra or Mission, which is highlighted with YELLOW.”

I am expected to believe that from the sources supplied, that 8,000 people are going to be making “RIGHT” turns at Mission directly to Fremont. How contradictory is that? I believed the original purpose was to, “ relieve traffic congestion along Valley Blvd. and Fremont Ave.” All they did was move the congestion up 1 block to Mission and Fremont. Now as from a drivers point of view, no one with any logic, would not turn right on Valley only to make that mistake and turn right on Mission. That defeats the whole purpose of this entire project as I see it. Nonetheless, anything dealing with Fremont as we all know it, is an issue that the City personnel of Alhambra need to address.

Referring back to the amount of travelers that are projected to turn left at Alhambra/Lowell intersection, we have been advised that a “traffic management plan” with its “analysis” has incorporated a “new metered signalization intersection.” Where do you find these people, trying to sound ‘convincing?’


Simple translation: ‘green light will be on for only 90 seconds’ allowing 3 to 4 cars to complete the turn prior to an amber light, then obviously to red.

Manzano 4

Not being a professor or an engineer myself, this gives me a clear vision that I have a great opportunity to replace these individuals just by common knowledge. Any hiring positions available?

If you truly agree with this type of deception, then you can wait in line. According to the exact calculation, with a change of 5 cars squeezing thru to get a green light, it will take any El Sereno resident ~~~~~> 8 hours to make a left turn. This must be what the Department of Public works came up with as a“purposal” and the suggestion to “improve mobility and traffic flow in the El Sereno community of Los Angeles.”

For countless other reasons that I believe this project is nothing more then a ‘dump of funds,’ I feel assured there is an “alternative proposal” as stated by Kamran Ravandi.


When confirmation that this project is ‘rejected’ and produced to myself along with many other ‘concerned neighbors of El Sereno’, then you would have truly expressed the voice of the citizens.


(Submitted months ago as part of a written statement and communtiy feedback, and on file for this project)

April 28, 2007 11:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:



April 29, 2007 1:57 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Screw the extension of the 710. What will this city be left with once everything that stands in the way of traffic flow is paved over?

April 29, 2007 7:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


April 30, 2007 7:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ZUMA DOGG, Thank you for bringing attention to this very critical issue for a community like El Sereno that has no true representation. We will have to keep our eyes and ears open on this one. WE NEED A VOICE LIKE YOURS. Thanks again. El Sereno Resident

May 01, 2007 8:07 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The strangeness of the 710 probem is that now that the tunnel appears as a solution to transportation problems of the LA Basin (20% reduction in traffic congestion on the 5, 10 and 101 freeways and concurrent reduction in pollution)other routes pop up that have no chance in hell of achieving the same results.
You would think the Mayor would like credit for those positive things instead of just lining up donors.
Oh well, just another notch on the Antonio disappointment belt.

May 01, 2007 9:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

To El Sereno Community, my prayers are with you, because with all the studies and research conclusions prove the connector road will be the mistake of the century, and the waste of money, time, live, only to alleviate the traffic at Valley Blvd, and move it right over to Mission and Alhambra Road. If this project goes on with Villaraigosa’s approval, it will be because of the Mayor’s childish stubbornness never to admit he may be wrong.

The connector road is a waste of time, money, and stupid ego powers. If it goes through, it will be just another bad decision of our Mayor, is someone counting?

Don’t allow El Sereno to be destroyed like Boyle Heights was, at one time a beautiful historical suburb of Los Angeles, now the streets are deadly, not only the pollution, but high amount of traffic accidents, pedestrians being kill by eighteen and high speed cars passing through.

The traffic studies in Boyle Heights are a bigger joke than the connector road.

Boyle Heights highest danger is not the gangs, but traffic and hazardous waste industry establish in Boyle Heights...

May 01, 2007 10:39 PM  

Anonymous Joe Rivera, The Voice said:

I have lived over 35 years in the east end of El Sereno - directly in the northern path of the 710 Freeway and I can tell you that I WELCOMED the idea of the Connector Road being built.

YES, I did say I WELCOMED IT. You see our great neighbor the City of Alhambra when they did their Grade Separation of Railroad Crossings they closed the Westminster Avenue Crossing temporary (well that was what they told El Sereno) then it became a permanent closing. It was already restricted for small vehicles at the time.

Those of us El Sereno residents on the eastern portion have had to endure numerous traffic delays, long detours to get to our homes or to the freeway by going to either Fremont then to the Freeway or to the Valley Blvd Crossing and back to the Freeway. This takes a long time as Alhambra has a RESTRICTED RIGHT TURN FROM MISSION ONTO FREMONT or if you are coming home 3 Car LEFT TURN LANE from Fremont onto Mission.

As for the NUMEROUS TRUCK TRAFFIC that Alhambra says will end up on the residential streets - Well that IS JUST SCARE TACTICS - they already have a WEIGHT RESTRICTION and any TRUCK on the residential street faces a $ 500 to 750 Fine to the DRIVER - OUCH!! Besides, Concord Avenue is a single lane with numerous Stop Signs and a difficult Left turn onto Fremont North.

My friends who drive Semi Trucks say they would prefer to take Alhambra Road to Mission to turn onto Fremont or continue on Mission to the San Gabriel Valley.

The connector Road would REDUCE SMOG as numerous vehicle now sit in hugh delays on Valley Blvd and Fremont. Those of us El Sereno Eastern and Western Alhambra Residents would reduce our drive time and DISTANCE - ergo - Gasoline consumption and smog by quicker trips.

As for the new El Sereno Grade Separation - It only MOVES THE CROSSING FARTHER FROM THE 710 FREEWAY from my section of El Sereno.

The LA City Transportation Dept has already looked into how to prevent large traffic from spilling into the neighborhood by installing SPEED BUMPS, STOP SIGNS, and they will install diamond planters so LARGE TRUCKS cannot go down the street.

As for the comment about Police and Fire Response, well you only have look back a few weeks ago whent he Y Tire Plant was on Fire and 29 Fire Companies (Stations) which did include the City of Alhambra and LOS ANGELES COUNTY FIRE from some of those very cities mentioned - strange - I guess you missed that information.

If LAPD was in the University Hills area near Valley and Mariondale the Police unit would have to go to the Valley Crossing by Eastern Avenue and back down Alhambra Road to get to Popular and Huntington Drive or to Fremont and around. Gee if we have the Connector Road - they would be there in a few minutes. Dispute that concept.

The Connector Road is about more efficient traffic flow in the area, nothing more, as we on eastern end of El Sereno have been complaining about FOR YEARS!!!!

Please join me and my fellow neighbors in supporting the Connector Road.

Thank you for your understanding of my problem.

May 02, 2007 12:00 PM  

Anonymous David said:

Joe it is very evident that you do not understand the full impact of a connector road on our community.
You have been speaking to people who have white washed the whole plan with a hidden agenda in
First off you mentioned restricted right and left turns at the Fremont and Mission intersection. Well are you aware of the City's proposed traffic mitigation plans which include restricted left turns off the
said Connector Road onto Alhambra Ave/Lowell Ave. These restrictions include only 3 cars every 90
seconds. A continuos flowing right turn lane and no left turns off of Lowell Ave onto Alhambra Ave. Not to mention the other proposed restrictions at Poplar and Lowell Ave and Stockbridge. Once again can you tell me how this will decrease my commute
Next you mention this ingenious plan will REDUCE SMOG by reducing delays at the corner of Valley Blvd and Fremont. Well let's think about this for a moment - move approximately 40,000 cars a day northbound about 1500 feet into a residential area into a brand new bottleneck, because remember we will have turn
restriction that equate to 240 cars per hour being able to make left turns. Lets say only one fourth of this traffic moving through the connector road want s to make a left turn; at this rate it would take 41.6 hrs to dissipate the traffic. How does this reduce our drive time? Besides Buddy the 10 million dollars was allocated to mitigate traffic issues in El Sereno not Alhambra.
With the Valley grade separation you can get off the 10 freeway at Eastern and get home sooner. Why would you drive to The 710 and exit on Valley Blvd.
Finally El Sereno has two fire departments within it's boundaries, one located near Collis and Hungtington Drive South
and the other near the Eastern and Valley Blvd intersection. why would any of these two stations use the Connector Road
to get to the scene of an emergency - look at a map, your story does not make sense. I would also like to point out that you mentioned the City would install SPEED BUMPS, STOP SIGNS and diamond planters so that LARGE TRUCKS cannot go down the street. Hum does this include FIRE TRUCKS ? Lets not worry about police coverage as we all know that this is close to nil in
El Sereno.

May 02, 2007 8:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

On April 13, 1998, the Federal government handed down a Record Of Decision approving the Route 710 extension. On November 16, 1998, the City of South Pasadena slapped an injunction to this Federal decision. In 1998 the Fed’s asked SCAG to develop DAG to seek mitigations, and alternate solutions to Southern California’s traffic problems in lieu of extending Route 710. On July 19, 1999 U.S. District Court C.D. California rejected extending the 710 Freeway to Mission Road. For the year 2000 Federal monies from the Rogan Amendment/H.R. 5394, were appropriated to Southern California’s regional local governments. These funds were to be earmarked for mitigations that were to be accepted as alternatives to completing R710. Without an EIR, a few El Sereno representatives in the local DAG believed that utilizing $10 million for the design and construction of the Valley Blvd.-Alhambra Ave. Connector Road could have proven to be advantageous to our community. Please define “Community”. Again, politics aside, I find it hard to believe that WE cannot judicially decide the cost-benefit ratios without infringing upon an individual’s rights to which we all protect. Whatever happened to our inalienable rights? Let’s see how many major projects within Southern California’s Region have been implemented and completed to fruition in order to meet our future social-economic needs. Is the El Toro airbase still an airport? NO! Is the 2 Freeway going to be completed? NO! Is the 710 Freeway expanding by Southgate? NO! Is the surface 710 Freeway going to be completed? NO! Will we ever become independent from crude oil? NO! Did the Anaheim Angeles change their name? YES! Do people renting on CALTRANS property ever want to buy the homes in which they live in? YES! Are we going to build better affordable environmentally friendly mass transit? YES! Have you ever publicly heard about the Valley Blvd.-Alhambra Ave. Connector Road from any of the major news media? NO! Is there a 710 Tunnel study in the pipeline? YES! Why are some residential streets blocked off after Dodger games? My smart emergency route is being blocked off. Is Dodger parking better? Will the Valley Connector serve as an “interim”solution? When will the R710 dedicated truck lane be completed? Will the Valley Grade Separation Bridge solve El Sereno’s traffic problems? Is pollution harmful to our health? Do you really think 1500-1600 feet will be the panacea to our urban growth problems? Do you believe in the GOLDEN RULE?

May 06, 2007 12:41 PM  

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