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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The “Other” Council Race

As all you political hacks know, there are two council seats currently up for grabs. But it seems that – for the most part – the months long behind the scenes politicking for the position of Council President and the election for Assistant President Pro Tem (APPT) has been off the radar screen.

Word is that Councilman Alex Padilla is a shoe-in for a second term as Council President, but the Sister City received a tip that the APPT spot will go to Councilwoman Wendy Greuel.

While this story can’t be confirmed until the final vote takes place this Friday morning at 9:00 a.m., seeing Greuel replace Garcetti would not surprise council watchers. Garcetti may have burned bridges when he sought to take the presidency away from Padilla by courting other members for their votes. I guess we will know if Wendy out-maneuvered her colleague soon enough!

Let us know what you hearing.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

You're off. Greuel is going for President Pro Tempore, which TOm LaBonge wanted. Padilla would piss a lot of people off if he didn't keep Garcetti as Assistant President Pro Tempore and would confirm for many how vindictive and political he is just before he runs against Cindy Montanez for State Senate. If he does replace Garcetti, it would be with Cardenas. Remember that Assistant President Pro Tempore is the least meaningful position in city politics. It's like being the Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs. President Pro Tempore is more important. But Padilla needs all the good will he can muster and if he gets back into the punishing business and rewarding cronies business, he will have a tough time ahead in his state race. I live out in the NE Valley, and Cindy is the more attractive candidate for sure, but Gameboy has the better ground operation. The more interesting race will be the post-Padilla era run for President. Top contenders: Garcetti, Greuel, and Cardenas, with dark horse being Smith.

June 29, 2005 7:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Are any of these candidates communists?

Gruel? Huizar?

Villaraigosa staff is swimming in communism.

"An important step forward"
Author: Rosalio Muñoz

agree with the assessment that the most important differences in the Communist Party’s preconvention discussion center on the proposed adoption of the main strategic line of defeating the ultra-right section of transnationals and the Bush administration by building the broadest possible all people’s coalition led by labor allied with racially and nationally oppressed peoples, women and youth and others...

... As the re-assembling of the anti-Bush coalition has accelerated in recent weeks, more and more opportunities to participate meaningfully are opening up. During the lunch break at the East L.A. Villaraigosa for Mayor headquarters on Election Day, May 17, scores of volunteers were reading the PWW edition I had handed out. We all celebrated together at the victory party that night...

Rosalio Muñoz (rosalio_munoz@sbcglobal.net) is an organizer for the Southern California district of the Communist Party USA.


June 29, 2005 8:46 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Lameboy, Gameboy Padilla is vindicative as hell. You're right he better watch is next move or he can kiss his political career goodbye. Looking forward to see who he appoints on strong committees. Lameboy is already getting criticzed for his aligment with idiot Parks. Garcetti is a hell of a lot smarter than most on council. Add to that he's a mover and shaker as well as very smart. Look what he's done in his district alone?

June 29, 2005 9:29 AM  

Blogger Chief Parker said:

When i was chief of police i'd tap the phones of every known "red" in Los Angeles.

Good tip my brother patriot in arms -- let's keep those "reds" out of our backyard. Damn pinkos.

Oh for the backward lame-ass racist days of 1959. Good Job - anonymous 8:46am

June 29, 2005 9:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

These criticisms are pretty funny coming from people who are wannabe poltical hacks.

He's council president because he's made good political moves. As for being vindictive, he's hardly vindictive - especially when he was justified to be.

As for the idiotic "communist" rhetoric . . . that's LA for you! If you don't like who the people have elected, then move to a f%&kin' red state.

June 29, 2005 9:56 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Typical balless asshole of Bitter Bernie to leave council chambers yesterday while all council was acknowledging Hahn. And some of you say he's not bitter.

I even give credit to Antonio for saying nice things although somewhat hypocritical for him to now say "you are a man of integrity and a good man."

June 29, 2005 9:57 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yes, the other council races...astonishing we are surrounded by communists at the Mayoral level and closet gays in all levels.

Donna Shalala
Hillary Clinton
Rita Mae Brown-"Rubyfruit Jungle"
Laur Chick
Janet Reno
and pro gay supporter Gruel

June 29, 2005 10:06 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Communists and closet gays? Jesus people, it's 2005--get over it.

Word on the (Spring) street is that Garcetti was initially going to challenge Padilla for the president seat but decided to hold off until Padilla leaves to run for Alarcon's seat. Garcetti is said to have enough votes for president.

June 29, 2005 11:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What exactly did you want Parks to say?

"I would like to thank Jim Hahn for using me to get elected, then dumping me, trying to submarine my attempts to get elected to Council and then trying to make my time here on the City Council a living hell... Finally, I got fed up and destroyed his career just like I did to Willie Williams and anybody else who has tried to play politics with my career. I'd guess by now they'd learn, but something tells me I'm going to have to put another loser in his or her place sooner or later."

I think rather than praise someone who is still the subject of a criminal investigation, Parks took the classy way out and let Hahn enjoy his tribute without the obvious Hahn-Parks distraction. If only Hahn had enough class to let Parks leave the LAPD in the same way, things might have been different.

June 29, 2005 7:41 PM  

Blogger Phil Krakover said:

OK, I'm back.

I quite agree about Bernard Parks. He did take the classy route by just absenting himself from the phony praise.

The only one that really believed any of it was Janice Hahn, whose career has just taken a sharp turn South.

The deference shown to her inanity by her Council colleagues will disappear now that she has to surrender her key to room 300.

Adios, Janice; Hola Bernard and Jack...

June 30, 2005 2:13 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Word on the street is Mr. President is considering State Board of Equalization. When the opposition is strong, he cringes. He''s cringing again.
The vast majority of the campaigns he's actively endorsed and made a strong push for, he's lost. Fuentes 02', Cardenas 02', Pacheco 03' to most recently Gil Krisiloff. That's the strength of his 'ground operation.' Look for him to seek another state seat.

June 30, 2005 2:37 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You obviously didn't hear what the council members were stating were Hahn's accomplishments. There is no way Antonio will be able to fill those shoes. Bitter Bernie was the worst chief LAPD has ever had. He was corrupt and a bitter asshole. Read the papers, Hahn got more of the black vote then Antonio. Do you see Bitter Bernie coming out against the black on black crime in his area? He uses strong arm tactics to get his message out. The nieghborhood councils in hiw own district hate him. If Antonio was in chambers and took the high road then Parks should have done the same.

June 30, 2005 8:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

There is no "high road" when it comes to Jim Hahn. Also notice that Laura Chick was not around either(another classy move). Are you going to mention her or are you just mad that "Better Bernie" won again? And, obviously you are unaware that Parks has been trying to get officers to work five days a week to help end the violence in his district. It's an idea that's beginning to gain steam without the Protective League's bitch(Jim Hahn) around.

June 30, 2005 8:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hahn may have gotten more of the black vote, but "Better Bernie" made sure that he did not win it by a landslide. Just like in 2001, Hahn needed that to win. So basically, Hahn sacrificed his job so Bratton could have a job. How generous...

June 30, 2005 9:02 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Parks' absence wasn't classy, rather "classic"-Bernard. The guy won, so what would it have hurt to be there and even rub it in by saying "thank you for your commitment to public service, now good luck in whatever you do."

However, Parks' was not the worst LAPD Chief. Parker (no offense, Chief) and Gates were 10 times worse, especially to violating civil rights and beating down on minorities. Remember the batter-ram and LAPD's famous choke holds? Eula Love?

June 30, 2005 10:50 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Krakover is right - Janice Hahn's brief political career is over. In a Council of light-weights, she is the lightest of them all.

June 30, 2005 1:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


You're an idiot. She holds a council vote, and for that reason she won't be discarded. And if you think she's the lightest weight, you obviously don't pay attention to this council.

June 30, 2005 2:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:




June 30, 2005 4:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Bitter Bernie made LAPD lose 1,000 officers. The city will never forget that. He's lying about the flexible work schedule and the intelligent council members know that and are talking behind his back. Will Antonio flip flop on that? He'd be stupid to cause citywide officers have said they will leave if FWS is taken away. Bitter Bernie didn't know how to manage LAPD. He covered up for his corrupt friends like Deputy Moore who was under investigation by FBI and IRS for money laundering his son's cocaine buys. Why doesn't someone do an investigation on the DARE program and find out how much money his friends were being paid? More officers in Bitter Bernie's district isn't the solution. Until the blacks accept the fact that their own people are the cause of the violence and gangs out of control in their own area it won't get better.

June 30, 2005 6:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey, Anon 6:29: Spoken like a true racist! There's no wonder why you hate Parks and defend the PPL. Instead of blaming violence on "the blacks" maybe you should look at the education system and opportunities that exist in South L.A. I'm sure it's nothing like where you live.

And, again you mention all these supposed illegal activities. Again, I ask you where are the indictments? Are the grand juries saving them all for Hahn?

June 30, 2005 10:08 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Blacks should be blamed cause they're killing their own people and not one black leader has come out. They don't like the cameras and attention on their own. I'm a police officer supporter idiot not a PPL person.

Hey, why didn't Devin Brown's mother know where her 13yr old was in the middle of the night? Its parents idiot who should start getting penalized for the juvenile deliquent kids.

July 01, 2005 9:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Honestly, the expectations are unrealistic," said Najee Ali, an activist on police misconduct. "Everyone, including myself, are looking at Antonio as if he's the Messiah, and all our hopes and aspirations for a better Los Angeles rest with one man.

"If we continue with those types of unrealistic expectations," Ali added, "we do him a disservice, because we're all going to have to make a collective effort to make this city stronger and better."

July 01, 2005 9:38 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Instead of looking at why Devin Brown was out at night, we all should be looking at what knocked him off the path before that night. One night is not enough to summarize the entire life of a 13-year-old.

July 01, 2005 12:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

...and get your facts straight 9:11am. that kid was at a sleepover. it was unfortuante circumstances indeed. Next time that could be YOUR kid...

July 01, 2005 2:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

That would never be my kid or any of my friends because we DISCIPLINE our kids and teach them how to MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES. Devin Brown obviously thought stealing a car and going joy riding was acceptable behavior. If his parents would have disciplined him and taught him right from wrong things would be different.

I'm sick and tired of people blaming police instead of irresponsible parents. They allow these juvenile deliquents to run the streets.

July 02, 2005 8:35 AM  

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