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Friday, June 24, 2005

How to Ass Kiss -- SEIU Style

SEIUSEIU Local 347 Update -- Clips from the news letter:

Paragraph 1 - On Tuesday, May 17, Los Angeles voters elected Antonio Villaraigosa Mayor with 59% of the vote, and the leaders, members and staff of SEIU Local 347 congratulate him on this inspiring victory. No matter that the union supported Jim Hahn, Mayor Villaraigosa won fair and square, and Local 347 will do everything it can to help him succeed as Mayor. Ed Note - Great Start

Paragraph 2 - Antonio Villaraigosa takes office having won the votes of virtually every group of voters represented in the City, with a clear mandate focused on the fu­ture, and support for change– in the city and in the schools. And while the Union supported Jim Hahn in this election, Antonio Villaraigosa cares about workers and we are confident that we will work with the new Mayor as we share common goals for the future of our City. Ed Note - Still looking good

Paragraph 3 - While we congratulate Mayor-elect Villaraigosa, I am proud of the decisions the members of SEIU Local 347 made to support Mayor Hahn in 2001 and again this year. Labor stands behind an in­cumbent politician who does the right thing in office. I sure hope that loyalty is not going out of fashion! Ed Note - Prepare yourself, while it's starting to turn, it gets better

Paragraph 4 - Jim Hahn was there for city workers for the past 24 years,” Butcher continues. ...blah blah blah.... Ed Note - And here we go

Paragraph 5 - Here's what Union President Bob Schoonover wrote immediately after the May 17 election: The loss is not only his and ours but the city'’s as well because, in my opinion, Hahn was the most effective (not the most charismatic) Mayor we'’ve had in my lifetime. What he did in four years was more than impressive: he kept the city whole; restored morale, perform­ance, and leadership to the LAPD; found a way to hire a few more cops; kept city services growing and improving with shrinking income; put paramedics in every fire station -- in fact, turned around Riordan'’s gutting of the City's Fire Department -- and led the fight to keep the City's funds rightfully funding lo­cal government when our state legislators stole funds from cities and counties to solve the state'’s budget problems. Imagine what he would have done with some money.” Ed Note - Aren't we supposed to be congratulating MEAV?

The closing line slams Riordan, attacked state legislators, and criticized lack of money from council. Hmmm... What the F? No wonder their boy lost, if this is how they congratulate people.



Anonymous Julie Butcher said:

Paragraph 6: "Congratulations, Mayor Villaraigosa! Los Angeles’ city workers stand ready to work with you, to make LA better and better!"

You forgot that last part & I'm sure you want to get it right. The Union's message is congratulatory, the conclusion of the 2005 Mayoral election. Villaraigosa won overwhelmingly and in inspirational style. City workers are ready to work for and with him.

What exactly would you have preferred we say?

June 25, 2005 7:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You could have said Congratulations and left out all the Hahn BS.

Are you that clueless.

June 25, 2005 10:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yes, Julie is that clueless!

June 27, 2005 12:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The only way for this union to survive would be to replace Julie "miss personality". I've heard people singing in the City, "Ding, dong the witch is dead...".

June 28, 2005 11:14 AM  

Blogger Mayor Frank said:

Julie - Note the LA Chamber letter. Same idea, much more class. This is why you should go!
As Antonio Villaraigosa's mayoral inauguration this Friday ushers in a new era, Los Angeles stands on the verge of becoming a great city/region of the 21st century--if we can tackle some of the most difficult challenges to ever face a big-city mayor. My top 10 include:

1. Solving the region's transportation problems so that people and goods can move efficiently and feed our growing economy.
2. Improving the quality of education in L.A. so that no child or adult is disadvantaged by the lack of a public education.
3. Further reducing the crime rate so that L.A. assumes the title of the safest big city in America.
4. Working with the state and federal government to fix our broken health care system that condemns hundreds of thousands of people--mostly children--to inadequate health care.
5. Restoring Los Angeles to a place where businesses will want to locate and create jobs.
6. Building affordable and workforce housing so that people who work in Los Angeles can live in Los Angeles.
7. Obtaining our fair share of tax dollars from Sacramento and Washington.
8. Reforming ethics rules at L.A. City Hall.
9. Moving forward on key infrastructure, such as the green-light projects at LAX and modernization at the Port of Los Angeles.
10. Significantly combating poverty in L.A. to improve the quality of life for all.

Some of the solutions are within the mayor's control, while others are not. Notwithstanding his "power" to act, the new mayor must exercise the stature of his office to be a catalyst to define problems and bring together those who have the authority to make things happen.

For example, while schools are not within his control, he must be a loud and constant voice for continued reform and improvement in education. He must also be more than just the mayor of one city; he must use his bully pulpit to bring opinion leaders at all levels throughout the region together to act as one for the good of our region.

So far, this Mayor-elect has demonstrated that he is up to the challenge. Even before taking office he has shown the leadership qualities that will help him take charge to address these issues:

1. He has made it clear that transportation will be a key priority and has decided to serve as chair of Metro this year.
2. He has called for city budget cuts to face what he knows will be a difficult budget year.
3. He has signaled that crime and education will be at the top of his list of priorities.
4. He has reached out to build a diverse and balanced administration utilizing L.A.'s immense talent pool.
5. He has brokered an agreement between hotel operators and hotel workers to get L.A. on the road back to being a top tourist and convention attraction.

He has also begun to build an administration with extremely capable people in key positions. Some are proven veterans of City Hall, while others have extensive private sector backgrounds. If the recent appointments are any indication of future choices, Villaraigosa is building a very good team.

Mayor-elect Villaraigosa knows that he will only be successful if he builds coalitions and partnerships with all segments of the community. None of us--not business, not labor, not neighborhood councils, nor other special interests should approach this new administration trying to monopolize the public debate on these critical issues. Representatives from all segments and interests must be at the table to develop solutions to the challenges we face. Failing to do so will only mean squandered opportunities.

As he prepares to leave his post, we extend our thanks and appreciation to Mayor Jim Hahn for his 24 years of elected service to the City of Los Angeles. As Mayor, he faced challenges of his own and has addressed them decisively and courageously. Some of his decisions cost him votes that may have brought about his defeat. But the decisions he made--such as his tireless effort to hold L.A. together as one city that Villaraigosa inherits this week--will be a legacy that will live on forever. We thank Mayor Hahn for his service and wish him well in the years ahead.

As for our new Mayor, we have high hopes that you will bring the energy, vigor, and vision you have displayed throughout your career to your new assignment. As I've said before, you have our absolute assurance that the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and the business community will be your partner to build Los Angeles into the leading city/region in the Pacific Rim for the 21st century.

And that's The Business Perspective.

Russell J. Hammer
President & CEO
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

June 28, 2005 12:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Right on Mayor Frank. Julie has always lacked class. Her MO is to yell, scream, and treat everyone like crap. Those unfortunate enough to cross her path remember well. Ultimately, her union can only progress if she is not around to remind everyone of her stupidity. Maybe Jimmy will give her a job in the private sector?

June 28, 2005 12:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Actually, Julie, we would have preferrred you to say, simply "I resign".

We'd all be better off, especially the City of Los Angeles.

June 29, 2005 6:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Julie is long overdue for the unemployment line. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

July 05, 2005 10:31 AM  

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