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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hahn Under Fire in Corruption Probe says Villaraigosa

VillaraigosaStaying fair and balanced, here is Villaraigosa's lead blog story...again in his own words: Hahn under fire in corruption probe.

He's also pushing the LA Independent poll here.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Interesting that on Antonio's blog he only posts the positive comments that his staff makes up. He only got one comment on this story. His website is a joke. He's going to learn the hard way that people are tired of his crap and want to hear what the hell he's done for his own community. WE all know NOTHING. We don't give a crap about having residents pick up brooms to sweep, we don't care about what he did in assembly cause he hasn't done jack squat since then. I want to know how much money he got from ENRON, where are the 70 neighborhood councils he's lying about are cause even the officers say they don't exist....where's MEAT with answers

January 19, 2005 9:49 AM  

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