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Monday, December 06, 2004

Yes Virginia, we can find money for more cops

more cops
Boi from Troy serves up some excellent thoughts on a Daily News article about city sanitation workers running up $7000 a month cell phone bills. That's got to be almost salary, benefits and burden for one police officer.

Are we starting to get the picture?


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Even the Unions should be ashamed of standing up for these stupid crooks. Perhaps we should pay someone good dollars on a one time basis to look throughout the City and find the resources for more cops. Let's pay them a percentage of what they find !!! Bet that would scare the crap out of some department heads and electeds as well.

This whole cop think makes me sick. We all know that if the City Mothers and Fathers wanted to we could have LAPD fully staffed.

December 06, 2004 10:49 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Even if the city wouldn't do that officially, it would be a great thing for the Daily News to do. Hire an accountant to go through the budget and shame these people.

December 06, 2004 11:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

From the Daily News article: "Councilwoman Wendy Greuel, declined to either condemn the actions of the two workers or endorse the proposal to do away with most city cell phones."

December 06, 2004 11:57 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good job Wendy. That should be enough fodder for about 10 posts on Forkush's blog.

December 06, 2004 1:54 PM  

Blogger 4NIC8 said:

Just root out the waste within the LAPD and you'll be 95% there. Say no to new taxes.

December 06, 2004 2:04 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

....and you wonder why Huggy Hertzberg said that City Employees are NOT the best and the brightest. It is one thing for a 19 year old to have no judgment. ... .It is another that the manager finds an excuse NOT to fire their ass/s !!

December 07, 2004 6:36 PM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

To be fair - Huggy was referring to the MANAGERS...not the rank and file as a whole (though personal experience tells me that a good chunk of them are utter morons).

The story about the cell phone seems to bear out both points being true.

December 07, 2004 8:09 PM  

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