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Friday, June 19, 2020

Outtakes from the Southeast LA Backrooms of Political Misdeeds

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group reintroduces its "Outtakes from the Southeast LA Backrooms of Political Misdeeds" as multiple generations of those politically-connected, continue on in the ethically-tired tradition of rewarding cronyism ........., at the expense of communal values. 
Notorious Southeast Los Angeles Political Miscreant Mario Beltran (lower left, with glasses) and his Political Cast of Enablers.
** Blogger's Notes: In a world that has been on pause due to a Virus from Wuhan, China and united in the Just Cause of Justice for George Floyd, the one constant that has not change is the Infestation of ethically-challenged Political/Communal Cronyism in Southeast LA. From the local City Halls of Governance to the Board of Directors of Community-based 501-C3 Non-Profits, multiple generations of supposed Community Leaders, are still afflicted with the notion that Cronyism/Nepotism, is paramount over ethics/openness/transparency, when engaging in the conduct of their respective entities of control. In recent weeks, continuing examples of this behavior has manifested itself in the City Halls of Commerce y Montebello, an Assembly Campaign in Southeast LA's 59th Assembly District ........., and a supposed 501-C3 Non-Profit, allegedly-committed to the Legacy (or family patronage?) of a Latino Political Pioneer, the late Congressman Edward Roybal. Below, we briefly update our continuing cyber-coverage of these local issues, in the interest of exposing those ethically-challenged and providing needed openness and transparency----Scott Johnson.

From Montebello (Commerce East) to Commerce (Montebello West), the Political Best Friends Forvever (PBFF) Duo of Montebello City Councilman Jack Hadjinian and Commerce City Councilman John Soria, are apparently finding unique ways to enrich themselves ........, but not without engendering a communal backlash as we note below. As the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group reported this week, somehow, someway, Commerce Councilman John Soria is now a "Transit Administration Administrator" ........, for the City of Montebello Transportation Department. Meanwhile, his PBFF Montebello Councilman Jack Hadjinian, has apparently been reaping the spoils of his Real Estate Work for Craig Realty, which benefited from the recent City of Commerce Ballot Measure that approved the Citadel Outlet Center Expansion Proposal. More details next week.
PBFFs John Soria and Jack Hadjinian (second to the right, and right in photo above respectively) at Political Boss Mario Beltran's Tijuana Gathering.

Under the Political Radar and Media Coverage in South by Southeast LA, a supposed non-dis crept Re-election Campaign for Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, has now become the latest field of battle for a crony of Southeast LA Political Miscreant Mario Beltran, who is largely self-financing his upstart challenge .........,but not without questionable, documented legal baggage. Martinez, along with Mario Beltran (and a "Mr. Patel"), were implicated in a scheme to rigged the City of Huntington Park Medical Cannabis Permit Bid Process, in return for "Ownership Stakes". That stated, its very- interesting to note that Martinez has mostly self-financed his campaign (nearly $300,000), while also receiving contributions from those associated with Beltran associates..  
59th Assembly District Challenger Efren Martinez documented linked to a City of Huntington Park Cannabis Bid-rigging Scheme.

There is no understating the Political Legacy of the late Congressman Edward Roybal, but can the same by said of those who have been connected to the formerly Private/Family-operated, now the Public 501-C3 Lucille and Edward Roybal Foundation? In recent weeks, the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group has been made aware of efforts of Roybal Family Members, seeking to bypass IRS Protocols, in a push to remove the current Board of Directors. In review of documentation, its apparent that some within the Roybal Family have use the Foundation (created mostly from contributions to the late Congressman), to promote, fund projects of self-interest, than promote the Legacy of its Namesake. Beginning Monday, the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group will commence a continuing series on the internal controversy----S.J. 
From the Lucille and Edward Roybal Foundation, what happens when a Family seeks to interfere with a Public 501-C3 Non-Profit Management? Maybe the answer can be found under the tarp ........., come Monday?

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