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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Cannabis Intrigue Influencing The 2020 March Election Proceedings

 From Pasadena City Hall, through the Commerce Model City and the City of Los Angeles Fourteenth Council District, the ramifications of California's Legalization of Recreational Cannabis, is the source of continuous intrigue as the new "Green Mother Lode (for the Politically-connected)", impacts local elections in March.
Will Pasadena City Manager Steve Mermell's questionable handling of Legal (and Illegal) Cannabis Issues, affect the Mayoral and City Council Elections in March? 
** Blogger's Notes: As California enters the second year of Recreational Marijuana Legalization, the political ramifications of the new "Green Mother Lode (for the Politically-connected)", is also a bountiful source of intrigue, meriting continuing cyber-coverage.

From Pasadena Cit Hall, through Southeast Los Angeles County (including the Model City of Commerce) and of course, LA's Council District 14, those who are seeking enrichment via the "Green Mother Lode", will have an affect on the upcoming election cycle, come March ......, and beyond.
In Pasadena, City Manager Steve Mermell's efforts to implement the voter-approved Measure CC, has been a contested (and protested as witnessed in photo below) work in progress, with city leaders taking creative legal action (suing itself), to successfully stop a Ballot Measure that would of legalized, currently non-permitted Cannabis Businesses. 
Current Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek, is facing a serious re-election challenge from Latino City Councilman Victor Gordo, who has garnered the Endorsement of former Mayor Bill Bogaard. Gordo who is a Labor Attorney, is surely well-verse on his "Working Brothers and Sisters" endeavors to plant themselves within the "Green Mother Lode", including those operating illegally within the city.
Pasadena City Manager's handling of Cannabis Legalization subject of City Hall Protest. 
In the City of Commerce, a member of the Teamsters and local resident Carlos Maravilla, has joined with a notorious Southeast Los Angeles County Political Figure (and Cannabis Investor) Mario Beltran, in seeking to become part of the former Bell Gardens Councilman's Political Machine.
Beltran is well-known in Southeast LA (and Downtown LA), for his multiple acts of illegal activities (with convictions) and continuous ethical transgressions, which includes his role in a failed effort to rig the Huntington Park Medical Marijuana Permit Process.
Residents of the Model City have taken pro-active measures to blunt Beltran-controlled City Council Majority's (via Mayor John Soria, along with Councilpersons Ivan Altamirano and Oralia Robello), to allow for a disproportionate amount of Legal Cannabis Distributors ........., at a huge, ethical cost to the Model City's reputation (as noted in the photo below).     
 Notorious Southeast LA Politico Figure (and Cannabis Investor) Mario Beltran (left), with Commerce Mayor John Soria (center) and 2020 Commerce City Council Candidate Carlos Maravilla (right).
We should also note that Mario Beltran's Cannabis (and other self-enriching schemes), are not limited to Southeast LA, as evident with his contribution to the CD-14 City Council Campaign of former State Senate President Kevin Alexander (de) Leon.
Sources tell the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group that Beltran is supporting the Leon Campaign, out of the bad blood resulting from his Political Breakup with CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo. 
Its an open secret that Cedillo and Leon, both share 2022 LA Mayoral aspirations, with Beltran (and his Southeast LA allies), already affirming their support of Leon ........., in return for continuous access to the growing Downtown LA Cannabis Market----Scott Johnson.
03/28/19Principia Group, LLC  
(Other, non-individual)
Whittier, CA 90601
Kevin de Leon
Council Member

1415916 - Kevin de Leon for City Council 2020
A - Monetary Contribution Received

Period: 01/01/19 to 06/30/19
The Kevin Alexander Leon CD-14 City Council Campaign is not above taking contributions from those (like Mario Beltran), who are seeking to enrich themselves via access to those who would approve of their Cannabis aspirations

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