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Monday, October 15, 2018

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Political (and Personal) Split in the House of Cedillo?

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose an alleged Political (and Personal) Split within the House of Cedillo that may cause complications for the Political Aspirations of Gil Cedillo Jr. and supposed Ex. Wife Angie Jimenez (a City of LA Mayoral Staffer) .........., who is also currently a Candidate for Montebello City Council.
Papi y Mijo Gil "Broken Deal (and Laws?) Cedillo".
** Blogger's Notes: There is no better way to start a bloggin, cyber Monday than to share Hot Political Chisme/Rumors ........, at the expense of CD-1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
The increasing numbers of embittered CD-1 Stakeholders (who now regret supporting Papi Broken Deal Cedillo), may be shocked to learn that "Broken Deal Cedillo Jr.", like Papi, has aspirations of someday, becoming a City of Los Angeles City Councilman ......., but there are complications in the City of Montebello.

According to multiple sources, "Broken Deal Cedillo Jr." is not happy that his alleged Ex. Wife Angie Jimenez, is a current Candidate for Montebello City Council, a city where the memories of "Broken Deal Cedillo Jr." political upbringing (via mentoring by Papi Broken Deal Cedillo's Calderon Friends) ........, will surely be resurrected. 
We want to give the current Candidate Jimenez (listed as City of LA Mayoral Staffer Angie Jimenez-Cedillo as of this year), the benefit of the doubt that she is seeking to market her own Political Identity to the discerning Montebello Electorate, but a review of Campaign 460 Forms, denotes sparse reporting on those supporting her initial political endeavor. 
Those supporters may include associates of her alleged Ex. Husband's "BFF" Mario Beltran, who has close ties to Mayor Pro Tem Jack Hadjinian, the Glassman Law Firm .......... and those who are seeking to profit on the legalization of Marijuana Sales within the municipality. 
Its also apparent that the Jimemez Campaign is an exercise in impeding the re-election of City Council Incumbent Vivian Romero, who has taken a contrarian stance against the tainted-legalization of Marijuana within the city ........, and has been attacked by the Beltran/Chacon Political Family-connected Hews Media Group.
But regardless of the chances of Candidate Jimenez, in one-upping her alleged Ex in their respective quests for Public Office, she can smile in knowing that she provided the opportunity for State Senator Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, to engage in Political Pay Back (for Papi Broken Deal Cedillo's support of Senator Dianne Feinstein's Re-election), via his endorsement of her Campaign-----Scott Johnson.  
Are the Friends of Papi y Mijo Gil Cedillo, still supporting the Campaign of Angie Jimenez despite her Political/Personal Split with her alleged Ex In-Laws? 
Never underestimate the audacity of a Political Nemesis (State Senator K.A. Leon) of Papi Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" to exploit a Political/Personal Split for personal payback

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