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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Introducing ......, Outtakes Regarding Assorted Southeast LA Political Schemes For Thursday

In the Public Interest of filling an Objective Journalistic Void within an area formerly served by the now-defunct, Eastern Group Publications, the Mayor Sam Blog presents a new weekly feature dedicated to disclosing Breaking Southeast Los Angeles County Political News ........., with salient commentary.
Never underestimate what (and where, including Tijuana) Southeast LA Political Intrigue, can be uncovered.
** Blogger's Notes: For 40 plus years, residents to the immediate east, southeast of the City of Los Angeles, looked forward to its regular Thursday delivery of the Weekly Newspaper of Record, that provided the latest news regarding their respective Municipalities.

The Nation's largest Latino-owned Newspaper Group known as the Eastern Group  Publications (EGP), served an important civic role in being an objective sources of news in communities that still relied on Print Media to provide honest dispensation of such. 
Since then, an information vacuum has descended upon the former EGP Service Area, allowing for unquestioned acts of ethically-challenged governance (along with the Los Chacon Fake News/Propaganda), to infest the likes of Maywood, Bell Gardens, Montebello and the City of Commerce ........., but not for long.
Starting today, the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group (via its Namesake Blog), takes on the challenge of filling the void created by the demise of EGP, with our new weekly feature dedicated exclusively to objective dispensation of Political News ........., with salient commentary.
We inaugurate our Southeast LA Coverage by announcing the following;
First, we have sent a California Public Records Act Request to Commerce City Hall, seeking verification of an Official Contract for Security Services, with the Husband (Reynaldo Uribe) of Montebello Unified School Board Member Marisol Madrigal Uribe.
Second, we have sent a formal request to the Riverside County District Attorney Office, for an update on the Investigation regarding the Brawl that took place at the California Contract Cities Association Conference in Indian Wells.
Third, we are working on a Feature Story involving the late Honorable Congressman Edward Roybal Foundation as its Legacy of Community Services evolves with a new generation of Leadership.
Fourth, we will continue to report on the "Green Mother Lode" that is enriching many within the Southeast LA Political Machine, controlled by the infamous Mario Beltran, at the cost to the ethical integrity of various municipalities.
As a bloggin disclaimer, we want to encourage anyone with a story tip to contact us via email at redspotincd14@yahoo.com or phone at (323) 213-0149 and maybe we con disclose nefarious behavior, meriting a LA County DA Jackie Lacey Investigation ........, and conviction----Scott Johnson.

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