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Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday Mid-Day Briefs on the Los Angeles (and beyond) Political Machine

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group (via its namesake blog) brings you the latest trending topics on Los Angeles and its neighboring Municipalities, as we return to our bloggin-endeavor of outing the ethically-challenged, cast of Political Payasos y Payasas Cronies of the Calizuela (formerly Golden State) Leftist One Party Machine.
The Mayor Eric Gar-SOBBing and City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson-led City Hall Administration, has a growing number of Sister Municipalities, that are emulating its ethically-challenged brand of governance.
** Blogger's Notes: Happy First Day of Fall as an increasing number of LAUSD Students fear (or are being indoctrinated to believe) that the cooling days of Winter ....., may never return. 
Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Board Member Nick Melvoin, who was elected with the financial help of Charter School Advocates, apparent knows the Art of Pandering, as he twittered his support of students who denied the fiscally-challenged Education Fiefdom, needed State of Calizuela "Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Funding" by taking part in Friday's "Climate Strike (for a Communal/Socialist Future)". As a bloggin Public Service, we post below a photo downloaded today from a Mammoth Lakes Weather Website, that shows snow on the slopes of the popular Ski Resort ......., from last Winter (we should note that Mammoth Mountain received a dusting of snow last Thursday).
LAUSD School Board Member Nick Melvoin (via Twitter) on Climate Strike: "Sending my full support to all the students in LA and across the world walking out today to demand action on global climate change--the passion and courage of these young leaders gives me so much hope for our future! "
Photo downloaded today (9/23/19) from Mammoth Weather Web Site.

We don't have to venture far from the City of Los Angeles Eastern Boundaries to find a "Model City of Municipal Dysfunction (as caused by the cronies of Southeast LA Political Miscreant Mario Beltran)". The City of Commerce was deserving of universal ridicule, when allegedly, failed Assembly Candidate (and still controversial City Councilman) Ivan Altamirano, SUCKER-PUNCHED, colleague Leonard Mendoza ......., which initiated a WILD BRAWL, during a Contract Cities Gathering in Indian Wells. Months later, Councilman Altamirano's Ally John Soria (wearing cap and tank top in photo below), still feels threaten (by whom?) and has apparently retained the services of a BODY GUARD, who happens to be the husband of recently-elected Montebello Unified School District School Board Member Marisol Madrigal Uribe. MUSD School Board Member Uribe, is a Political Ally of Board President Edgar Cisneros .........., who is Commerce's City Manager. More to follow.
The alleged, Brawling Duo of the Commerce City Council John Soria (upper left) and Ivan Altamirano (upper right), feel the need to retain a Body Guard (Reynaldo Uribe), who's married to a MUSD School Board Member.

CityWatch LA's (Daniel) Guss Report Namesake, is deserving of his recent media exposure, compliments of the litigious, Dictatorial Actions of City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson. Guss, who has done the work expected from a supposed "Fishwrap of Record (relocated to El Segundo)", has now inconveniently-exposed how the likes of Strongman "Mini-Amin" Wesson, will use LAPD (with the help of Command Staff Enablers), to interfere with a Journalist's Constitutional Rights to pursue the truth. We should note that Captain Patricia Sandoval (marriage last name), was highlighted on a LAPD Display lauding those during Hispanic Heritage Month ......., despite her supposed paternal, Polish Descent----Scott Johnson. 
LAPD Captain Patricia Sandoval (marriage last name)'s litigious actions (at the direction of "Mini Amin" Wesson)', has brought CityWatch LA's Daniel Guss, deserved kudos.

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