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Monday, April 01, 2019

Gil Cedillo to Re-register as a Political Independent

In a seismic political event, CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo will re-register as a Political Independent as the Democrat's latest Leftist/Green Embrace, leaves traditional values, pro-business members of its Party in a backroom minority. 
Gil Cedillo's traditional Democratic Values too Extreme for today's Democrat Party?  
** Blogger's Notes: Basta!! In a seismic political event, career politician and current CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo, will become a mere Politico ......., without Party Affiliation.
In a decision influenced by the Democratic Party's Leftist/Green Policy Initiatives, the formerly known "One Bill Gil", has decided to become "No Party Cedillo" as its apparent that his Traditional Values and Pro-business proclivities, are frowned upon by an increasingly Progressive majority. 
As the shock waves of Cedillo's decision reverberate through the local Democrat Establishment, the reality is that the former SEIU 660 Local Union Leader, has been the late-John McCain of the California (aka, Calizuela) Democratic Party, with his maverick-like (in a backroom) dealings with those across the political divide.
President Donald Trump Mega-donor and Downtown LA Developer Geoff Palmer.
Local political observers will remember that the then 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders supporter, scheduled a meeting the day before the California Primary, with the California Mega-donor to the successful Donald Trump Campaign, Geoff Palmer ........, and accepted a contribution from the Downtown LA Developer, soon after.
Chevron greatly appreciates the "No Party Cedillo's" support of Big Oil.
A select (angry) few will surely remember "No Party Cedillo's" embrace of the original "Green New Deal", that preserved a high velocity of vehicular traffic (minus bikes) along Figueroa Blvd in Highland Park ........., in exchange for contributions to an Independent Expenditure Committee supporting his 2017 Re-election Campaign ............., from Chevron. Also, local CD-1 constituents will remember the Cedillo/Chevron Voter Outreach done around this time period in 2017.
Former "No Party Cedillo" Daughter-In-Law, now Montebello City Councilwoman Angie Jimenez.
While "No Party Cedillo's" maverick backroom dealings are well-documented, the final act that may have been the reason for his new political independence, is rooted in an extreme-adherence to traditional values. During the recent Montebello City Council Elections, the ex wife (and current LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Aide) of Gil Cedillo Jr. Angie Jimenez, disclosed a riff with her former Father-in-Law, who wanted her to abort her successful campaign for City Council, to care for his Granddaughters. Thus, expediting Cedillo's exit from a political party that values a woman's contribution to political discourse----Scott Johnson ;) ;) 

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